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Future Technology Research

FutureTech Reference List

Last Change: 31/May/2018

Copyright 1996 to 2018, by Ian Mapleson

(FutureTech Reference List Format)

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['+' indicates new entry since previous revision]

Magazine IDs:

   NS   = New Scientist
   EWW  = Electronics & Wireless World
   BYTE = Byte Magazine
   SNOW = Science Now
   SCW  = Scientific Computing World
   PERF = Performer
   IRU  = IRIS Universe
   T3   = Tomorrow's Technology Today
   CIC  = CPU Information Centre at Berkeley


   S01: Computer/Processor Evolution, Design and Manufacturing,
   S02: Processor Announcement History and Performance Issues,
   S03: Displays and Screens,
   S04: Memory, Storage and Data Compression,
   S05: Transmission and Communication,
   S06: VR, Computer Graphics, Cyberware, Games, Video/Image Manipulation and Fakery,
   S07: Lasers and Optical Devices,
   S08: Artificial Intelligence,
   S09: The Internet,
   S10: Chaos Theory, Cosmology, Ethics, Military, Privacy, Extreme Technologies,
   S11: Quantum Theory and Quantum Physics Research,
   S12: Nanotechnology and Research,
   S13: Superconducter Technology & Research,
   S14: Buckyball Technology & Research,
   S15: Miscellaneous.

(S01) Computer/Processor Evolution, Design and Manufacturing

+S01/NS/01-08-98/i2145/JEF/p16:       'Clever pipework takes the heat out of frying chips' "Chips with a built-in cooling
+S01/NS/01-08-98/i2145/JEF/p16:        system have been developed by researchers at Sandia National Laboratories in
+S01/NS/01-08-98/i2145/JEF/p16:        Albuquerque, New Mexico."
+S01/NS/25-07-98/i2144/MRK/p7:        'The end of the chip?' "The future of computer processors could be spherical"
+S01/NS/25-07-98/i2144/RED/p6:        'Easily solved?' "Only a quantum computer will give you the answer"
+S01/NS/20-06-98/i2139/MRK/p15:       'The listening machine' "Now computers can hear sounds the same way we do"
+S01/NS/06-06-98/i2137/TAY/Fp37_40:   "Jim's bright idea" "Everyone said James Franson was nuts when he proposed using light as the
+S01/NS/06-06-98/i2137/TAY/Fp37_40:    basis for a superfast quantum computer. Now they say he could be heading for a Nobel prize.
+S01/NS/06-06-98/i2137/TAY/Fp37_40:    Rob Taylor reports"
+S01/NS/02-05-98/i2132/MBR/Fp38_41:   'crazy logic' "There's a wierd world in which computers give you an answer just by being
+S01/NS/02-05-98/i2132/MBR/Fp38_41:    there, says Michael Brooks. You don't even have to switch them on"
+S01/NS/18-04-98/i2130/KES/Fp36_39:   'A Perfect Match' "To crack codes, explore virtual worlds and search the human genome, what
+S01/NS/18-04-98/i2130/KES/Fp36_39:    you need is a chip that unites mind and memory. David Kestenbaum reports."
+S01/NS/18-04-98/i2130/CHS/p10:       'Quantum leap' "A smidgen of chloroform has taken the computing world by storm"
+S01/NS/14-03-98/i2125/WHO/p17:       'Smart etchings' (Nippon Telegraph develops more accurate circuit etching)
+S01/NS/07-03-98/i2124/PMK/Fp34_37:   'Making Waves' "Could this be the big idea that will break through computing's speed barrier?
+S01/NS/07-03-98/i2124/PMK/Fp34_37:    Paul Marks meets a man who is trying out a radical new way of working with semiconductors"
+S01/NS/21-02-98/i2122/CRY/p12:       'Live wires' "The blueprint of life is helping to shrink electronics"
+S01/NS/14-02-98/i2121/MRC/p6:        'Tight fit' "Sloshing electrons help light wiggle through the most minute gaps"
+S01/NS/31-01-98/i2119/MRK/p9:        'Waiting in the wings' "Butterflies have some cool tips for chip designers"
+S01/NS/20-12-97/i2113/CHS/p19:       'Gel makes go-faster chips' (Gel helps in the development of copper-wired chips)
+S01/NS/29-11-97/i2110/PHB/Fp40_44:   'Crystal gazing' "Outsize crystals made from tiny plastic beads could play a vital role in
+S01/NS/29-11-97/i2110/PHB/Fp40_44:    applications as diverse as optical computers and biosensors, says Philip Ball"
+S01/NS/15-11-97/i2108/MBR/p10:       'Death to the Chip' "Is the reign of classical computing coming to an end?"
+S01/NS/15-11-97/i2108/MRK/p7:        'From little acorns... mighty software can be grown' (smaller software sizes using modular
+S01/NS/15-11-97/i2108/MRK/p7:         units, a new programming technique from a Canadian software firm)
+S01/NS/08-11-97/i2107/CRY/Fp42_45:   'Your flexible friend' "What's black, shiny and completely irresistable? Ben Crystall reports
+S01/NS/08-11-97/i2107/CRY/Fp42_45:    on the numerous attractions of a new class of magnets"
+S01/NS/01-11-97/i2106/WHO/p31:       'See-through chips' (first ever transparent p-type oxide semiconductors)
S01/NS/25-10-97/i2105/JMC/Fp40_44:    'The future's bright' "The processing power of silicon chips and the new unmatched speed of
S01/NS/25-10-97/i2105/JMC/Fp40_44:     photons make an awesome combination. John McCrone says computer designers are beginning to
S01/NS/25-10-97/i2105/JMC/Fp40_44:     see the light"
S01/NS/11-10-97/i2103/FOX/p9:         'Tight fit' (carbon helps to make silicon chip tracks smaller)
S01/NS/20-09-97/i2100/MMY/p16:        'All together now' (theoretical 1000TeraFLOP computer design)
S01/NS/20-09-97/i2100/FOX/p13:        'Colourfast' (Nintendo/SGI N64 patent notices)
S01/NS/13-09-97/i2099/COG/p20:        'Light steps for tiny computers' "A single molecule that acts as a binary switch has brought
S01/NS/13-09-97/i2099/COG/p20:         nanoscale computers a step closer."
S01/NS/23-08-97/i2096/JOE/p6:         'Switching on light's Potential' "Curious similarities between light and electricity have been
S01/NS/23-08-97/i2096/JOE/p6:          discovered. Light travelling through transparent materials can be dimmed by a magnetic field,
S01/NS/23-08-97/i2096/JOE/p6:          as if it were made up of charged particles."
S01/NS/02-08-97/i2093/PHB/Fp32_35:    'Take it to the Limit' "The superwhizzy computers of the will only be born if we can make a
S01/NS/02-08-97/i2093/PHB/Fp32_35:     whole transistor out of a molecule. But right now we're struggling to make just one wire,
S01/NS/02-08-97/i2093/PHB/Fp32_35:     says Philip Ball"
S01/NS/05-07-97/i2089/MMY/p21:        'A switch in time' "Optical computers are a micrometre closer to reality"
S01/NS/05-07-97/i2089/WHO/p20_21:     'Spotless with lasers' (new wafer cleaning laser technique)
S01/NS/14-06-97/i2086/WAD/p44:        'Superpowerful computing' "Philip Wadler reviews Charles Murray's The Supermen" (a work on the
S01/NS/14-06-97/i2086/WAD/p44:         life of Seymour Cray and his contemporaries)
S01/NS/14-06-97/i2086/ALL/Fp34_37:    'Crystal Powers' "It's ultrahard, loves the heat and could save billions in lost power all
S01/NS/14-06-97/i2086/ALL/Fp34_37:     around the world. Has silicon carbide's time come at last, asks Roger Allan"
S01/NS/17-05-97/i2082/JCS/Fp30_33:    'Computing the uncomputable' "Some calculations will always be beyond even the most powerful
S01/NS/17-05-97/i2082/JCS/Fp30_33:     of today's computers. Could exotic new machines be the answer, asks John Casti"
S01/NS/17-05-97/i2082/WHO/p13:        'Pentium glitch' (another Intel gaff)
S01/NS/03-05-97/i2080/MEG/p24:        'Twisted base makes better chips'
S01/NS/03-05-97/i2080/ADM/Fp30_32:    'An inside story' "The chance discovery of a surprising source of X-rays could revolutionise
S01/NS/03-05-97/i2080/ADM/Fp30_32:     both medical imaging and chip making."
S01/NS/01-02-97/2067/PHB/Fp22_24:     'Diamond curls' "Tiny wires and tubes of diamond could end up as superstrong cables, or the
S01/NS/01-02-97/2067/PHB/Fp22_24:      sensory nerves inside smart materials, discovers Philip Ball"
S01/NS/01-02-97/i2067/BKR/p16:        'Quantum computers perk up with a cup of tea'
S01/NS/01-02-97/i2067/JEF/p15:        'Atom laser offers ultimate control'
S01/CIC/00-01-97/WR006:               (ISSCC 97 Preview: advanced processor design conference)
S01/BYTE/00-12-96/iDEC/RLH/Fp85_88:   'Eight Ways to the Future' "Technology leaders agree: Change
S01/BYTE/00-12-96/iDEC/RLH/Fp85_88:    is the only sure thing about computing in the next decade."
S01/BYTE/00-12-96/iDEC/LGW/Fp77_82:   'Birth of a Chip' "In only 25 years, the microprocessor
S01/BYTE/00-12-96/iDEC/LGW/Fp77_82:    has become the life-support system of the modern world."
S01/BYTE/00-12-96/iDEC/PWN/Fp69_74:   'How Microchips Shook the World' "Ten reasons why microprocessors define the twentieth
S01/BYTE/00-12-96/iDEC/PWN/Fp69_74:    century more than any other achievement."
S01/BYTE/00-12-96/iDEC/SYS/Fp59_60:   'Super Mario Chip' "The 64-bit MIPS R4300i RISC processor
S01/BYTE/00-12-96/iDEC/SYS/Fp59_60:    powers a compute-intensive consumer game system."
S01/EWW/00-11-96/iNOV/WHO/p825:       'Smallest wires await a connection'
S01/EWW/00-11-96/iNOV/CAM/p823:       'Staircase effect gives lift to nanodevices'
S01/EWW/00-11-96/iNOV/WHO/p820:       'New magnets are attractive for chips'
S01/SGI/28-10-96/WR005:               'Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI)' "Three Teraflops of Peak Computing Power
S01/SGI/28-10-96/WR005:                to Monitor U.S. Nuclear Stockpile"
S01/NS/05-10-96/i2050/SUN/p22:        'X-rays cut chips down to size'
S01/NS/28-09-96/i2049/COG/p24:        'Hopping electron promises superfast switch'
S01/NS/21-09-96/i2048/VIN/p24:        'Flat is beautiful for future chips'
S01/NS/14-09-96/i2047/SUN/p21:        'Boards make smarter connections'
S01/EWW/00-09-96/iSEP/CAM/p641:       'Extreme chip production'
S01/NS/31-08-96/i2045/BRD/p18:        'Chip pioneers tame power of e-beams'
S01/NS/24-08-96/i2044/MRK/p22:        'Versatile liver inspires parallel processing'
S01/NS/13-07-96/i2038/ROB/Fp26_31:    'forget silicon, try dna' "A mere gram of the stuff of life could solve huge mathematical
S01/NS/13-07-96/i2038/ROB/Fp26_31:     problems that would set a supercomputer in a spin - at least in theory."
S01/NS/06-07-96/i2037/MRC/p18:        'X-ray lens brings finer chips into focus'
S01/NS/18-05-96/i2030/WWD/p21:        'Molecular switch throws light on a miniature'
S01/BYTE/00-05-96/iMAY/TRH/p40:       'Watch out: 500MHz PowerPCs Planned for 1997'
S01/BYTE/00-05-96/iMAY/TRH/Fp161_162: 'MIPS R5000; Fast, affordable 3-D' "MIPS has optimised its latest CPU for the single
S01/BYTE/00-05-96/iMAY/TRH/Fp161_162:  precision floating-point math operations common in 3-D graphics"
S01/NS/06-04-96/i2024/MRK/p21:        'All change at optical junctions' (optical switch)
S01/EWW/00-04-96/iAPR/WHO/p270:       'Pentium Pro flaw'
S01/EWW/00-04-96/iAPR/WHO/p273:       'Making photons interact is first step to quantum computer'
S01/BYTE/00-04-96/iAPR/TRH/p26:       'R5000 Cuts 3-D Cost'
S01/BYTE/00-04-96/iAPR/WHO/Fp45_54:   'When silicon hits its limits, what's next?' (the intro is too long. Suffice to say the
S01/BYTE/00-04-96/iAPR/WHO/Fp45_54:    article covers future chip, memory and storage technologies: X-ray lithography, quantum
S01/BYTE/00-04-96/iAPR/WHO/Fp45_54:    computers, holographic storage, molecular memory, etc.)
S01/NS/30-03-96/i2023/ROB/p20:        'Bright future for brainy chips'
S01/NS/09-03-96/i2020/MRK/Fp34_37:    'Simply faster' "The formula that has given us ever more powerful chips will not work for very
S01/NS/09-03-96/i2020/MRK/Fp34_37:     much longer, says Mark Ward, and chip makers are puzzling over what to do next"
S01/NS/02-03-96/i2019/BRD/p22:        'Chips last longer with heavy hydrogen'
S01/EWW/00-03-96/iMAR/WHO/p181:       'Pentium P7 slips back'
S01/EWW/00-03-96/iMAR/MGA/p185:       'Single electron switches presage quantum computing'
S01/PERF/00-01-96/iJAN/WHO/p3:        'World's fastest graphics' (InfiniteReality announcment)
S01/EWW/00-01-96/iJAN/WHO/p5:         'UK X-ray litho work to continue'
S01/NS/18-11-95/i2004/MRK/p28:        'Silicon cells with a life of their own'
S01/NS/09-09-95/i1994/MRC/p18:        'Atom in limbo turns photons into molecules'
S01/NS/26-08-95/i1992/PVJJ/Fp26_29:   'Tricks of the light' "The light revolution in electronics could be just around the corner as
S01/NS/26-08-95/i1992/PVJJ/Fp26_29:    researchers exploit materials to the full."
S01/NS/05-08-95/i1989/VIN/p18:        'Making semiconductors out of thin air'
S01/NS/15-7-95/i1986/MRC/p22:         'Silicon islands promise more power to PCs'
S01/SCW/00-05-95/iMAY/JIM/p19:        'Looking towards PetaFLOPS computing'
S01/NS/18-03-95/i1969/BOB/Fp28_29:    'Now you see it...' "Imagine being able to control events that happen in a quadrillionth of a
S01/NS/18-03-95/i1969/BOB/Fp28_29:     second. Japan wants to be the first to capitalise on these ultrafast phenomena"
S01/CIC/20-02-95/WR004:               'NEC samples synchronous 256m-bit memory chips'
S01/NS/14-01-95/i1960/SUN/p21:        'Computer mimic is up to speed'
S01/NS/07-01-05/i1959/ART/p19:        'Intel backs down over Pentium'
S01/EWW/00-01-95/iJAN/WHO/p8:         'Japanese propose chip production consortium'
S01/EWW/00-01-95/iJAN/CAM/p12:        'Microscopic improvement is good news for chips'
S01/IRU/00-01-95/i30/SAG/Fp36_37:     'The Reinvention of the Microprocessor' "MIPS' powerful next-generation chip, the R10000, is
S01/IRU/00-01-95/i30/SAG/Fp36_37:      designed for breakthrough speed in what matters most - running real applications"
S01/NS/26-11-94/i1953/HZL/p17:        'DNA reveals its talent for computing'
S01/IRIS/00-07-94/i3/WHO/p3:          'Supercomputing power on your desk'
S01/NS/07-05-94/i1924/EMS/p16:        'Atomic engineers grow thinner wires' (1 atom thick wires)
S01/NS/29-01-94/i1910/BEN/Fp32_37:    'Atoms caught in a web of light' "Atoms cooled to within a whisker of absolute zero and
S01/NS/29-01-94/i1910/BEN/Fp32_37:     trapped by crisscrossing laser beams may be wierd science, but it could produce better
S01/NS/29-01-94/i1910/BEN/Fp32_37:     microchips and more accurate atomic clocks"
S01/NS/15-01-94/i1908/LOR/Fp21_23:    'The great chip theft' "Organised crime is going high-tech in the US with armed gangs
S01/NS/15-01-94/i1908/LOR/Fp21_23:     holding up chip makers. What can the manufacturers do to prevent the theft and
S01/NS/15-01-94/i1908/LOR/Fp21_23:     distribution of their valuable bits of silicon?"
S01/NS/18-12-93/i1904/HAD/p18:        'Energetic transistor does two jobs for the price of one'
S01/NS/11-12-93/i1903/ELG/p21:        'Germanium makes the chips go faster'
S01/NS/27-11-93/i1901/NBB/Fp34_38:    'Quest for the perfect plasma' "Spotting the potential of plasmas for high-technology
S01/NS/27-11-93/i1901/NBB/Fp34_38:     industries is easy, understanding what makes them tick is not"
S01/NS/20-11-93/i1900/VIN/p18:        'Can atom optics make more powerful chips?'
S01/NS/02-10-93/i1893/ART/Fp44_47:    'Small is powerful' "Just when you thought computers couldn't get any smaller, nano-scientists
S01/NS/02-10-93/i1893/ART/Fp44_47:     are talking about shrinking supercomputers to the size of a hardback book..."
S01/NS/01-05-93/i1871/MON/Fp31_34:    'The hot new star of microchips' "The most complex microprocessor ever developed makes its
S01/NS/01-05-93/i1871/MON/Fp31_34:     debut in personal computers this month. The chip promises faster processing but its long-term
S01/NS/01-05-93/i1871/MON/Fp31_34:     success depends on reducing its high power consumption." (this article is about the Pentium)
S01/NS/10-04-93/i1868/CAN/Fp23_27:    'A glowing future for silicon' "Chips and circuits could work much faster if they used light
S01/NS/10-04-93/i1868/CAN/Fp23_27:     to communicate with each other. Fragile layers of porous silicon could be just the thing to
S01/NS/10-04-93/i1868/CAN/Fp23_27:     let them do it"
S01/NS/03-03-93/i1867/DAV/p22:        'Silicon giant raises stakes in the chip war'
S01/NS/03-03-93/i1867/MIG/Fp34_37:    'Gulliver among the atoms' "Have youever thought what it would be like to hitch a ride on an
S01/NS/03-03-93/i1867/MIG/Fp34_37:     electron? Computers are revealing how atoms behave in solids and helping researchers to
S01/NS/03-03-93/i1867/MIG/Fp34_37:     design better materials"
S01/NS/13-02-93/i1860/ELG/p20:        'Gas mask promises cheaper chips'
S01/NS/30-01-93/i1858/DAN/p21:        'Molecule's one-way route to electronics'
S01/NS/16-01-93/i1856/DAN/Fp29_33:    'Chips with a life of their own' "Designing silicon chips to mimic human organs sounds
S01/NS/16-01-93/i1856/DAN/Fp29_33:     fanciful. But scientist have already built devices that process electrical signals in the
S01/NS/16-01-93/i1856/DAN/Fp29_33:     way nerve cells do"
S01/NS/04-02-88/i1598/WHO/p46:        'Light measures fast electronic circuits'
S01/SNOW/00-01-82/i1/WHO/Fp30_31:     'The fastest number crunchers' "A new generation of supercomputers, talking super sized
S01/SNOW/00-01-82/i1/WHO/Fp30_31:      problems - like tomorrow's weather"

