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Monitors and Monitor Cables

Last Change: 13/Sep/2022

I have the following SGI Monitors and related cables/adapters for sale (any item in italics is currently not in stock):


Cables and Adapters:

Shipping Costs

Please contact me for details of monitor shipping as special conditions may apply depending on the destination (some couriers will not carry glass items, others won't provide insurance cover even for flat panels, it varies). Sending a 19" flat panel though is normally no different to posting an Indy.

Or I can deliver a monitor by hand if the travel details are not too complicated. I've done this before, eg. taking a 20" monitor from Preston to Leeds (back when I used to live in Preston). The buyer merely covers my travel costs, etc.

With respect to cables, please see the shipping costs page for details of postage charges to the UK, mainland Europe and beyond.

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