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Visual Workstations

Last Change: 13/Sep/2022

VW Parts/Spares

I have the following Visual Workstation system available at the moment:

  SGI VW540
  Quad-PIII 500MHz CPUs (2MB L2 per CPU)
  2x 300GB 15000rpm SCSI disks
  Dual-port QLOGIC U2W SCSI card (QLA1280, 2 x external VHDCI connectors)
  Serial Digital Video card
  Serial Digital Audio card
  Original SGI black USB Keyboard and Mouse

  2340 UKP + shipping

  Shipping cost would be about 55 UKP to a UK destination. For other
  locations, see the shipping costs page.

  Extra disks can be fitted if required. Ideal for uncompressed video.

Just for reference, the shipping cost to a UK destination for a VW320 system would be 35 UKP by Interparcel, while for mainland Europe it would be between 55 and 75 UKP for most destinations. Alternatively, a personal collection is welcome; I live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

See the VW section of the Parts/Spares page for available upgrades/extras.

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