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About SGI Depot

Last Change: 13/Sep/2022

Please feel free to read feedback comments I've had from those who've bought systems and parts from me in the past.
NOTE: I can provide hardware support and parts/spares for STOLL SIRIX systems!

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, and a long time private collector of SGI systems and parts since 1997, I specialise in supplying parts, spares and upgrades to help keep ageing SGIs going even in this modern PC era, especially important given the number of medical institutions that still use SGIs for controlling medical scanners, and other companies such as textile manufacturers which still use SGI-based Stoll/SIRIX systems for running knitting machines. I can also supply complete systems that are properly setup with full OS installations, including lots of extras and custom online information (ie. items that are not part of a default installation) so that a user can use the system straight away (this is mainly aimed at hobbyists of course). SGI UK gave me permission many years ago to help out any non-profit or academic place with this sort of thing. And starting 2019 I am also now evolving the ability to repair SGI parts (component level board repair), though this is a long term venture (it will be more like 2023 before I can confidently accept items such as VPro boards or motherboards for repair); to begin with I will focus on repair of PSUs for IRIS Indigo and Indigo2, then later IMPACT graphics boards, VPro graphics boards and XBow/mbds for Octane.

For more experienced users, I can configure a system as much as I am able prior to shipping, eg. installed software, system name, IP address, gateway, user accounts, etc. I was an SGI sysadmin from 1995 to 2004 (Heriot Watt University, University of Central Lancashire, and the University of Salford NICVE), so I have considerable experience in system configuration, etc.; my UNIX Administration Course is taught at various institutions around the world (or at least it used to be, perhaps a bit dated by now). Indeed, aside from SGI itself, my site was the main SGI information reference for the Athens Olympics (lots of SGIs were used for the televised broadcasts and on-air overlay effects).

For shipping cost details, please see the Shipping Costs page, or email/call if preferred.

Payment for requested items must be made in advance and can be made by bank transfer or direct payin, cheque, PayPal, TransferWise, bank draft or Western Union. My PayPal ID is: mapesdhs@yahoo.com

Note that if paying by PayPal, then please add 0.5 UKP + 5% (rounded up) to cover the PayPal fees (foreign currency payments should then use the higher rate shown on the PayPal currency converter, rounded up to the nearest 0.5 currency unit, though it's best to send UKP directly if possible). In certain cases a cross-border fee also applies.

(I should mention that I do build and sell PCs aswell, but there's no section for them on my site yet; I focus on building overclocked systems using 2nd-hand hardware for budget concious yet powerful builds, eg. see this video and this video showing systems I donated to YT channels I like)

All systems come with some degree of warranty, depending on system type and value, usually 30 days. See the individual system pages for details. Although I'm not an official company, I won't leave someone in the lurch if something they've bought from my collection has gone wrong.

I only ever sell systems that have been fully cleaned inside and out, and in as good a condition as possible, though discounts are available if cosmetic condition is not important and thus a case with some scratches is ok. Though for hobbyists I have a habit of sending them something better than they're expecting anyway. :D

Personal collections are welcome; I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. If you're close enough, a personal collection is obviously best since I can demonstrate an item first, it can save on shipping costs and of course it means one doesn't have to worry about courier issues, which these days have become somewhat more complicated and expensive. If you're too far away though, that's no problem; I have considerable experience with shipping all over the world. And nobody packs boxes as well as I do; see my feedback page for typical comments from those who've bought things from me in the past (though due to being away so much in recent years due to family matters I've not been adding entries to the feedback page since 2016), plus a description of how I pack items for posting, eg. how I sent an Indigo2 and two 17" monitors to Uruguay.

Every system I sell always has a very good OS installation (I have many years' experience of installing IRIX), with as much useful extra software as possible, or if preferred I can do just a minimal install, eg. for company use. For full details, see the disk installations section of the Services page.

Any system valued more than a certain amount (depend on the system type, see the relevant page in question) includes a copy of my 'SGI Gifts' CD, which contains lots of extra software items for SGI IRIX systems, as well as numerous useful scripts, example aliases, video driver files and other resources. Also included are a 2nd Gifts CD and another with further extras. Such systems running IRIX 6.2 also come withthe May 2001 Freeware on CDR, while 6.5.x systems come with my custom split of the Nekoware. Note that if required I can also supply these CDs seperately (see the IRIX CDs page for details).

Available sections here include Indigo, Indy, Indigo2, O2, Octane/Octane2, Origin, Fuel, Onyx and Challenge systems for sale and related parts, plus monitors, cables, SCSI items, keyboards, mice, IRIX CDs and other miscellaneous items. Note I do have new sections planned for 2023, namely custom PCs and vintage electronics. Next year I also intend using eBid a lot more to auction various items.

If you're interested in anything, please contact me. Feel free to email or call (see contact page for details); if you live in the UK and can be reached via a normal landline number, then I can phone you back to save you any call costs.

Cheers! :)


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Email: mapesdhs@yahoo.com      Tel: +44 (0)7434 635 121
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