(S02) Processor Announcement History and Performance Issues

S02/CIC/14-10-97/WR504:               IBM announces Power3 CPU: 500MHz+, 30+ SPECint95, 70+ SPECfp95
S02/CIC/14-10-97/WR503:               HP/Intel unveil IA-64 at Microprocessor Forum (no performance details yet)
S02/CIC/06-10-97/WR502:               Sun unveils UltraSPARC-III: 600MHz+, 35+ SPECint95, 60+ SPECfp95
S02/CIC/31-03-97/WR501:               600MHz 21164a, 18 SPECint95, 27 SPECfp95
S02/CIC/12-03-97/WR500:               0.25u PA8500 with 1.5MB on-chip cache
S02/CIC/31-12-96/WR003:               1996 CPU Announcement Archives
S02/CIC/31-12-95/WR002:               1995 CPU Announcement Archives
S02/CIC/31-12-94/WR001:               1994 CPU Announcement Archives

(S03) Displays and Screens

+S03/NS/25-07-98/i2144/FOX/p14:       'Minimum force' "A simple blob of solder could outwit Hollywood's video giants"
+S03/NS/25-07-98/i2144/FOX/p6:        'All channels open' "Digital terrestrial TV has had an Achilles heel: ordinary video recorders
+S03/NS/25-07-98/i2144/FOX/p6:         can't tape one program while you are watching another. But a group of electronics companies
+S03/NS/25-07-98/i2144/FOX/p6:         claims to have solved the problem with a VCR that can record several digital channels at once
+S03/NS/25-07-98/i2144/FOX/p6:         on the same VHS tape."
+S03/NS/27-06-98/i2140/PESC/Fp40_42:  'Small will be beautiful' "Early next century, your friends will be calling you on your
+S03/NS/27-06-98/i2140/PESC/Fp40_42:   wristfone as you watch the TV on your glasses. David Pescovitz looks at the first steps in
+S03/NS/27-06-98/i2140/PESC/Fp40_42:   this incredible shrinking feat"
+S03/NS/23-05-98/i2135/FOX/p20:       'Boxed in' "Digital TV broadcasters must work together or face a ban"
+S03/NS/09-05-98/i2133/FOX/p14:       'Bright future' "The cost of video screens will soon tumble"
+S03/NS/02-05-98/i2132/FOX/p7:        'Hard of hearing' "Europe will get old-fashioned sound with its digital television"
+S03/NS/18-04-98/i2130/FOX/p16:       'Boxing clever produces a clearer picture' "Televisions that cut the flicker out of the
+S03/NS/18-04-98/i2130/FOX/p16:        picture on ordinary sets and make 625-line broadcasts look more like high-definition TV will
+S03/NS/18-04-98/i2130/FOX/p16:        go on sale in Europe later this year"
+S03/NS/18-04-98/i2130/FOX/p7:        'Hacking into Hollywood' "How to watch a film at home before it has been released"
+S03/NS/28-03-98/i2127/FOX/p6:        'A trip to the movies that ended in tears' "British Telecom's experiment with 'electronic
+S03/NS/28-03-98/i2127/FOX/p6:         cinema' took an embarrassing turn last week when a key partner in the project denounced the
+S03/NS/28-03-98/i2127/FOX/p6:         picture quality of test pictures screened at a cinema in London."
+S03/NS/21-03-98/i2126/FOX/p6:        'Why going digital could blur your vision' (too many channels could spoil the brew)
+S03/NS/07-03-98/i2124/FOX/p16:       'Launching the age of cheap video conferencing' (The launch of an Astra satellite will enable
+S03/NS/07-03-98/i2124/FOX/p16:        low cost video conferencing)
+S03/NS/14-02-98/i2121/FOX/p8:        'Wasted watts' "Digital television will have hidden costs"
+S03/NS/31-01-98/i2119/MRK/p8:        'The big picture' "How to get ultra-wide TV screens off to a flying start"
+S03/NS/24-01-98/i2118/FOX/p12:       'Royalties row upstages digital TV launch' (Set-top box manufacturers fail to pay royalties to
+S03/NS/24-01-98/i2118/FOX/p12:        key technology owners)
+S03/NS/17-01-98/i2117/CHS/p10:       'Stars of the small screen' (using diamond film for brighter laptop screens)
+S03/NS/13-12-97/i2112/FOX/p15:       'The big picture' (cinema displays using video projection)
S03/NS/04-10-97/i2102/FOX/p9:         'A piece of the action' "You won't miss a thing when you watch movies on this TV"
S03/NS/27-09-97/i2101/FOX/p15:        'The big picture' "It's almost as good as watching your idols in the flesh"
S03/NS/16-08-97/i2095/CRS/p6:         'An office in the sunshine' (improved LCD display)
S03/NS/22-03-97/i2074/FOX/p22:        'Digital TV sparks interference fears'
S03/NS/22-02-97/i2070/FOX/Fp48:       'More bucks for the box' "Will people really pay through the
S03/NS/22-02-97/i2070/FOX/Fp48:        nose to watch digital TV asks Barry Fox"
S03/NS/04-01-97/i2063/FOX/p4:         'Satellite feud may delay digital TV'
S03/EWW/00-11-96/iNOV/DOW/p825:       '3-D display that heralds new era of cubism'
S03/T3/00-11-96/i1/WHO/p21:           'A beam in your own eye' (article on laser VR helmets)
S03/NS/07-09-96/i2046/ERK/p21:        'Solid prospects for 3D images'
S03/NS/24-08-96/i2044/CLR/p23:        'Images that leap through tables' (3D medical displays)
S03/NS/15-07-96/i1986/RUH/p23:        'Flat, flawless TV heads for market'
S03/EWW/00-06-96/iJUN/WHO/p452:       'Single panel optical system' (dichroic mirror projectors)
S03/EWW/00-06-96/iJUN/CAM/p457:       'Organic leds: colour limits pushed aside'
S03/EWW/00-06-96/iJUN/CAM/p460:       'New leds promising for flat panel displays'
S03/NS/18-05-96/i2030/FOX/p22:        'A sideways look at liquid crystal displays'
S03/EWW/00-05-96/iMAY/SVJ/p364:       'Focus on polymer transistors'
S03/EWW/00-05-96/iMAY/CAM/p361:       'Transparent motives for hdtv'
S03/NS/20-04-96/i2026/JEF/p23:        'Bidding opens for first high-definition TV broadcasts'
S03/NS/27-03-96/i2027/FOX/p25:        'Laser vision' (Patent: German laser-based TV system)
S03/EWW/00-02-96/iFEB/FOX/p91:        'Sound reasons for digital TV?'
S03/EWW/00-04-96/iAPR/WHO/p268:       'Plasma displays for wall mount TVs'
S03/NS/09-09-95/i1994/FOX-HAD/p20:    'Battle for the big screens'
S03/NS/22-04-95/i1974/FOX/p21:        'How much to dish up digital TV?'
S03/NS/18-03-95/i1969/FOX/p20:        'Standards wrangle puts digital TV on standby'
S03/NS/04-02-95/i1963/ART/p22:        'Get your head around 3D'
S03/NS/17-12-94/i1956/ART/p24:        'Can multicolour diodes switch on flat screens?'
S03/NS/13-08-94/i1938/FOX/p20:        'Wide screens split BBC and Channel 4'
S03/NS/20-06-94/i1931/ART/p20:        'Holographic movies come in from the cold'
S03/NS/01-05-93/i1871/DBR/p15:        'Rainbow-coloured buckyballs light up the lab'
S03/NS/13-02-93/i1860/FOX/p21:        'Going to the edge to fill wide-screen TVs'
S03/NS/02-01-93/i1854/FOX/p8:         'Veto kills off Europe's high-tech TV'

