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SCSI Items

Last Change: 13/Sep/2022

[Storage Units] [Hard Disks] [CDROM/CDR/CDRW/DVDROM] [DAT/Floptical/DLT] [SCSI cards] [Cables, Adapters and Terminators] [Misc]
I have a wide variety of SCSI items for sale, including JBOD RAID units, single-item external enclosures, hard drives, CDRW/CDROMs, DAT drtives, SCSI cards, cables, terminators, etc. The available items are as follows:

Storage Units:

Hard Disks:

For SCSI hard disks, please see the relevant section on the Parts/Spares page. I used to include the same list here, but all too often I would update one page but forget the other, so from now on only the Parts/Spares page will have the list of available disks, including non-SCSI types.


For any internal CDROM/CDRW module, add 125 to make it an external unit with all cables included.

DAT/Floptical/DLT and Other Drives:

SCSI cards:

Cables, Adapters and Terminators:

All cables with 1 or more VHDCI connectors are suitable for use with QLOGIC 1080/1280/12160 SCSI cards. Long cables are ideal in order to position noisy storage units at a distance.

Miscellaneous SCSI Items:

Please see the shipping costs page for details of postage charges to the UK, mainland Europe and beyond.

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