(S04) Memory, Storage and Data Compression

+S04/NS/04-07-98/i2141/BOB/Fp37_39:   'From Russia with love' "It's a tale of romance, fiendishly clever gadets and dull yellow
+S04/NS/04-07-98/i2141/BOB/Fp37_39:    crystals. Bob Johnstone tells the extraordinary story of the latest in memory chips"
+S04/NS/20-06-98/i2139/WHO/p15:       'Light storage' (improved holographic data storage using a two different colours )
+S04/NS/13-06-98/i2138/FOX/p7:        'Cheap trick' "A flaw allows music CDs to be copied onto cheap blank CD-ROMs"
+S04/NS/17-01-98/i2117/WHO/p15:       'In the groove' (US researchers achieve 65Gbit/cm2 for disc storage; this works out to arround
+S04/NS/17-01-98/i2117/WHO/p15:        690Gbytes for a CD-sized disc - 5X better than Matsushita's 1terabit disc announced some
+S04/NS/17-01-98/i2117/WHO/p15:        months ago. Both used atomic force microscope technology to read the data)
+S04/NS/10-01-98/i2116/WHO/p15:       'Mighty disc' (IBM achieves 1.8Gbit/cm2 for hard disks)
+S04/NS/10-01-98/i2116/FOX/p15:       'In a spin on discs' "A battle over DVD standards is leaving customers confused"
+S04/NS/03-01-98/i2115/FOX/p12:       'All too much' "Do-it-yourself CDs will hit the music business where it hurts"
+S04/NS/06-12-97/i2111/FOX/p13:       'Floppy's days are numbered' (The end is nigh for the floppy disk)
+S04/NS/29-11-97/i2110/FOX/p25:       'A sour note' "Standards chaos threatens the next generation of hi-fi systems"
+S04/NS/15-11-97/i2108/FOX/p7:        'This message will self-distruct' "Disposable discs could replace rented videos"
S04/NS/11-10-97/i2103/JUS/p13:        'The zinging detector' "Buzzing bar measures minute magnetic fields"
S04/NS/04-10-97/i2101/FOX/p17:        'Communications breakdown' "Video manufacturers are getting their wires crossed"
S04/NS/27-09-97/i2101/FOX/p7:         'The one to watch' "Will the new limited-life video disc beat the pirates?"
S04/NS/13-09-97/i2099/FOX/p6_7:       'Double standard bedevils video disc' "Europe is to get its own
S04/NS/13-09-97/i2099/FOX/p6_7:        version of the Digital Video Disc standard - but the sound system
S04/NS/13-09-97/i2099/FOX/p6_7:        it uses will be incompatible with US and Japanese machines."
S04/NS/12-07-97/i2090/FOX/p10:        'A Very Close Shave' "Thanks to a technical hitch, there
S04/NS/12-07-97/i2090/FOX/p10:         may be precious little to watch on the new DVD players"
S04/NS/14-06-97/i2086/FOX/p23:        'Backup tapes are good news for video pirates'
S04/NS/19-04-97/i2078/WHO/p25:        'Standards summit for digital video'
S04/NS/08-03-97/i2072/FOX/p23:        'Rewriting rules on CD-ROMs' (writable CDs)
S04/NS/22-02-97/i2070/FOX/p22:        'Wobble drives pirates off the digital seas' (DVD piracy)
S04/NS/09-11-96/i2055/COG/p22:        'Cheap CDs can be made by the roll'
S04/EWW/00-11-96/iNOV/WHO/p820:       '1000 times more data on a standard CD?'
S04/T3/00-11-96/i1/WHO/p26:           'DVD - the confusion continues'
S04/T3/00-11-96/i1/WHO/p27:           'Silicon chippery' (ion sputtering lithography)
S04/T3/00-11-96/i1/WHO/Fp42_49:       'DVD' "Bid farewell to VHS, say 'so long' to LaserDisc, and get ready to flog your CD player.
S04/T3/00-11-96/i1/WHO/Fp42_49:        The does-it-all wunderformat is here and it's about to change your life"
S04/BYTE/00-10-96/iOCT/TRH/Fp139_144: 'CDs for the Gigabyte Era' "Next-generatoin optical disks, due this year, offer capcities
S04/BYTE/00-10-96/iOCT/TRH/Fp139_144:  that are 25 times higher than a CD-ROM's."
S04/NS/28-09-96/i2049/FOX/p24:        'Silver alloy boosts memory of recordable CDs'
S04/NS/07-09-96/i2046/FOX/p23:        'Fractals set the pattern for online video'
S04/EWW/00-09-96/iSEP/WHO/p636:       'Copyright protection delays DVD'
S04/NS/31-08-96/i2045/WHO/p21:        'Much ado about digital video'
S04/NS/17-08-96/i2043/ROL/p19:        'Quantum hologram says it with atoms'
S04/NS/20-07-96/i2039/FOX/p21:        'Attack on video pirates backfires'
S04/EWW/00-06-96/iJUN/CAM/p450:       'Optical switch polarises arguments'
S04/NS/30-03-96/i2023/FOX/p19:        'Hollywood hold-up plays havoc with video discs'
S04/NS/16-03-96/i2021/JEF/p22:        'Optical bullets promise memories of the future'
S04/NS/02-03-96/i2019/IAN/Fp24_29:    'Little waves, big squeeze' "A mathematical zoom lens for stripping out unwanted layers of
S04/NS/02-03-96/i2019/IAN/Fp24_29:     detail is making waves in forensics and medical imaging, and is even cleaning up old music
S04/NS/02-03-96/i2019/IAN/Fp24_29:     recordings. Ian Stewart gets the picture."
S04/EWW/00-02-96/iFEB/LAM/p96:        'Holographic storage gets $48 million fillip'
S04/EWW/00-02-96/iFEB/JON/Fp103_108:  'Video Compression Techniques' "John Matthews outlines the techniques being used to cram more
S04/EWW/00-02-96/iFEB/JON/Fp103_108:   image information into less space and bandwidth" (good technical explanations)
S04/EWW/00-01-96/iJAN/RFC/p8:         'Chemistry cracks open memory links'
S04/EWW/00-07-95/iJLY/WHO/p541:       'Toshiba finds dvds ally'
S04/EWW/00-07-95/iJLY/WHO/p542:       'Smallest, fastest 256Mbyte DRAM announced'
S04/EWW/00-07-95/iJLY/CAM/p546:       'Getting (a lot) more out of optical storage'
S04/NS/03-06-95/i1980/IHIW/Fp31_33:   'Rebuilding the atom' "Meet the hollow atom - it has a bright future. Physicists think they
S04/NS/03-06-95/i1980/IHIW/Fp31_33:    can tap its energy to make everything from X-ray holograms to CDs, ..."
S04/NS/13-05-95/i1977/FOX/p23:        'Parting of the ways for CDs'
S04/EWW/00-05-95/iMAY/WIL/p365:       'Philips/Sony fight back on high desnity CD'
S04/EWW/00-05-95/iMAY/BSH/p366:       '1Gbit DRAMs nearing production stage'
S04/EWW/00-04-95/iAPR/PRV/Fp280_286:  'The optical drive' "Optical drive technology has progressed rapidly from curiosity to
S04/EWW/00-04-95/iAPR/PRV/Fp280_286:   commodity, but according to Praveen Asthana, the evolution has only just begun..."
S04/NS/11-03-95/i1968/VIN/p21:        'FBI puts the squeeze on suspect prints'
S04/NS/11-03-95/i1968/SUN/p22:        'Plasma holograms pack in the memories'
S04/NS/11-03-95/i1968/FOX/p23:        'Universal disc drive fits all CDs'
S04/EWW/00-02-95/iFEB/WHO/p96:        'War escalates on video cd format'
S04/EWW/00-02-95/iFEB/WHO/p96:        'VLSI goes for MPEG'
S04/NS/07-01-95/i1959/FOX/p18:        'Double standard could shake video CD sales'
S04/EWW/00-01-95/iJAN/WHO/p8:         'Multiple advances in disc drives' (all about better CDROMs)
S04/EWW/00-01-95/iJAN/CAM/p10:        'Giant steps for memory boosts' (gmr technology)
S04/NS/29-10-94/i1949/HAD/p26:        'Data storage enters new phase'
S04/NS/13-08-94/i1938/SUN/Fp22_23:    'The Trillion-bit Cube' "Computers' appetite for data threatens
S04/NS/13-08-94/i1938/SUN/Fp22_23:     to overwhelm today's storage techniques. Sunny Bains reports on
S04/NS/13-08-94/i1938/SUN/Fp22_23:     the race to develop digital memory banks to bridge the gap"
S04/NS/09-04-94/i1920/FOX/p16:        'Four digits get set to sink CD pirates'
S04/NS/12-02-94/i1912/WHO/p18:        'Electrons make light work for cable libraries'
S04/NS/06-11-93/i1898/WHO/p21:        'Has Hitachi trapped the lone electron at room temperature?'
S04/NS/28-08-93/i1888/FOX/Fp21_23:    'Big squeeze for video' "You may never want to record the 500 programmes
S04/NS/28-08-93/i1888/FOX/Fp21_23:     on offer from your local cable television company. But whether you do or
S04/NS/28-08-93/i1888/FOX/Fp21_23:     not, the technology will soon be available"
S04/NS/03-04-93/i1867/WHO/p20:        'CD presses pumpup memory power'
S04/NS/27-02-93/i1862/DAN/p17:        'Memorable future for the lone electron'
S04/NS/06-02-93/i1859/FOX/p20:        'Movies to feature on double-density CD'
S04/NS/04-02-88/i1598/JEF/Fp56_63:    'Holography rides the wavefront' "Holography has yet to live up to its early
S04/NS/04-02-88/i1598/JEF/Fp56_63:     promise. The subject does retain a peculiar enchantment, which has made it as
S04/NS/04-02-88/i1598/JEF/Fp56_63:     much an art form as an industrial tool. And yet it is sobering to realise that
S04/NS/04-02-88/i1598/JEF/Fp56_63:     the hologram is almost as old as the transistor"

(S05) Transmission and Communication

+S05/NS/18-07-98/i2143/DGR/p20:       'Guiding lights' "Holes pack more power into optical fibres"
+S05/NS/23-05-98/i2135/MMY/Fp45_46:   'Whose finger on the button?' "Forget passwords or PIN numbers, there's a chip that can tell
+S05/NS/23-05-98/i2135/MMY/Fp45_46:    who you are, says Mike May"
+S05/NS/18-04-98/i2130/JUS/p17:       'Hiss and miss' "Secret radio broadcasts can be camouflaged by blending them with the natural
+S05/NS/18-04-98/i2130/JUS/p17:        background of static, say scientists at the University of California in San Diego"
+S05/NS/14-03-98/i2125/WHO/p17:       'Loud and clear' (Alcatel develops cleaner signals for long-distance fibreoptics)
+S05/NS/07-02-98/i2120/BRD/p6:        'Carry on talking' "Your mobile phone could run for days on end without recharging"
S05/NS/16-08-97/i2095/JEF/p13:        'Superfreeway' (25X speed increase from better fibreoptics)
S05/NS/14-06-97/i2086/MAD/p20:        'Key flaw revealed in US code plan'
S05/NS/14-06-97/i2086/LSY/Fp14_15:    'Hanging on for the phone' "Poor countries badly need good telecommunications
S05/NS/14-06-97/i2086/LSY/Fp14_15:     if they are ever to improve their conditions. But unregulated markets will
S05/NS/14-06-97/i2086/LSY/Fp14_15:     leave them prey to multinational vultures."
S05/NS/17-05-97/i2082/MRK/p20:        'Phone network runs rings round the world' (satellite madness)
S05/NS/08-03-97/i2072/JEF/p22:        'Many bands make light work' (better firbe optics)
S05/NS/22-02-97/i2070/FOX/p22:        'Ultrafast modems jump the gun'
S05/BYTE/00-02-97/iFEB/OLR/Fp11_16:   'In the Line of Fibre' "Mass storage & image processing demand
S05/BYTE/00-02-97/iFEB/OLR/Fp11_16:    high throughput. Fibre Channel technology delivers it."
S05/NS/18-01-97/i2065/MRK/p18:        'Digital data comes down the mains'
S05/NS/11-01-97/i2064/BKR/p20:        'Quantum key foils eavesdroppers'
S05/NS/03-11-96/i2055/RMT/p8:         '"Unbreakable" code cracked wide open' (decryption success)
S05/NS/05-10-96/i2050/JEF/p24:        'Fibres are a printer's best friend' (new high power laser)
S05/NS/10-08-96/i2042/FOX/Fp32_35:    'A thousand channels in every home' "Britain is on target to become the world leader in
S05/NS/10-08-96/i2042/FOX/Fp32_35:     digital television - if the right technical decisions are made today. Barry Fox explores the
S05/NS/10-08-96/i2042/FOX/Fp32_35:     crucial choices that broadcasters will have to make"
S05/NS/03-08-96/i2041/MRK/p22:        'Gold rings set discs spinning towards a record'
S05/NS/06-07-96/i2037/JBR/p16:        'It's good to talk in quantum trits'
S05/NS/08-06-96/i2033/WHO/p21:        'Puzzling out an uncrackable code'
S05/EWW/00-04-96/iAPR/BEL/p268:       'Chaos keeps communications secure'
S05/NS/23-12-95/i2009/MRK/p16:        'Quantum leap for code-cracking computers'
S05/NS/23-09-95/i1996/MRK/p12:        'Secret signals hidden in chaos'
S05/EWW/00-06-95/iJUN/RIW/p453:       'Telephone-line tv advances'
S05/EWW/00-06-95/iJUN/CAM/p457:       'Fibre comms comes to the front door'
S05/NS/01-04-95/i1971/EDT/p3:         'Faster than Einstein'
S05/NS/01-04-95/i1971/JBR/Fp26_30:    'Faster than the seed of light' "Einstein came up with the ultimate speed limit - nothing
S05/NS/01-04-95/i1971/JBR/Fp26_30:     moves faster than light. But was he wrong? Julian Brown investigates" (no, this is not an
S05/NS/01-04-95/i1971/JBR/Fp26_30:     April fool article; The mag later apologised for bad timing)
S05/EWW/00-04-95/iAPR/WHO/p268:       'Switch for 500Gbit/sec data'
S05/EWW/00-04-95/iAPR/MKB/Fp311_318:  'ISDN the worldwide network' "Integrated services digital network - isdn - makes it possible
S05/EWW/00-04-95/iAPR/MKB/Fp311_318:   for anyone with a telephone line to communicate digitised speech and data world-wide at up to
S05/EWW/00-04-95/iAPR/MKB/Fp311_318:   144Kbit/sec. Mike Button explains how."
S05/EWW/00-03-95/iMAR/CAM/p187:       'Research could push fibre comms to 200Gbit/sec'
S05/EWW/00-02-95/iFEB/FOX/p91:        'Video games' (the video-on-demand fiasco)
S05/EWW/00-02-95/iFEB/RIW/p92:        'Aware proposes ADSL improvements'
S05/EWW/00-02-95/iFEB/LEW/Fp102_105:  'ADSL - an easy route to video on demand' "With BT announcing extensive video-on-demand trials
S05/EWW/00-02-95/iFEB/LEW/Fp102_105:   in the middle of this year, interest in the technology needed to control television pictures
S05/EWW/00-02-95/iFEB/LEW/Fp102_105:   is high. Geoff Lewis believes that the technology in question - adsl - could even become a
S05/EWW/00-02-95/iFEB/LEW/Fp102_105:   world-wide standard."
S05/EWW/00-01-95/iJAN/WHO/p4:         'Video down the 'phone line'
S05/EWW/00-01-95/iJAN/CAM/p10:        'Optical ether could become reality'
S05/NS/06-08-94/i1937/VIN/Fp14_15:    'The art of digital war' " The US Army's newest recruit is an electronic communications system
S05/NS/06-08-94/i1937/VIN/Fp14_15:     that it hopes will give generals and frontline soldiers some clear view of battle"
S05/NS/19-03-94/i1917/ELG/p21:        'Plastic shutter sends data flashing through'
S05/NS/30-01-93/i1858/WBR/p21:        'A quantum leap in secret communications'
S05/NS/23-01-93/i1857/DEU/p14:        'Quantum double-talk makes messages cheaper'
S05/NS/16-01-93/i1856/AEK/Fp24_28:    'Quantum keys for keeping secrets' "Secret codes have only ever been as secure as the
S05/NS/16-01-93/i1856/AEK/Fp24_28:     ingenuity of the best code breaker allows. Could faint pulses of light make them
S05/NS/16-01-93/i1856/AEK/Fp24_28:     impossible to crack?"
S05/NS/04-02-88/i1598/WHO/p45:        'Laser repeaters amplify fibre optics'

(S06) Virtual Reality, Computer Graphics, Cyberware,
Games, Video/Image Manipulation & Fakery

+S06/NS/08-08-98/i2146/GLS/Fp33_35:   'In the eye of the beholder' "Imagine you could shrink the cinema screen and wrap it round
+S06/NS/08-08-98/i2146/GLS/Fp33_35:    your eyes. That's exactly what Thomas Furness hopes to do with his virtual retinal display,
+S06/NS/08-08-98/i2146/GLS/Fp33_35:    says Giles Wright"
+S06/NS/01-08-98/i2145/FOX/p16:       'Indelible evidence' "At last digital photographs can be made secure enough to stand up in
+S06/NS/01-08-98/i2145/FOX/p16:        court" (personally, I think this is a nutty idea - Ian)
S06/NS/13-09-97/i2099/MMY/Fp38_41:    'Cybercrash' "Gruesome crashes on a virtual highway could make
S06/NS/13-09-97/i2099/MMY/Fp38_41:     driving safer on the real road. Mike May reports"
S06/NS/16-08-97/i2095/JUS/p12:        'Hands off the world's hottest spot' (Chernobyl cleanup)
S06/NS/26-04-97/i2079/MRK/p22:        'Feeling is believing in a virtual world'
S06/NS/29-03-97/i2075/MKN/Fp36_39:    'We have the technology' "The ultimate science-fiction wedding may be on early the next
S06/NS/29-03-97/i2075/MKN/Fp36_39:     century when carbon life forms and silicon sensors get hitched."
S06/NS/22-03-97/i2074/MMY/p23:        'X-ray vision for mere mortals' (augmented reality)
S06/NS/31-08-96/i2045/WHO/p11:        'Prehistoric art leaps back to life'
S06/NS/31-08-96/i2045/KRN/Fp22_23:    'Bend it, shake it...' "Now you can visit a world in minature, where you can pick up a tiny
S06/NS/31-08-96/i2045/KRN/Fp22_23:     molecule or virus and watch it distort in your grasp. Karen Schmidt reports" (VR microscope)
S06/NS/27-04-96/i2027/LIZ/Fp40_44:    'Life at the Interface' (Sherry Turkle discusses the way the
S06/NS/27-04-96/i2027/LIZ/Fp40_44:     computer is perceived today and how it has changed society)
S06/NS/20-04-96/i2026/JMC/Fp44_48:    'Faster than a speeding brain' "Suppose we could speed up our sluggish brains with a mental
S06/NS/20-04-96/i2026/JMC/Fp44_48:     workout in virtual reality. Would faster really mean smarter? John McCrone investigates"
S06/NS/13-04-96/i2025/MES/Fp24_27:    'It's child's play' "If you want to know what the future will look like, ask a child. And
S06/NS/13-04-96/i2025/MES/Fp24_27:     that's just what many American companies are doing. Rosie Mestel reports"
S06/PERF/00-04-96/i2/WHO/Fp12_17:     'Beyond Cyberspace' "Cinesite is one of the largest post-production and special effects houses
S06/PERF/00-04-96/i2/WHO/Fp12_17:      in Soho, with credits including special effects for 'Free Willy', 'In the Line of Fire',
S06/PERF/00-04-96/i2/WHO/Fp12_17:      'Lawnmower Man' and the restoration of Disney's 'Snow White'. More recently, the company
S06/PERF/00-04-96/i2/WHO/Fp12_17:      created all the computer graphics for 'Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond cyberspace"
S06/NS/30-03-96/i2023/DAV/Fp29_31:    'Silicon Toons' "A toy astronaut and a cowboy doll have been brought to life in a digitised
S06/NS/30-03-96/i2023/DAV/Fp29_31:     bedroom for the world's first feature-length computer animation. Clive Davidson looks at the
S06/NS/30-03-96/i2023/DAV/Fp29_31:     technology that made it possible."
S06/NS/16-03-96/i2021/BRD/p25:        'On the track of a fast puck'
S06/NS/09-03-96/i2020/THM/Fp38_42:    'Thought control' "Machines can already tune into brain waves to bypass damaged nerves, and
S06/NS/09-03-96/i2020/THM/Fp38_42:     the day is coming when they may even plug into the brain itself. Peter Thomas investigates"
S06/NS/20-01-96/i2013/MRK/Fp12_13:    'Someone to watch over me' "In more than 250 places across Britain, television cameras pan the
S06/NS/20-01-96/i2013/MRK/Fp12_13:     streets on the lookout for signs of crime. But how effective is virtual policing?"
S06/NS/20-01-96/i2013/PMK/p18:        'How to get a moving performance'
S06/NS/10-06-95/i1981/DAV/Fp34_37:    'Simulated cities: the game grows up' "Take in the view from the remodelled city centre, or
S06/NS/10-06-95/i1981/DAV/Fp34_37:     walk down your street as it will be in 2005 - and all before the plans leave the drawing
S06/NS/10-06-95/i1981/DAV/Fp34_37:     board. Clive Davidson explains how"
S06/EWW/00-06-95/iJUN/CAM/p460:       'Video stills lose their fuzz' (image manipulation)
S06/NS/27-05-95/i1979/MRC/p48:        'The man who japed - or not' (on Philip K. Dick book review)
S06/NS/20-05-95/i1978/FOX/p22:        'Cyberstudio puts Hollywood in the picture'
S06/NS/01-04-95/i1971/WHO/p11:        'Playing safe with wraparound reality'
S06/EWW/00-04-95/iAPR/CAM/p273:       'Splinter in the eye could be a chip'
S06/NS/18-03-95/i1969/ART/p7:         'Safety fears over games helmets'
S06/NS/18-03-95/i1969/ART/p9:         'Smart kids not fooled by fiction'
S06/NS/18-03-95/i1969/ART/p20:        'Sorry, he's in a virtual meeting'
S06/NS/18-02-95/i1965/ART/Fp23_25:    'Too real to be true' "What happens when you just can't tell whether the images you're
S06/NS/18-02-95/i1965/ART/Fp23_25:     watching on TV are fact or fiction? Charles Arthur reports that the latest in virtual reality
S06/NS/18-02-95/i1965/ART/Fp23_25:     is looking disturbingly good"
S06/IRU/00-01-95/i30/SAG/Fp8_10:      'A Simulating Success' "Silicon Graphics' London Reality Centre is establishing international
S06/IRU/00-01-95/i30/SAG/Fp8_10:       partnerships, and providing a gathering place where visitors experience the potential of
S06/IRU/00-01-95/i30/SAG/Fp8_10:       visual simulation technology"
S06/NS/17-12-94/i1956/BRD/p22:        'Plane designers fly by wire'
S06/NS/03-12-94/i1954/VIN/p5:         'A slice of life on the Internet'
S06/NS/12-11-94/i1952/WGR/p56:        'Join the marines and see the cyberworld' (Doom!)
S06/IRU/00-10-94/i29/MTE/Fp8_11:      'Texture Mapping' "New dimensions in scientific and technical visualisation." (tech overview)
S06/NS/03-09-94/i1941/JMC/Fp35_39:    'Trainers for your Brain' "Physiologists know that rhythmic
S06/NS/03-09-94/i1941/JMC/Fp35_39:     pulses of light can relax the brain. But manufacturers of New
S06/NS/03-09-94/i1941/JMC/Fp35_39:     Age stroboscopes claim they can go one better - and expand your mind."
S06/NS/16-07-94/i1934/FOX/p22:        'Games giant shuns 'slow' CDs'
S06/IRIS/00-07-94/i3/WHO/p7:          'Creating the near future at Walt Disney Imagineering'
S06/IRIS/00-07-94/i3/WHO/Fp8_9:       'IRIS UK interview: David Hughes' "Recent months have seen a flurry of activity for the team
S06/IRIS/00-07-94/i3/WHO/Fp8_9:        at the new Reality Centre at Silicon Graphics' Theale Head Office. Apart from welcoming over
S06/IRIS/00-07-94/i3/WHO/Fp8_9:        1500 visitors, 60 journalists and a host of TV crews during a series of Open Days in July,
S06/IRIS/00-07-94/i3/WHO/Fp8_9:        the Centre's facilities have already been put through their paces by a wide variety of
S06/IRIS/00-07-94/i3/WHO/Fp8_9:        Silicon Graphics' partners. In an interview with IRIS UK, David Hughes, manager of The
S06/IRIS/00-07-94/i3/WHO/Fp8_9:        Reality Centre, explains what's been going on."
S06/IRIS/00-07-94/i3/WHO/p19:         'Barco's Strike! (TM) makes perfection possible' (image manipulation)
S06/IRIS/00-07-94/i3/WHO/p19:         'Ballygowan gets the most out of MATADOR (TM)' (image manipulation)
S06/IRU/00-07-94/i28/DCR/Fp20_25:     'Beyond Imagining' "Creating the near future at Walt Disney Imagineering. The newest
S06/IRU/00-07-94/i28/DCR/Fp20_25:      attraction at Walt Disney World's Epcot94 lets guests fly through Aladdin's ancient city
S06/IRU/00-07-94/i28/DCR/Fp20_25:      while it propels the quality standard for virtual reality beyond the cutting edge."
S06/IRU/00-07-94/i28/CRL/Fp30_35:     'Digital Sleight of Hand' "Animation always seems like magic to me. I was
S06/IRU/00-07-94/i28/CRL/Fp30_35:      enchanted by Luxo Jr. and Big Red, amazed by T-1000 in Terminator 2, and
S06/IRU/00-07-94/i28/CRL/Fp30_35:      mesmerised by the dinasaurs in Jurassic Park. I was even motion sick when
S06/IRU/00-07-94/i28/CRL/Fp30_35:      I saw The Devl's Mine Ride at last year's Siggraph..."
S06/NS/11-06-94/i1929/GOD/p6:         'Virtual therapy reaches new heights'
S06/NS/12-02-94/i1912/FOX/p18:        'Throwaway camera for a quick getaway'
S06/NS/22-01-94/i1909/HAD/p7:         'Japanese link video games to poor eyesight in children'
S06/NS/15-01-94/i1908/FOX/p18:        'Who watches out for virtual screen's safety?'
S06/NS/15-01-94/i1908/ANS/p19:        'Thimble gets in touch with reality'
S06/NS/04-12-93/i1902/ART/p5:         'How kids cope with video games'
S06/NS/27-11-93/i1901/VIN/p11:        'Will Pentagon put spy pictures up for sale?'
S06/NS/20-11-93/i1900/ART/p8:         'Fantasy flights to fix the phones' (BT's VR system)
S06/NS/06-11-93/i1898/FOX/p22:        'Computer screening for TV of the future'
S06/NS/19-06-93/i1878/VIN/Fp13_14:    'Time for virtual nuclear tests?' "As the US prepares what could be its last underground
S06/NS/19-06-93/i1878/VIN/Fp13_14:     nuclear explosions, scientists and engineers at its nuclear weapons laboratories face an era
S06/NS/19-06-93/i1878/VIN/Fp13_14:     when they will be unable to do live tests on their handiwork"
S06/NS/03-04-93/i1867/FOX/p22:        'Here is the (virtual) nine o'clock news...'
S06/NS/13-03-93/i1864/DAV/p23:        'Digital wizadry goes to Hollywood'
S06/NS/13-03-93/i1864/GAL/Fp24_25:    'Meeting in a virtual world' "To make a commercial impact,
S06/NS/13-03-93/i1864/GAL/Fp24_25:     virtual reality must be taken up by the business world.
S06/NS/13-03-93/i1864/GAL/Fp24_25:     The first applications able to satisfy those needs are now emerging"
S06/NS/06-02-93/i1859/WHO/p18:        'Got a walking, talking, virtually living doll'

(S07) Lasers and Optical Devices

+S07/NS/18-07-98/i2143/MBR/Fp32_35:   'No toil, no trouble' "Forget bubbling test tubes, fuming flasks, and endless trial and error.
+S07/NS/18-07-98/i2143/MBR/Fp32_35:    Lasers can do your chemistry for you, says Michael Brooks"
+S07/NS/13-06-98/i2138/WHO/p13:       'Brilliant result' "The light output of microscopic lasers has been increased a thousandfold"
+S07/NS/04-04-98/i2128/WAT/Fp38_41:   'Inside Story' "In the depths of the Cold War, Soviet researchers took a fresh look at what
+S07/NS/04-04-98/i2128/WAT/Fp38_41:    happens inside a laser. Now, says Andrew Watson, their technique is probing some of the
+S07/NS/04-04-98/i2128/WAT/Fp38_41:    hottest problems around"
+S07/NS/28-03-98/i2127/JEF/p17:       'Rock buster' "A monster 2-megawatt laser capable of punching through slabs of rock is being
+S07/NS/28-03-98/i2127/JEF/p17:        tested by the Chicago-based Gas Research Institute as a tool for speeding up the drilling of
+S07/NS/28-03-98/i2127/JEF/p17:        oil and gas wells."
+S07/NS/21-02-98/i2122/WHO/p15:       'Greased lightening' (Striking pored silicon with UV rays or and electric charge results in
+S07/NS/21-02-98/i2122/WHO/p15:        visible light emission)
+S07/NS/10-01-98/i2116/LND/Fp34_37:   'On wings of flight' "Tiny spacecraft are flying through the atmosphere on beams of laser
+S07/NS/10-01-98/i2116/LND/Fp34_37:    light. Leonard David reports on the start of a new gae of cleaner, cheaper space flight"
+S07/NS/13-12-97/i2112/BRD/p14:       'Blue light for safety' (polymer that converts UV into visible light gives new possibilities)
+S07/NS/01-11-97/i2106/PGN/p6:        'Set phasers to shock...' "Real life is catching up with Star Trek. Hans Eric Herr from San
+S07/NS/01-11-97/i2106/PGN/p6:         Diego, California, has been granted a patent for a "phaser" that uses laser light to stun or
+S07/NS/01-11-97/i2106/PGN/p6:         kill."
S07/NS/27-09-97/i2101/LES/Fp24_28:    'Power Viewing' "Take the penetrating power of X-rays plus the intensity of a laser beam
S07/NS/27-09-97/i2101/LES/Fp24_28:     and you should have a window on the innermost workings of life. Lesley Welbourne reports"
S07/NS/14-06-97/i2086/CHR/p6:         'Giant French laser sparks weapons protest'
S07/NS/24-05-97/i2083/FOX/p22:        'T-rays spell sharper, safer images' (Terahertz rays)
S07/NS/03-05-97/i2080/BOB/p45:        'Into the deep blue yonder' (blue laser diode book review)
S07/NS/29-03-97/i2075/PHB/Fp28_31:    'Into the blue' "They've been waiting for it a long time. Now it's here and it will change
S07/NS/29-03-97/i2075/PHB/Fp28_31:     everything. Philip Ball reports on the blue laser revolution"
S07/NS/18-01-97/i2065/CRY/Fp22_23:    'Chilling light' "Shining powerful lasers onto an object seems
S07/NS/18-01-97/i2065/CRY/Fp22_23:     like a strange way of trying to cool it down. But the latest
S07/NS/18-01-97/i2065/CRY/Fp22_23:     in high-tech refrigerators does just that, says Ben Crystall"
S07/NS/09-11-96/i2055/STV/Fp38_40:    'The destroyer rides out' "It's the ultimate defense - an  airborne laser that blasts
S07/NS/09-11-96/i2055/STV/Fp38_40:     missiles out of the skies from hundreds of kilometres away."
S07/NS/08-06-96/i2033/JEF/p22:        'Petawatt laser puts on big squeeze'
S07/NS/00-01-96/iJAN/WHO/p9:          'Plastic lasers break through performance boundaries'
S07/EWW/00-06-95/iJUN/WHO/p454:       'Blue lasers get the green light'
S07/NS/20-05-95/i1978/ROL/p21:        'Smallest microscope in the world'
S07/NS/08-04-95/i1972/JEF/p21:        'Plugging energy gaps in super lasers'
S07/EWW/00-03-95/iMAR/CAM/p186:       'Laser demonstrates singular success'
S07/NS/07-01-95/i1959/COG/p18:        'Minute magnets made from tiny tubes'
S07/NS/05-11-94/i1950/BRD/p21:        'Smarter microscopes move in for a closer look'
S07/NS/02-04-94/i1919/HAD/p17:        'Blue laser hits a harmonious note'
S07/NS/12-02-94/i1912/WHO/p19:        'Magnetism under the microscope'
S07/NS/15-01-94/i1908/COG/p20:        'Rapid-fire laser suits medical cases'
S07/NS/27-11-93/i1901/MIL/p16:        'Closing the circle for optical switches'
S07/NS/20-11-93/i1900/DBH/Fp28_33:    'Stronger than atoms' "Create a plasma with one of the latest,  cheap superintense lasers and
S07/NS/20-11-93/i1900/DBH/Fp28_33:     you could be on the way to a particle accelerator that fits in a laboratory"
S07/NS/22-05-93/i1874/SUS/Fp39_42:    'Anyone for cheap diamond film?' "Should a revolutionary way of coating
S07/NS/22-05-93/i1874/SUS/Fp39_42:     materials with diamond be cold-shouldered until it establishes its scientific
S07/NS/22-05-93/i1874/SUS/Fp39_42:     credentials? Industrialists are beginning to think not"

(S08) Artificial Intelligence

+S08/NS/25-07-98/i2144/MRK/Fp54_55:   "Walter's World" "It's amazing what you can do with a soldering iron, a few wires and a
+S08/NS/25-07-98/i2144/MRK/Fp54_55:    dynamite theory about neurons. Mark Ward explores Alife in the making"
+S08/NS/18-07-98/i2143/KRT/Fp40_44:   'Brainless wonders' "You don't need microprocessors or clever programming to make robots that
+S08/NS/18-07-98/i2143/KRT/Fp40_44:    behave like living creatures. Kurt Kleiner investigates"
+S08/NS/18-07-98/i2143/MRK/p11:       'The dancing droid' "Robots take the first step towards learning by imitation"
+S08/NS/04-07-98/i2141/MRK/p7:        "It's life, but not as we know it" "Artificial life may be about to make its next big advance.
+S08/NS/04-07-98/i2141/MRK/p7:         Researchers believe that the digital equivalent of multicellular life will soon evolve in a
+S08/NS/04-07-98/i2141/MRK/p7:         virtual world spread around the Internet."
+S08/NS/09-05-98/i2133/DAV/Fp39_43:   'Agents from Albia' "In their virtual world, norns live as cute, clever pets that reason and
+S08/NS/09-05-98/i2133/DAV/Fp39_43:    learn. In the real world, the military has enlisted the technology behind norns to create top
+S08/NS/09-05-98/i2133/DAV/Fp39_43:    fighter pilots. Clive Davidson reports"
+S08/NS/28-03-98/i2127/WEB/Fp34_35:   'Pride' "It sets us apart from the animals - but what about machines, wonders Jeremy Webb"
+S08/NS/21-02-98/i2122/JEF/p14:       'Robosurgeon' "Aesop never tires or shakes and always obeys orders"
+S08/NS/14-02-98/i2121/LMA/p13:       'Bird lives' "Charlie Parker could soon be playing in your living room"
+S08/NS/24-01-98/i2118/MRK/Fp32_35:   'There's An Ant In My Phone' "Would you let ants run the digital superhighways of the future?
+S08/NS/24-01-98/i2118/MRK/Fp32_35:    Even if they were smart little programs and getting smarter all the time? Mark Ward wonders."
+S08/NS/20-12-97/i2113/MRG/Fp28_29:   'All God's children got...' "It's been keeping you up nights discussing the nature of being
+S08/NS/20-12-97/i2113/MRG/Fp28_29:    and reading drippy sonnets. Could your computer have developed soul, asks Margaret Wertheim"
+S08/NS/13-12-97/i2112/JMC/Fp26_30:   'Wild Minds' "The idea of the brain as a computer has thoroughly seduced us. But, says John
+S08/NS/13-12-97/i2112/JMC/Fp26_30:    McCrone, the old grey matter may be just too sloppy for such a neat metaphor"
+S08/NS/06-12-97/i2111/DAV/Fp26_30:   'Trust me, I'm an expert' "Would you allow a machine to play the stock market with your
+S08/NS/06-12-97/i2111/DAV/Fp26_30:    savings? Well, the people in the know are doing just that, says Clive Davidson"
+S08/NS/15-11-97/i2108/DBR/Fp40_43:   'Distilled Wisdom' "Forget all those dreadful hours trying to work out which carbon double
+S08/NS/15-11-97/i2108/DBR/Fp40_43:    bond does what. David Bradley discovers the supersmart software that is freeing chemists to
+S08/NS/15-11-97/i2108/DBR/Fp40_43:    be more creative than ever before"
+S08/NS/15-11-97/i2108/DAV/Fp30_34:   'Creatures From Primordial Silicon' "Let Darwinism loose in an electronics lab and just watch
+S08/NS/15-11-97/i2108/DAV/Fp30_34:    what it creates. A lean, mean machine that nobody understands. Clive Davidson reports"
S08/NS/04-10-97/i2102/GLS/Fp32_36:    'Decline and fall' "By tweaking their computer models, scientists are revealing the forces
S08/NS/04-10-97/i2102/GLS/Fp32_36:     that brought about the growth and collapse of long gone civilisations. Giles Wright watches
S08/NS/04-10-97/i2102/GLS/Fp32_36:     as history repeats itself"
S08/NS/04-10-97/i2102/PHL/p13:        'Into the blue yonder' (IBM announces that Deep Blue will no longer deal with chess)
S08/NS/16-08-97/i2095/JKN/p8:         'Time fractals in the mind'
S08/NS/07-06-97/i2085/DON/Fp26_29:    'Slaughter on Seventh Avenue' "The world's number one is still licking his wounds after IBM's
S08/NS/07-06-97/i2085/DON/Fp26_29:     chess computer beat him last month. But is Kasparov right to feel so hurt by the defeat?
S08/NS/07-06-97/i2085/DON/Fp26_29:     Doanld Mitchie thinks not"
S08/NS/17-05-97/i2082/WHO/p13:        'Calculating machine psychs out grandmaster'
S08/NS/17-05-97/i2082/WHO/p3:         'Smart, but not smart enough' (editorial on IBM's Deep Blue)
S08/NS/15-06-96/i2034/JFL/Fp32_35:    'A life in silicon' "Will an artificial universe let us watch evolution as it happens, asks
S08/NS/15-06-96/i2034/JFL/Fp32_35:     Joe Flower? Or will it mutate into the monster that ate the Internet?"
S08/EWW/00-05-96/iMAY/CAM/p364:       'Agents of progress - or doom?'
S08/NS/13-04-96/i2025/PGN/p16:        '"Life" crawls out of the digital soup'
S08/NS/20-01-96/i2013/HOL/Fp22_26:    'The Creativity Machine' "It writes music, invents soft drinks and dreams up hard materials.
S08/NS/20-01-96/i2013/HOL/Fp22_26:     The man who built it thinks it points the way to immortality, says Bob Holmes"
S08/NS/16-09-95/i1995/ROS/Fp38_42:    'Oh look he's brought me a present' "In the shadow world of cyberspace, programmers are
S08/NS/16-09-95/i1995/ROS/Fp38_42:     learning how to create cute doggies and stroppy infants. But as Robert Rossney reports,
S08/NS/16-09-95/i1995/ROS/Fp38_42:    the real lessons may lie elsewhere"
S08/NS/16-09-95/i1995/MRK/p9:         'It's curtains for puny human brain'
S08/NS/26-08-95/i1992/MRK/p18:        'Uniform look for Internet agents'
S08/NS/20-05-95/i1978/BLF/Fp45:       'Once more with feeling' "Research into schizophrenia could
S08/NS/20-05-95/i1978/BLF/Fp45:        flesh out artificial intelligence..."
S08/NS/28-01-95/i1962/VOS/Fp36_39:    'Are you waving at me?' "How long before your computer knows
S08/NS/28-01-95/i1962/VOS/Fp36_39:     what you mean when you waggle your digits in the air?"
S08/NS/03-12-94/i1954/VIN/Fp25_27:    'Growing Money From Algorithms' "Why are genetic algorithms
S08/NS/03-12-94/i1954/VIN/Fp25_27:     so attractive to financial wizards? ..."
S08/NS/02-04-94/i1919/DAV/Fp30_33:    'Common sense & the computer' "There is no easy way to teach a
S08/NS/02-04-94/i1919/DAV/Fp30_33:     computer all the things that humans take for granted... like
S08/NS/02-04-94/i1919/DAV/Fp30_33:     the fact that it cannot be in two places at once"
S08/NS/08-01-94/i1907/NHY/Fp23_25:    'The private world of consciousness' "Computers make it easy
S08/NS/08-01-94/i1907/NHY/Fp23_25:     to view the mind as a thinking machine. But the key to
S08/NS/08-01-94/i1907/NHY/Fp23_25:     conciousness lies with feeling, not thinking"
S08/NS/27-03-93/i1866/DAV/Fp22_26:    'I process therefore I am' "Artificial intelligence researchers are still divided over the
S08/NS/27-03-93/i1866/DAV/Fp22_26:     best way to build machines that think. But two of the field's leading players at least agree
S08/NS/27-03-93/i1866/DAV/Fp22_26:     that machines could soon be concious of their thoughts and actions"
S08/NS/30-01-93/i1858/DSH/Fp26_30:    'Breaking Chomsky's rules' "Computers with a talent for grammar and syntax are challenging the
S08/NS/30-01-93/i1858/DSH/Fp26_30:     theory at the heart of modern linguistics. If they can learn by trial and error, why should
S08/NS/30-01-93/i1858/DSH/Fp26_30:     humans rely on rules?"

(S09) The Internet

+S09/NS/25-07-98/i2144/MATT/p64:      'Pest control' "Spamming on the Internet is ripe for biological control, says Matthew Stevens"
+S09/NS/04-07-98/i2141/MRK/p7:        'Wired for mayhem' "Economic booms and busts will become more frequent and more severe if
+S09/NS/04-07-98/i2141/MRK/p7:         programs called software agents control electronic commerce. Agents tend to exaggerate the
+S09/NS/04-07-98/i2141/MRK/p7:         worst market swings and create disastrous price wars, say two research groups in the US"
+S09/NS/06-06-98/i2137/MRK/p60:       'Virtual vigilantes' "We'll all suffer if hackers take the
+S09/NS/06-06-98/i2137/MRK/p60:        law into their hands, says Mark Ward"
+S09/NS/30-05-98/i2136/GLY/Fp34_37:   'A new dawn' "If the web is to meet all our needs next century, it'll take nothing short of a
+S09/NS/30-05-98/i2136/GLY/Fp34_37:    revolution. So a smart way to translate anything from MnO2 to the Moonlight Sonata into a
+S09/NS/30-05-98/i2136/GLY/Fp34_37:    universal language is a fine start, argues Glyn Moody"
+S09/NS/30-05-98/i2136/MRK/p11:       "Don't hack back" "Networks can now retaliate against intruders - but should they"
+S09/NS/23-05-98/i2135/JKN/p12:       'Free for all' "Angry academics strike a blow for affordable science"
+S09/NS/25-04-98/i2131/MRK/p5:        'Windows wide open' "Stand by for a new, insidious breed of computer virus"
+S09/NS/04-04-98/i2128/KRT/p12:       'Making sense of absolute nonsense' "A new technique for sending secret messages over the Net
+S09/NS/04-04-98/i2128/KRT/p12:        could undermine the US government's attempts to limit the spread of communication methods
+S09/NS/04-04-98/i2128/KRT/p12:        that can't be deciphered by its security forces"
+S09/NS/28-03-98/i2127/FOX/Fp18_19:   'I never sent that...' "FOCUS: E-mail forgery is a growing menace to both business and
+S09/NS/28-03-98/i2127/FOX/Fp18_19:    individuals. Yet it can be stopped, so why is nothing being done?"
+S09/NS/14-03-98/i2125/MRK/p11:       "Who's watching you?" "Software thieves beware, your computer could turn you in"
+S09/NS/07-03-98/i2124/MRK/Fp20_21:   'Name games' "FOCUS: A shortage of addresses is crippling the Internet. If a solution is not
+S09/NS/07-03-98/i2124/MRK/Fp20_21:    found soon, there could be chaos"
+S09/NS/21-02-98/i2122/CHS/Fp40_43:   'A snail's pace' "What has downloading intricate graphics from the Web got to do with entropy?
+S09/NS/21-02-98/i2122/CHS/Fp40_43:    Whatever you do, don't go surfing for the answer, warns Charles Seife"
+S09/NS/31-01-98/i2119/KRT/p15:       'Surf DJs fear wipeout' "Will copyright reforms put Internet music sites out of business?"
+S09/NS/03-01-98/i2115/JEF/p12:       'Add Oxygen' (Plans to build a new world communications network get a boost)
+S09/NS/13-12-97/i2112/BAR/Fp48_49:   'Collective Net' "Book Review: 'Collective Intelligence: Mankind's Emerging World in
+S09/NS/13-12-97/i2112/BAR/Fp48_49:    Cyberspace', by Pierre Levy"
+S09/NS/06-12-97/i2111/KRT/p16:       'Publish on the Net and be damned' "A law designed to crack down on software pirates in the US
+S09/NS/06-12-97/i2111/KRT/p16:        could backfire, making it harder for scientists to make their papers available to colleagues
+S09/NS/06-12-97/i2111/KRT/p16:        over the Internet"
+S09/NS/29-11-97/i2110/MRK/p57:       'Surfing for the suckers' "Snake-oil merchants aren't the only slippery characters working the
+S09/NS/29-11-97/i2110/MRK/p57:        Web, warns Mark Ward"
+S09/NS/29-11-97/i2110/WHO/p25:       'Spam doesn't pay' (San Diego student forced to pay damages for junk email scam)
+S09/NS/15-11-97/i2108/KRT/p18:       'Hacking through the data jungle' (improved Internet searching by using search results from
+S09/NS/15-11-97/i2108/KRT/p18:        previous searchers)
+S09/NS/01-11-97/i2106/WGR/p62:       'Collected works' "Wendy Grossman on spies, smog and bots on the Net" (book reviews)
S09/NS/25-10-97/i2105/MRK/p19:        'Not dead, just surfing' "Your Web site can live on after you've gone"
S09/NS/04-10-97/i2102/CLT/Fp18_19:    'Surfer, heal thyself' "FOCUS: The Internet is chock-full of medical help. Will it make us
S09/NS/04-10-97/i2102/CLT/Fp18_19:     healthier or just expose us to risky advice?"
S09/NS/20-09-97/i2100/HLN/p57:        'Going nuts in cyberspace' "Helen Gavaghan takes a sane look at a new psychological disorder"
S09/NS/20-09-97/i2100/BRK/Fp20_21:    'Roam alone' "Is there a way for children to browse the Internet without being exposed to
S09/NS/20-09-97/i2100/BRK/Fp20_21:     pornography, bad language and other unsuitable material? The hunt is on for a technical fix"
S09/NS/05-07-97/i2089/FOX/p12:        'Murdoch keeps key to digital gateway' ('set-top' box wars)
S09/NS/05-07-97/i2089/KRT/p5:         'Cyberporn law struck down' "Decency act ruled unconstitutional"
S09/NS/28-06-97/i2088/MRK/p19:        'Net surfers set a cracking pace' (combined internet effort
S09/NS/28-06-97/i2088/MRK/p19:         takes just 4 months to brake 56-bit DES encryption key)
S09/NS/28-06-97/i2088/BRK/Fp12_13:    'Lost in cyberspace' "Large areas of the World Wide Web are ignored by the search engines
S09/NS/28-06-97/i2088/BRK/Fp12_13:     that most surfers rely on.  Should they be doing better?"
S09/NS/24-05-97/i2083/KRT/Fp35_37:    'The Internet Strikes Back' "When one computer in cyberspace sneezes, software round the
S09/NS/24-05-97/i2083/KRT/Fp35_37:     world can catch a cold. So is it time to provide computer networks with immune systems that
S09/NS/24-05-97/i2083/KRT/Fp35_37:     kill viruses? Kurt Kleiner reports"
S09/NS/10-05-97/i2081/KRT/p10:        'No end in sight for Net name game' (domain name issues)
S09/NS/03-05-97/i2080/EDT/p3:         'Naked truths about the Net'
S09/NS/03-05-97/i2080/MRK/p4:         'Data police warn corporate Web miners'
S09/NS/03-05-97/i2080/DCH/p6:         'Net lobby praises German bill'
S09/NS/26-04-97/i2079/ALI/Fp26_27:    'Click on the candidate' "In the age of the Net there has to be a better way to run a ballot
S09/NS/26-04-97/i2079/ALI/Fp26_27:     than putting a cross on a slip of paper, says Alison Motluk."
S09/NS/19-04-97/i2078/KRT/p12:        'How will the Net's cookies crumble?'
S09/NS/29-03-97/i2075/KRT/Fp50:       'But who guards the guards?' "Kurt Kleiner says the makers of
S09/NS/29-03-97/i2075/KRT/Fp50:        the Net censors should come clean"
S09/NS/22-02-97/i2070/MRK/p4:         'Web bank robbers posied to pounce'
S09/NS/01-02-97/i2067/BRK/p5:         'The Net benefits of learning from home'
S09/NS/25-01-97/i2066/KRT/Fp28_31:    'Surfing prohibited' "Hopping from one site to another is what makes the Web so powerful, but
S09/NS/25-01-97/i2066/KRT/Fp28_31:     now a ragbag of commercial companies and politicians want to curtail that freedom."
S09/NS/18-01-97/i2065/MRK/p4:         'Web sites are a hacker's heaven'
S09/NS/04-01-97/i2063/KRT/p7:         'Anti-porn firm silences Net critic'
S09/NS/21-09-96/i2048/BRK/p8:         'Return to sender, address unknown' (email hacking)
S09/NS/14-09-96/i2047/MRK/Fp12_13:    'Sabotage in cyberspace' "The threat to national security from computer 'terrorists' is vastly
S09/NS/14-09-96/i2047/MRK/Fp12_13:     overblown. Most hackers are after nothing more than an intillectual thrill."
S09/NS/07-09-96/i2046/KRT/p7:         'Court clamps down on anonymous emails'
S09/NS/17-08-96/i2043/GLY/Fp24_27:    'Long live the Net' "Is the Net grinding to a halt, or have reports of its imminent death been
S09/NS/17-08-96/i2043/GLY/Fp24_27:     been greatly exagerated? Glyn Moody takes on the doomsayers"
S09/EWW/00-05-96/iMAY/DMN/p355:       'What a tangled web we weave...'
S09/EWW/00-05-96/iMAY/WHO/p356:       'EC recommends 'bit-tax' on Internet data'
S09/NS/20-04-96/i2026/BNB/Fp14_15:    'Not in front of the children' "The V-chip is intended to banish TV sex and violence from
S09/NS/20-04-96/i2026/BNB/Fp14_15:     American homes, and there is growing support for it to be adopted in Europe. But critics
S09/NS/20-04-96/i2026/BNB/Fp14_15:     claim it cannot work"
S09/NS/23-03-96/i2022/MRK/p20:        'Bit tax threatens European net users'
S09/NS/16-03-96/i2021/JFL/Fp44_47:    'Off with its head' "Because the Internet symbolises freedom of information, governments are
S09/NS/16-03-96/i2021/JFL/Fp44_47:     falling over themselves to rein it in. But Joe Flower argues that they risk destroying the
S09/NS/16-03-96/i2021/JFL/Fp44_47:     very thing they are trying to control"
S09/NS/02-03-96/i2019/FOX/Fp38_40:    'Nattering on the net' "Can the Internet deliver a new era in which international phone calls
S09/NS/02-03-96/i2019/FOX/Fp38_40:     cost no more than a few pennies, or will the increased traffic load bring the information
S09/NS/02-03-96/i2019/FOX/Fp38_40:     superhighway to a grinding halt? Barry Fox finds out."
S09/NS/20-01-96/i2013/DON/Fp48_40:    'Scan, annotate and pass on...' "Donald Michie thinks we
S09/NS/20-01-96/i2013/DON/Fp48_40:     should be alert to the allure of the Net."
S09/NS/16-09-95/i1995/FOX/p6:         'Winners and losers in the information age'
S09/NS/15-07-95/i1986/ALW/Fp34_37:    'Agents of the Net' "Soon everyone willwant to shop online, cruise the Internet, or read email
S09/NS/15-07-95/i1986/ALW/Fp34_37:     wherever they are. But without some very clever software, warns Andy Lawrence, the complexity
S09/NS/15-07-95/i1986/ALW/Fp34_37:     of these networks could overwhelm the humans who created them"
S09/NS/01-07-95/i1984/JFL/Fp22_26:    'Idiot's guide to the Net' "From Boston's cyberbars to Siena's schoolrooms, Joe Flower brings
S09/NS/01-07-95/i1984/JFL/Fp22_26:     you some of the frequently asked questions about the network that connects us all"
S09/NS/03-06-95/i1980/KRT/p18:        'Big brother peeps through Windows' (Microsoft)
S09/NS/27-05-95/i1979/KYD/Fp38_42:    'Liberte, Egalite, Internete' "A force for democracy, a playpen for Generation X, or a
S09/NS/27-05-95/i1979/KYD/Fp38_42:     community straight out of The Prisoner? Visions of the e-village are up for grabs, says Keay
S09/NS/27-05-95/i1979/KYD/Fp38_42:     Davidson, as sociologists surf the Net"
S09/NS/20-05-95/i1978/JMC/Fp36_39:    'Watching you, watching me' "Put together cheap video and the Net, and what do you get? John
S09/NS/20-05-95/i1978/JMC/Fp36_39:     McCrone foresees a society where everybody knows everyone else's business - and nobody minds"
S09/NS/13-05-95/i1977/ART/Fp29_31:    'And the Net total is...' "Is it 16 million users and 26% more every year. Or 40 million and
S09/NS/13-05-95/i1977/ART/Fp29_31:     doubling annually? As Charles Arthur discovers, both claims could be true"
S09/NS/22-04-95/i1974/CLR/p22:        'World Wide Web gains a new dimension' (VRML)
S09/NS/22-04-95/i1974/ART/p6:         'Net hijacks international phone calls'
S09/NS/25-03-95/i1970/BOB/Fp38_41:    'Culture Clash in Cyberspace' "Singapore wants to become one of the stars of the 21st century.
S09/NS/25-03-95/i1970/BOB/Fp38_41:     But, as Bob Johnstone reports, the country will have to reconcile authoritarian tendencies
S09/NS/25-03-95/i1970/BOB/Fp38_41:     with the freedoms of an information economy"
S09/NS/25-03-95/i1970/ART/p22:        'Spamming could be more than your job's worth'
S09/NS/11-03-95/i1968/ART/Fp14_15:    'Identity crisis on the Internet' "Well-connected Internet users who
S09/NS/11-03-95/i1968/ART/Fp14_15:     distribute secret or sensitive information without revealing their
S09/NS/11-03-95/i1968/ART/Fp14_15:     names are playing havoc with national laws. Charles Arthur reports"
S09/NS/18-02-95/i1965/ALW/Fp32_37:    'Publish and be robbed?' "Distributing your work on the Internet may seem like the best way
S09/NS/18-02-95/i1965/ALW/Fp32_37:     to reach a wide audience. But can musicians, photographers and publishers repel the digital
S09/NS/18-02-95/i1965/ALW/Fp32_37:     pirates, asks Andy Lawrence"
S09/NS/04-02-95/i1963/KRT/p4:         'Hack attack leaves Internet wide open'
S09/NS/17-12-94/i1956/ART/p23:        'What a tangled Web we weave'
S09/NS/12-11-94/i1952/ART/Fp16_17:    'A spammer in the works' "Millions of people who chat to each other on the Internet fear they
S09/NS/12-11-94/i1952/ART/Fp16_17:     are about to be deluged by spam - the electronic version of junk mail."
S09/NS/23-04-94/i1922/KRT/Fp14_15:    'Stop! Software speed trap ahead' "Will patents on software bring progress on America's
S09/NS/23-04-94/i1922/KRT/Fp14_15:     information superhighway to a standstill?"
S09/NS/09-04-94/i1920/ELL/Fp19_20:    'Software's special agents' "Tired of sifting through electronic mail, searching databases &
S09/NS/09-04-94/i1920/ELL/Fp19_20:     scanning networks for interesting news? An intelligent agent could be what you need."
S09/NS/02-04-94/i1919/VIN/p8:         'Internet wide open to hacker attack'
S09/NS/06-11-93/i1898/Fp24_27:        'Knowledge sans frontieres' "A new high-speed network offers unprecedented opportunities for
S09/NS/06-11-93/i1898/Fp24_27:         researchers to work together. But will political and technical hitches stop SuperJanet from
S09/NS/06-11-93/i1898/Fp24_27:         getting off the ground?" (UK-related)
S09/NS/08-05-93/i1872/HLD/Fp36_40:    'Down and out in the global village' "To make the most of the information age, you need to
S09/NS/08-05-93/i1872/HLD/Fp36_40:     be male, speak English and live in an industrialised country. How can the rest of the world
S09/NS/08-05-93/i1872/HLD/Fp36_40:     claim its share of the electronic riches?"

(S10) Chaos Theory, Cosmology, Ethics, Military, Privacy, Extreme Technologies

+S10/NS/08-08-98/i2146/MRC/p18:       'Prime mover' "Re-creating the unified force could be possible after all"
+S10/NS/04-07-98/i2141/MRC/Fp40_43:   'Stars in their eyes' "You don't need a giant telescope and megabucks to take on the big guns
+S10/NS/04-07-98/i2141/MRC/Fp40_43:    of astronomy at their own game, says Marcus Chown"
+S10/NS/06-06-98/i2137/MRC/Fp26_30:   'Anything goes' "Why are the laws and constants that govern the Universe so finely tuned for
+S10/NS/06-06-98/i2137/MRC/Fp26_30:    life to flourish? One physicist thinks he knows the answer and, as Marcus Chown discovers,
+S10/NS/06-06-98/i2137/MRC/Fp26_30:    the answer is mind-boggling"
+S10/NS/30-05-98/i2136/KEN/Fp42_46:   'Uneasy truce' "There's nothing astronomers like better thana good old fight so why are they
+S10/NS/30-05-98/i2136/KEN/Fp42_46:    about to abandon one of their best bat4tles? Ken Croswell tells all"
+S10/NS/16-05-98/i2134/WHO/p25:       'Biggest Bang' "The largest explosion ever observed has blown away theories about the source
+S10/NS/16-05-98/i2134/WHO/p25:        of mysterious flashes of radiation known as gamma-ray bursts, atsronomers told a press
+S10/NS/16-05-98/i2134/WHO/p25:        conference this week."
+S10/NS/16-05-98/i2134/HZL/p18:       'Edge of Darkness' "Confusion reigns over matter on the fringes of the Milky Way"
+S10/NS/02-05-98/i2132/CHS/p20:       'No snooping!' "Privacy laws and modern technology don't mix"
+S10/NS/18-04-98/i2130/RBI/Fp30_34:   'Supernova' "It may have been born of the Cold War, but it's become the hottest place on Earth
+S10/NS/18-04-98/i2130/RBI/Fp30_34:    for exploring the insides of stars and gas giants. Robert Irion visits the world's biggest
+S10/NS/18-04-98/i2130/RBI/Fp30_34:    laser"
+S10/NS/11-04-98/i2129/RMT/Fp27_30:   'To infinity and beyond' "The good news is that the Universe will not end in a cataclysmic
+S10/NS/11-04-98/i2129/RMT/Fp27_30:    crunch, says Robert Matthews. The bad news is that an even worse fate lies in store"
+S10/NS/11-04-98/i2129/MRC/p6:        'Getting Heavy' "To find out what gave matter its mass, look to the heavens"
+S10/NS/28-03-98/i2127/PRS/p14:       'About time' "Have we finally discovered how to gatecrash the future?"
+S10/NS/28-03-98/i2127/MRC/p12:       'Constant Chaos' "Was the speed of light different in the early Universe?"
+S10/NS/21-03-98/i2126/GOV/Fp32_34:   'Catching the wind' "A solar telescope concentrates the Sun's fierce heat like a giant
+S10/NS/21-03-98/i2126/GOV/Fp32_34:    magnifying glass, blurring its images. The answer, as Govert Schilling reports, is blowing in
+S10/NS/21-03-98/i2126/GOV/Fp32_34:    the wind"
+S10/NS/21-03-98/i2126/PDV/Fp27_30:   'Paradox Lost' "Nature abhors a paradox, which is just as well. Otherwise you might be zapped
+S10/NS/21-03-98/i2126/PDV/Fp27_30:    by a naked singularity or go back in time and kill your own grandmother. Paul Davies opens a
+S10/NS/21-03-98/i2126/PDV/Fp27_30:    can of worms"
+S10/NS/21-03-98/i2126/WHO/p23:       'Cold fusion farewell' (University of Utah allows its cold fusion patents to lapse)
+S10/NS/21-03-98/i2126/MRC/p21:       'Dark secrets' "Could superheavy particles make up the Universe's missing matter?"
+S10/NS/14-03-98/i2125/STA/p?:        'Gravity Waves' "Colliding black holes and exploding stars should cause ripples in space and
+S10/NS/14-03-98/i2125/STA/p?:         time called gravity waves. Gigantic experiments are now being built to detect them, and if
+S10/NS/14-03-98/i2125/STA/p?:         they succeed they could start a revolution in astronomy"
+S10/NS/07-03-98/i2124/MRC/Fp38_41:   'All the world's a time machine' "Imagine that there are loops in space-time, and that the
+S10/NS/07-03-98/i2124/MRC/Fp38_41:    future can influence the past. Marcus Chown meets a physicist who is convinced that this is
+S10/NS/07-03-98/i2124/MRC/Fp38_41:    exactly how the Universe works"
+S10/NS/07-03-98/i2124/MRC/p11:       'The force of darkness' "Unexpected results pop out when you relax relativity theory"
+S10/NS/21-02-98/i2122/MRC/p18:       'A far cry' "Echoes are arriving from beyond the visible Universe"
+S10/NS/07-02-98/i2120/MRC/Fp26_30:   'Let there be Light' "After the big bang came the age of darkness. Then, sometime in the next
+S10/NS/07-02-98/i2120/MRC/Fp26_30:    billion years, the stars began to shine. Marcus Chown investigates how it happened"
+S10/NS/10-01-98/i2116/RMT/p18:       'Prime suspects' "Could the glow of atoms spell defeat for data security?"
+S10/NS/03-01-98/i2115/MRC/p17:       'The force is with them' "Are the most energetic cosmic rays neutrinos in disguise?"
+S10/NS/20-12-97/i2113/MRC/Fp50_51:   'Dying to know' "Would you lay your life on the line for a theory? Marcus Chown meets a man
+S10/NS/20-12-97/i2113/MRC/Fp50_51:    who's thinking about it"
+S10/NS/13-12-97/i2112/RMT/Fp18_19:   'Tipping the scales of justice' "FOCUS: If juries are not allowed to use mathematical theories
+S10/NS/13-12-97/i2112/RMT/Fp18_19:    to initerpret evidence and instead have to fall back on their common sense, the wrong people
+S10/NS/13-12-97/i2112/RMT/Fp18_19:    may well end up behind bars"
+S10/NS/06-12-97/i2111/JUS/Fp32_35:   'The Vanishing Point' "When soldiers disappear before your very eyes and battleships hide at
+S10/NS/06-12-97/i2111/JUS/Fp32_35:    twenty paces, the camouflager's art has reached its peak. Justin Mullins dons his cloak of
+S10/NS/06-12-97/i2111/JUS/Fp32_35:    invisibility"
+S10/NS/06-12-97/i2111/MRC/p6:        'Shaking all over' "Even a puny little galaxy can generate enough energy to fuel a quasar"
+S10/NS/15-11-97/i2108/MRC/p22:       'Heavenly halo' "Our galaxy is shrouded in gamma rays - but no one knows what it means yet"
+S10/NS/08-11-97/i2107/MRC/p21:       'The driving force' "Magnetic fields between galaxies may exist because of neutrinos"
+S10/NS/08-11-97/i2107/CHS/p5:        'Magic roundabout' "Spinning space and time confirm general relativity"
+S10/NS/01-11-97/i2106/MRC/p18:       'A highly irregular matter' "Images of a distant cloud hint that the big bang was more `lumpy`
+S10/NS/01-11-97/i2106/MRC/p18:        than anyone thought"
S10/NS/25-10-97/i2105/NEL/Fp20_21:    'In sickness and in health' "FOCUS: Gene therapy could revolutionise medicine, but will we be
S10/NS/25-10-97/i2105/NEL/Fp20_21:     tempted to use it on healthy people to tamper with personality, memory and other traits?"
S10/NS/11-10-97/i2103/JTM/p6:         'Flashing lights betray intruders' "The humble identification badge has been transformed into
S10/NS/11-10-97/i2103/JTM/p6:          a security device that instantly reveals trespassers."
S10/NS/06-09-97/i2098/MRK/p21:        'The secret is out' "The US ban on exporting strong encryption has been defeated by a
S10/NS/06-09-97/i2098/MRK/p21:         25-year-old Norwegian computer student - without breaking any American laws."
S10/NS/02-08-97/i2093/DCH/Fp18_19:    'Every move you make...' "The public is about to gain access to fantastically detailed
S10/NS/02-08-97/i2093/DCH/Fp18_19:     satellite images. But some governments are uneasy about the new technology, and parts of the
S10/NS/02-08-97/i2093/DCH/Fp18_19:     world will remain blacked out"
S10/NS/21-06-97/i2087/RMT/Fp40_43:    'Wacky Water' "What makes water so damned wierd? It all boils down to molecular clusters and
S10/NS/21-06-97/i2087/RMT/Fp40_43:     mysterious bonds, as Robert Matthews explains"
S10/NS/12-04-97/i2077/JUS/p20:        'You can run, but you can't hide..." (smart bullets)
S10/NS/12-04-97/i2077/EDT/p3:         'Watching me, watching you' (cheap surveillance cameras)
S10/NS/12-04-97/i2077/DEB/p4:         'Privacy police caution Big Brother'
S10/NS/29-03-97/i2075/IAN/Fp40_43:    'Crashing the barriers' "Does it really matter if there are some
S10/NS/29-03-97/i2075/IAN/Fp40_43:     things that science will never solve? Ian Stewart thinks not"
S10/NS/18-01-97/i2065/MKK/Fp32_36:    'Into the eleventh dimension' "The quest for a theory linking all matter & all forces led
S10/NS/18-01-97/i2065/MKK/Fp32_36:     physicists deep into hyperspace, where they got horribly lost. But suddenly the way ahead
S10/NS/18-01-97/i2065/MKK/Fp32_36:     has become clear, says superstring theorist Michio Kaku"
S10/NS/21-09-96/i2048/RMT/p7:         'Antigravity machine weighed down by controversy'
S10/NS/18-05-96/i2030/JBR/Fp26_30:    'Where two worlds meet...' "Butterflies can cause hurricanes, according to the classical
S10/NS/18-05-96/i2030/JBR/Fp26_30:     theory of chaos. But what happens when chaos encounters the quantum world, ..."
S10/EWW/00-03-96/iMAR/FOG/p179:       'A computerised confidence trick' (the dubious PC)
S10/NS/20-01-96/i2013/JFL/Fp33_36:    'Downtown technopia' "Walt Disney left one dream unfulfilled - building a real town for real
S10/NS/20-01-96/i2013/JFL/Fp33_36:     where past and future would merge inbalmy evenings on the front porch. Joe Flower goes in
S10/NS/20-01-96/i2013/JFL/Fp33_36:     search of a happy ending"
S10/NS/05-08-95/i1989/WHO/Fp30_35:    'All wired up and raring to go' (interview with Peter Cochrane on future technology trends)
S10/EWW/00-07-95/iJLY/EMM/Fp562_565:  'Technology Lag' "Not all of today's electronic wizadry is as new as we think - an anomalous
S10/EWW/00-07-95/iJLY/EMM/Fp562_565:   factor called technology lag often comes into play. Andrew Emmerson has been combing the
S10/EWW/00-07-95/iJLY/EMM/Fp562_565:   archives with some prophetic results."
S10/NS/27-08-94/i1940/JBR/p14:        'Martial arts students influence the past'
S10/NS/07-05-94/i1924/GRB/p18:        'Uncertainty rules in the quantum world'
S10/NS/29-05-93/i1875/JER/Fp12_13: *  'When the medium's message is violent...' "Does violence on TV make children aggresive? The
S10/NS/29-05-93/i1875/JER/Fp12_13: *   link is often taken for granted - but can it be proved?"
S10/NS/08-05-93/i1872/ELG/Fp19_20:    'The electronic arm of the law' "Surveillance systems are helping
S10/NS/08-05-93/i1872/ELG/Fp19_20:     cut crime and the public appears to welcome being watched"
S10/NS/08-05-93/i1872/ELG/Fp21_23:    'Tiny Brother is watching you' "The future is not the huge videoscreens of 1984, but tiny
S10/NS/08-05-93/i1872/ELG/Fp21_23:     cameras with built-in software programmed to spot you breaking the law. Will machines force
S10/NS/08-05-93/i1872/ELG/Fp21_23:     us into obedience?"

(S11) Quantum Theory/Physics Research

+S11/NS/08-08-98/i2146/JEF/p10:       'Strange behaviour' "Millions of hydrogen atoms have been persuaded to behave like a single
+S11/NS/08-08-98/i2146/JEF/p10:        massive superatom."
+S11/NS/27-06-98/i2140/MBBD/Fp36_39:  'A handful of light' "It is the fastest, most restless thing in the Universe. But, as Bennett
+S11/NS/27-06-98/i2140/MBBD/Fp36_39:   Davis and Mark Buchanan hear, physicists can now bring light to a screeching halt"
+S11/NS/13-06-98/i2138/RBI/Fp27_30:   'Altered state' "Chill atoms to within a whisker of absolute zero and they act like a wave.
+S11/NS/13-06-98/i2138/RBI/Fp27_30:    But the bizarre form of matter this creates could conceivably crack quantum theory wide open,
+S11/NS/13-06-98/i2138/RBI/Fp27_30:    says Robert Irion"
+S11/NS/13-06-98/i2138/CHS/p11:       'Einstein in free fall' "One of the cornerstones of relativity may be wrong"
+S11/NS/06-06-98/i2137/CDV/Fp33_35:   "Let's play quantum chess" "Whenlife gets too complicated for the people exploring the world
+S11/NS/06-06-98/i2137/CDV/Fp33_35:    of quarks, they pretend space-time is a chessboard. Christine Davies follows the game"
+S11/NS/16-05-98/i2134/RMT/p11:       'Quantum Detectives' "They can tell something is there without even looking"
+S11/NS/02-05-98/i2132/NMRM/Fp30_33:  'Power to perovskite' "Why should a boring brown mineral named after an obscure Russian
+S11/NS/02-05-98/i2132/NMRM/Fp30_33:   statesman set physicists' hearts racing? Because it breaks all the rules, say Neil Mathur and
+S11/NS/02-05-98/i2132/NMRM/Fp30_33:   Rhian-Mari Thomas"
+S11/NS/25-04-98/i2131/CHS/p14:       'Just two photons trapped by fate' "For the first time, photons have forged an intimate
+S11/NS/25-04-98/i2131/CHS/p14:        relationship without even meeting."
+S11/NS/25-04-98/i2131/MRC/p7:        'In the beginning' "A fossil in the sky may spur a rewrite of physics theory"
+S11/NS/28-03-98/i2127/EDT/p3:        'Born to be wild' "Don't complain about the hype,
+S11/NS/28-03-98/i2127/EDT/p3:         physics needs all the crazy ideas it can get"
+S11/NS/14-03-98/i2125/BCH/Fp27_30:   'Beyond reality' "Watching information at play in the quantum world is throwing physicists
+S11/NS/14-03-98/i2125/BCH/Fp27_30:    into a flat spin, says Mark Buchanan"
+S11/NS/28-02-98/i2123/RMT/Fp24_28:   'Take a spin' "It's intillectually fancy enough to please physicists at the frontier. It's
+S11/NS/28-02-98/i2123/RMT/Fp24_28:    also practical enough for diehard engineers worrying about the limits of tomorrow's
+S11/NS/28-02-98/i2123/RMT/Fp24_28:    computers. Robert Matthews unveils spintronics"
+S11/NS/31-01-98/i2119/DVS/Fp36_40:   'Splitting the Electron' "Electrons can 'split' to form smaller charges, and physicists have
+S11/NS/31-01-98/i2119/DVS/Fp36_40:    finally worked out how they do it - by swirling and swarming like angry bees. Bennett Daviss
+S11/NS/31-01-98/i2119/DVS/Fp36_40:    reports"
+S11/NS/17-01-98/i2117/KES/Fp39_42:   'The Legend of Big G' "Measuring gravity may be more than an intillectual exercise for
+S11/NS/17-01-98/i2117/KES/Fp39_42:    trainspotters, says David Kestenbaum. It could be the loose thread that unravels the whole of
+S11/NS/17-01-98/i2117/KES/Fp39_42:    modern physics"
+S11/NS/13-12-97/i2112/DVS/Fp32_37:   'Neutrons for sale' "Forget the idea of endless energy. People could soon be using a fusion
+S11/NS/13-12-97/i2112/DVS/Fp32_37:    machine the size of a football to detect bombs at airports and impurities in ores. Bennett
+S11/NS/13-12-97/i2112/DVS/Fp32_37:    Daviss reports"
+S11/NS/13-12-97/i2112/WHO/p25:       'Beam me up' "In a victory for Star Trek fans, physicists have moved a step closer to
+S11/NS/13-12-97/i2112/WHO/p25:        teleportation"
+S11/NS/15-11-97/i2108/RMT/p16:       'New quark on the block' "The heavy mob are moving in on the standard model"
+S11/NS/01-11-97/i2106/GAB/Fp40_41:   'Here comes hypertime' "Want to sidestep your future or rearrange your past? An extra time
+S11/NS/01-11-97/i2106/GAB/Fp40_41:    dimension could be all you need, says Gabrielle Walker, and it might even be the key to the
+S11/NS/01-11-97/i2106/GAB/Fp40_41:    theory of everything"
+S11/NS/01-11-97/i2106/PDV/Fp34_38:   'Time's Arrow' "Why doesn't time flow backwards? It's all to do with the ever-shrinking
+S11/NS/01-11-97/i2106/PDV/Fp34_38:    quantity of information in the Universe, argues Paul Davies"
S11/NS/25-10-97/i2105/CHS/p15:        'Just Cool It' (Nobel Prizes awarded to physicists researching extreme low temperatures)
S11/NS/11-10-97/i2103/SHL/Fp28_31:    'Blessed is the Weak' "It's the quiet one - shy, elusive and somewhat in the shadow of its
S11/NS/11-10-97/i2103/SHL/Fp28_31:     three big sisters. But without the weak force the sun won't shine. Nobel prizewinning
S11/NS/11-10-97/i2103/SHL/Fp28_31:     physicist Sheldon Glashow reveals all"
S11/NS/11-10-97/i2103/CHS/p20_21:     'Alice beams up 'entangled' photon' (researchers succeed in 'teleporting' a photon)
S11/NS/11-10-97/i2103/MRC/p9:         'Small, dark and macho' (tiny black hole possibly discovered)
S11/NS/04-10-97/i2102/WHO/p21:        'Fusion record' (JET achieves 12MW for just under a second)
S11/NS/04-10-97/i2102/MRC/p15:        'Invisible worlds' "The dying embers of millions of galaxies may lurk unseen in space"
S11/NS/27-09-97/i2101/WRN/Fp30_33:    'Care for a Cosmic Pretzel?' "Forget about quarks and neutrinos, the Universe could be
S11/NS/27-09-97/i2101/WRN/Fp30_33:     teeming with far stranger beings, as Warren Perkins explains while unravelling a few
S11/NS/27-09-97/i2101/WRN/Fp30_33:     superheavy knots..."
S11/NS/27-09-97/i2101/WHO/p23:        'Light work' "For the first time since Einstein said that energy and matter are
S11/NS/27-09-97/i2101/WHO/p23:         interchangeable physicists have created particles out of light."
S11/NS/27-09-97/i2101/JEF/p13:        'A dwarf's core values' "How old are the oldest stars in our Galaxy?"
S11/NS/20-09-97/i2100/RMT/p15:        'Back to the Big Bang' "Lifting the cloud: the Crab Nebula's
S11/NS/20-09-97/i2100/RMT/p15:         pulsar could tell us about the early Universe"
S11/NS/13-09-97/i2099/CHS/p10:        'Reduced Charge' "The first solid evidence that particles other other than quarks can have
S11/NS/13-09-97/i2099/CHS/p10:         fractional charge has been uncovered by scientists in Israel."
S11/NS/06-09-97/i2098/NGL/Fp24_29:    'Into the Abyss' "Only black holes can swallow matter without trace. Nigel Henbest talks to
S11/NS/06-09-97/i2098/NGL/Fp24_29:     the astronomers who have finally caught them at it"
S11/NS/30-08-97/i2097/MRC/p18:        'Great balls of power' "The potential of Q-balls puts nuclear fusion in the shade"
S11/NS/16-08-97/i2095/WAT/Fp34_37:    'Sticking point' "It's back, and if anything, it's even more exotic than before. Andrew Watson
S11/NS/16-08-97/i2095/WAT/Fp34_37:     reports on a relentless search for cold fusion among the muons"
S11/NS/16-08-97/i2095/MRC/p19:        'Speed freaks' "Neutrinos may travel faster than light"
S11/NS/26-07-97/i2092/JBR/p6_7:       'Stand by to receive landing party, Chief O'Brien' (progress
S11/NS/26-07-97/i2092/JBR/p6_7:        made on quantum teleportation at Paris research lab)
S11/NS/28-06-97/i2088/BCH/p16:        'Light's spooky connections set distance record'
S11/NS/28-06-97/i2088/JBR/p14:        'Iron-clad proof gives changelings mass' (mass of a neutrino)
S11/NS/31-05-97/i2084/GAB/Fp28_32:    'God's Firecrackers' "They appear without warning and may be gone within a
S11/NS/31-05-97/i2084/GAB/Fp28_32:     split second. What cataclysmic events could be the source of these huge
S11/NS/31-05-97/i2084/GAB/Fp28_32:     bursts of cosmic energy, asks Gabrielle Walker"
S11/NS/24-05-97/i2083/DCN/Fp38_41:    'Thank heavens for black holes' "Why are we here? Because our
S11/NS/24-05-97/i2083/DCN/Fp38_41:     Universe is the fittest, most fecund of a huge population of
S11/NS/24-05-97/i2083/DCN/Fp38_41:     competing universes. David Concar meets a visionary physicist"
S11/NS/17-05-97/i2082/RMT/Fp38_42:    'Beyond space and time' "One way to understand the forces that
S11/NS/17-05-97/i2082/RMT/Fp38_42:     rule our Universe is to venture outside it..."
S11/NS/17-05-97/i2082/ROB/p18:        'Quantum cheats will always win' (quantum encryption twist)
S11/NS/26-04-97/i2079/MBC/Fp38_41:    'Crossing the Quantum Frontier' "There is a mysterious boundary between the familiar
S11/NS/26-04-97/i2079/MBC/Fp38_41:     predictability of ordinary objects and the spooky uncertainties of the quantum world. Now
S11/NS/26-04-97/i2079/MBC/Fp38_41:     physicists are on the verge of discovering what happens there, says Mark Buchanan."
S11/NS/05-04-97/i2076/CSJB/Fp32_35:   'Time to Die' "Can we live with the idea that the electron just isn't fundamental?
S11/NS/05-04-97/i2076/CSJB/Fp32_35:    Extraordinary new research findings suggest that we may have no choice..."
S11/NS/22-02-97/i2072/PAL/Fp38_41:    'Welcome to Clusterworld' "Forget single atoms. Richard Palmer
S11/NS/22-02-97/i2072/PAL/Fp38_41:     explores the bizarre new possibilities when atoms get it  together"
S11/NS/28-09-96/i2049/BEN/Fp26_31:    'It takes two to tangle', "In the quantum world, distant particles can
S11/NS/28-09-96/i2049/BEN/Fp26_31:     be bound by a ghostly tie. Physicists are putting this effect to work
S11/NS/28-09-96/i2049/BEN/Fp26_31:     in quantum computing and communications, reports Ben Stein"
S11/NS/11-05-96/i2029/HZL/Fp28_31:    'Heart of Quarkness' "Just when we thought we were on top of the
S11/NS/11-05-96/i2029/HZL/Fp28_31:     subatomic world, strange noises are emerging from Chicago. Hazel
S11/NS/11-05-96/i2029/HZL/Fp28_31:     Muir asks if there is something wrong with our picture"
S11/NS/20-04-96/i2026/WAT/Fp30_34:    'Atoms through the looking glass' "In quantum physics, nothing is what you expect. Andrew
S11/NS/20-04-96/i2026/WAT/Fp30_34:     Watson reports on a world where light waves can shove atom beams around"
S11/NS/16-09-95/i1995/GOL/Fp34_37:    'To catch a wimp' "Many cosmologists say that the Universe mainly consists of invisible
S11/NS/16-09-95/i1995/GOL/Fp34_37:     particles that hardly interact at all with the world we can see. Now physicists are trying to
S11/NS/16-09-95/i1995/GOL/Fp34_37:     find these elusive particles, reports Donald Goldsmith"
S11/NS/29-07-95/i1988/KAR/Fp42_43:    'Smart money on Silicon?' "Karen Reeson finds comfort for the quantumphobes" (book review)
S11/NS/22-07-95/i1987/WAT/p18:        'How to see in the dark without looking'
S11/NS/11-03-95/i1968/GRB/p18:        'Quantum physics: the plot thickens yet again'
S11/NS/12-06-93/i1877/PTR/Fp30_33:    'When electrons go with the flow' "Remove the obstacles that create electrical resistance, and
S11/NS/12-06-93/i1877/PTR/Fp30_33:     you get ballistic electrons and a quantum surprise"
S11/NS/03-04-93/i1867/WBR/p12:        'Is this teleportation as we know it?'
S11/NS/27-02-93/i1862/HRG/Fp38_42:    'Last words of a quantum heretic' "Just before he died, the physicist David Bohm explained his
S11/NS/27-02-93/i1862/HRG/Fp38_42:     life-long quest to understand the Universe and how he developed his alternative view of the
S11/NS/27-02-93/i1862/HRG/Fp38_42:     quantum world" (Bohm's nonlocal theory has important implications for quantum technology)

(S12) Nanotechnology

+S12/NS/01-08-98/i2145/COG/p15:       'Box of tricks' "A miniature cage springs a trap for metals"
+S12/NS/21-02-98/i2122/WHO/p22:       'Divide and rule' (Fast ways to manufacture nanonwires using hostile metals)
+S12/NS/14-02-98/i2121/MBR/Fp34_37:   'Spin doctors' "First came tweezers, now there's a spanner in the toolkit. As Michael Brooks
+S12/NS/14-02-98/i2121/MBR/Fp34_37:    finds out, microengineers can wield its whirling beam to trap and spin particles no bigger
+S12/NS/14-02-98/i2121/MBR/Fp34_37:    than red blood cells"
+S12/NS/13-12-97/i2112/WHO/p17:       'Tiny T-junctions' (nano construction kits now include T-junctions)
S12/NS/25-10-97/i2105/COG/p18:        'Running on parallel lines' "Nanolab could create hundreds of compunds cheaply and cleanly"
S12/NS/11-10-97/i2103/JEF/p12:        'One-way wires' "Carbon nanotubes that pass current in only one direction have been made for
S12/NS/11-10-97/i2103/JEF/p12:         the first time by a team of American and Japanese researchers."
S12/NS/04-10-97/i2102/JTM/p9:         'Male hormone finds work in scaffolding' "Relatives of the hormone testosterone could become
S12/NS/04-10-97/i2102/JTM/p9:          the backbones of a range of molecular machines and nanoscale devices."
S12/NS/02-08-97/i2093/WHO/p21:        'While my nanoguitar gently weeps'
S12/NS/02-11-96/i2054/MRK/p22:        'Speeding up production lines in the nanoworld'
S12/EWW/00-09-96/iSEP/CAM/p641:       'Nanotubes get wired up'
S12/NS/06-07-96/i2037/PHB/Fp28_31:    'Through the nanotube' "Stiffer than any other known material and with potential applications
S12/NS/06-07-96/i2037/PHB/Fp28_31:     in electronics and as the world's tiniest test tubes, nanotubes have a promising future.
S12/NS/06-07-96/i2037/PHB/Fp28_31:     Philip Ball introduces the carbon family's newest member"
S12/NS/29-06-96/i2036/HOG/Fp28_33:    'Invasion of the Micromachines' "From airbags to atomisers, mass-produced machines no bigger
S12/NS/29-06-96/i2036/HOG/Fp28_33:     than a speck of dust are taking over, says Hank Hogan"
S12/NS/15-06-96/i2034/SUN/p24:        'Deformed legs keep tiny robot in step'
S12/NS/10-06-95/i1981/ROL/Fp26_29:    'Nanoworlds are made of this' "Imagine a wind farm smaller than a microchip. Roland Pease
S12/NS/10-06-95/i1981/ROL/Fp26_29:     meets the man whose molecular construction kit could be the first step"
S12/EWW/00-06-95/iJUN/CAM/p458:       'Nanowires must still have a little flab'
S12/NS/06-05-95/i1976/GAB/Fp24_25:    'What's thin and sticky?' "It's nearly invisible, surprisingly strong and has a love-hate
S12/NS/06-05-95/i1976/GAB/Fp24_25:     relationship with water. Gabrielle Walker investigates the curious properties of nanotape"

(S13) Superconducter Technology and Research

+S13/NS/01-08-98/i2145/JEF/p4:        'Getting warmer' "High-temperature superconductors haven't really lived up to their name. But
+S13/NS/01-08-98/i2145/JEF/p4:         soon they might"
+S13/NS/07-02-98/i2120/DBD/Fp32_35:   'Superconductors in a twist' "Materials that banish electrical resistance have been a
+S13/NS/07-02-98/i2120/DBD/Fp32_35:    disappointing flop - all because of the spiralling currents that rage inside them. Now the
+S13/NS/07-02-98/i2120/DBD/Fp32_35:    race is on to tame these miniature whirlwinds, says Debra Daugherty"
S13/NS/03-05-97/i2080/MBBD/Fp26_29:   'The heat is on' "As theorists cross swords over how high-temperature superconductors work,
S13/NS/03-05-97/i2080/MBBD/Fp26_29:    some researchers think the answer mayb be under the combatants' noses"
S13/NS/26-04-97/i2079/MRC/p19:        'Superconductor survives mag attack'
S13/NS/29-03-97/i2075/VIN/p23:        'Selling like hot superconductors' (first commercial sale)
S13/NS/29-04-95/i1975/HOL/p21:        'Giant leap forward for superconductors'

(S14) Buckyball Technology and Research

S14/NS/18-10-97/i2104/MRK/p23:        'Buckyballs are a blast' (C60 might provide a better fuel for rockets)
S14/NS/23-04-97/i1922/DBR/p20:        'How to make a buckyball - it's a wind up'
S14/NS/08-03-97/i2072/DBR/p18:        'Buckyball 'transistor' raises nanocomputing hopes'
S14/NS/11-01-97/i2064/COG/p17:        'Buckytubes to be built to order'
S14/NS/19-10-96/i2052/ROB/p6:         'Buckyball pioneers score the ultimate goal'
S14/NS/12-10-96/i2051/BLK/p19:        'Buckyballs make a point'
S14/NS/16-03-96/i2021/KRT/p24:        'Pure buckyballs at bargain prices'
S14/NS/05-11-94/i1950/MPH/p20:        'Buckyballs get under semiconductors' skin'
S14/NS/18-12-93/i1904/TPT/p19:        'Crystal buckyballs are forever'
S14/NS/12-06-93/i1877/ELG/p18:        'Buckyball film is no rough diamond'
S14/NS/29-05-93/i1875/EMS/p14: *      'How to manufacture mini metallic "buckyballs"'
S14/NS/08-05-93/i1872/EMS/p13:        'The wierd and wonderful world of buckyballs'
S14/NS/06-02-93/i1859/ELG/p16:        'Lead turns buckytubes into real live wires'

(S15) Miscellaneous

+S15/NS/08-08-98/i2146/DGR/p7:        'Prepare for lift off' "Will smart thinking make maglev more than an expensive novelty?"
+S15/NS/01-08-98/i2145/BNI/Fp24_28:   'Rocket revolutionary' "Is Gary Hudson on another planet? His spacecraft will blast off
+S15/NS/01-08-98/i2145/BNI/Fp24_28:    like a Catherine wheel, land like a sycamore seed and launch satellites for peanuts.
+S15/NS/01-08-98/i2145/BNI/Fp24_28:    Ben Iannotta reports"
+S15/NS/04-07-98/i2141/GRN/Fp32_35:   'Echoes from the deep' "Imagine being able to sense the underwater world as well as a dolphin
+S15/NS/04-07-98/i2141/GRN/Fp32_35:    can. That's the dream of a man who is building a camera that collects sound rather than
+S15/NS/04-07-98/i2141/GRN/Fp32_35:    light. Iian Greenburg reports."
+S15/NS/25-04-98/i2131/CHS/Fp36_39:   'Running on empty' "What's behind NASA's idea to propel a spaceship beyond the Solar System?
+S15/NS/25-04-98/i2131/CHS/Fp36_39:    Nothing at all, says Charles Seife"
+S15/NS/04-04-98/i2128/ALI/p5:        'Slow down!' "Fog distorts drivers' perception"
+S15/NS/14-03-98/i2125/BNI/Fp38_41:   'Scramble for space' "What do you get if you cross a jet engine with a rocket? Enough power to
+S15/NS/14-03-98/i2125/BNI/Fp38_41:    send NASA's first space plane into orbit, says Ben Iannotta"
+S15/NS/14-03-98/i2125/JUS/p17:       'Look, no hands' "Machines could take on the fiddliest assembly work"
+S15/NS/28-02-98/i2123/HAD/p10:       'Catalysts for change' "Could some cunning chemistry make hydrogen the fuel of the 21st
+S15/NS/28-02-98/i2123/HAD/p10:        century?"
+S15/NS/07-02-98/i2120/MRK/p21:       'Cool futures' "Planes and cars face a revolution thanks to a tiny heat exchanger"
+S15/NS/24-01-98/i2118/NEL/p7:        'Designer Tunnel' (Wind tunnel design achieves Mach 6)
+S15/NS/13-12-97/i2112/CHS/p17:       'Noise power' "The era of sound-driven machinery has dawned"
+S15/NS/06-12-97/i2111/COG/p23:       'The plastic six-pack' "Artificial muscle can be built from layers of polymer film"
+S15/NS/06-12-97/i2111/MRK/Fp20_21:   'Too big for its boots' "FOCUS: Consumer fury and a raft of court cases over Microsoft's
+S15/NS/06-12-97/i2111/MRK/Fp20_21:    trading practices - has Bill Gates's baby overreached itself?"
+S15/NS/08-11-97/i2107/BCH/Fp30_35:   'One Law To Rule Them All' "Traffic jams the highway, businesses go bust and earthquakes
+S15/NS/08-11-97/i2107/BCH/Fp30_35:    strike without warning. All follow a single, universal law says Mark Buchanan"
+S15/NS/01-11-97/i2106/KES/Fp42_45:   'Countdown to chaos' "Time signals keep the world in step. Tweak them just a little, and life
+S15/NS/01-11-97/i2106/KES/Fp42_45:    as we know it will quickly grind to a halt, says David Kestenbaum"
+S15/NS/01-11-97/i2106/WEB/Fp46_51:   'In the blink of an atom' "How long is a second? We've got it pinned down with mind-boggling
+S15/NS/01-11-97/i2106/WEB/Fp46_51:    precision, says Jeremy Webb"
+S15/NS/01-11-97/i2106/JMC/Fp52_56:   'When a second lasts forever' "It's not just in the movies that moments of crisis seem to pass
+S15/NS/01-11-97/i2106/JMC/Fp52_56:    in slow motion. John McCrone investigates the tricks our minds play with time"
S15/NS/27-09-97/i2101/JDG/Fp34_37:    'foam sweet foam' "Turn an ordinary lump of metal into a mass of bubbles and, says Michael
S15/NS/27-09-97/i2101/JDG/Fp34_37:     Judge, you have the ideal material for building safer cars and lighter planes"
S15/NS/27-09-97/i2101/DCH/p22:        'Fear of flying' "German pilots don't trust the latest high-tech airliners"
S15/NS/30-08-97/i2097/BNI/Fp28_31:    'Breaking the Heat Barrier' "Long-forgotten ceramics may revolutionise the design of
S15/NS/30-08-97/i2097/BNI/Fp28_31:     spaceplanes - and let future generations of shuttles land anywhere on Earth. Ben Iannotata
S15/NS/30-08-97/i2097/BNI/Fp28_31:     talks to the engineers with a dream"
S15/NS/30-08-97/i2097/ALI/p7:         'Brain in the round' (3D brain imaging using ultrasound)
S15/NS/05-07-97/i2089/FOX/p20:        'Money, that's what I want' "By the middle of next year, no audio recording or movie
S15/NS/05-07-97/i2089/FOX/p20:         soundtrack will be complete without an inaudible digital watermark. Pirates beware"
S15/NS/28-06-97/i2088/LND/Fp24_27:    'Escape from Mars' "The first human explorers to visit the Red Planet will not take enough
S15/NS/28-06-97/i2088/LND/Fp24_27:     fuel to get them home again. It will have to be made there, says Leonard David"
S15/NS/21-06-97/i2087/WHT/Fp49:       'Let's not spoil the big party' "Robin Whitty thinks the
S15/NS/21-06-97/i2087/WHT/Fp49:        millenium bug is not as virulent as all that"

Web Reference (WR) List

   WR001 = http://infopad.eecs.berkeley.edu/CIC/announce/index-1994.html
   WR002 = http://infopad.eecs.berkeley.edu/CIC/announce/index-1995.html
   WR003 = http://infopad.eecs.berkeley.edu/CIC/announce/index-1996.html
   WR004 = http://infopad.eecs.berkeley.edu/CIC/otherpr/dram.256
   WR005 = http://www.sgi.com/Headlines/1996/October/asci.html
   WR006 = http://www.sscs.org/isscc/1997/ap/FA10.htm
   WR006 =
   WR500 = http://infopad.eecs.berkeley.edu/CIC/announce/pa8500.announce.html
   WR501 = http://infopad.eecs.berkeley.edu/CIC/announce/21164a.600
   WR502 = http://infopad.eecs.berkeley.edu/CIC/announce/ultra-iii-intro.html
   WR503 = http://infopad.eecs.berkeley.edu/CIC/otherpr/epic.html
   WR504 = http://infopad.eecs.berkeley.edu/CIC/announce/power3.annc.html

General Web References

  CIC Home Page:           http://infopad.eecs.berkeley.edu/CIC/
    Performance Page:      http://infopad.eecs.berkeley.edu/CIC/summary/
    Industry Server List:       http://infopad.eecs.berkeley.edu/CIC/industry_hl.html
  CIC European Mirror:     http://www.prism.uvsq.fr/~farcy/CIC/

Author Abbreviations

  ADM = Adam Marcus
  AEK = Arthur Ekert
  ALI = Alison Motluk
  ALL = Roger Allan
  ALW = Andy Lawrence
  ANS = David Ansley
  ART = Charles Arthur
  BCH = Mark Buchanan
  BEL = Richard Bell
  BEN = Ben P. Stein
  BKR = Howard Baker
  BLF = Bill Fulford
  BLK = Harvey Black
  BNB = Beatrice Newbery
  BNI = Ben Iannotta
  BOB = Bob Johnstone
  BRD = Jonathan Beard
  BRK = David Brake
  BSH = Steve Bush
  CAM = Jonathan Campbell
  CAN = Leigh Canham
  CDV = Christine Davies
  CHC = Charles Choi
  CHR = Charlene Crabb
  CHS = Charles Seife
  CLR = Claire Neesham
  COG = Andy Coghlan
  CRL = Crispin Littlehales
  CRY = Ben Crystall
  CSJB = Christine Sutton and Jon Butterworth
  DAN = Daniel Clery
  DAV = Clive Davidson
  DBH = David Burgess & Henry Hutchinson
  DBR = David Bradley
  DCH = Dan Charles
  DCN = David Concar
  DCR = Douglass Cruickshank
  DEB = Debora MacKenzie
  DEU = David Deutsch
  DMN = David Manners
  DON = Donald Michie
  DSH = David Shanks
  EDT = Editorial article
  ELG = Elisabeth Geake
  ELL = Ellen Germain
  EMM = Andrew Emmerson
  EMS = John Emsley
  ERK = Erik Stokstad
  FOG = Frank Ogden
  FOX = Barry Fox
  GAB = Gabrielle Walker
  GAL = David Gale
  GLS = Giles Wright
  GLY = Glyn Moody
  GOD = Alison Goddard
  GRB = John Gribbin
  HAD = Peter Hadfield
  HLN = Helen Gavaghan
  HOG = Jenny Hogan
  HOL = Bob Holmes
  HRG = John Horgan
  HZL = Hazel Muir
  IAN = Ian Stewart
  IHIW = Ian Hughes and Ian Williams
  JBR = Julian Brown
  JCS = John Casti
  JDG = Michael Judge
  JEF = Jeff Hecht
  JEN = Jenny Mill
  JFL = Joe Flower
  JIM = Dr. Jim Wright
  JKN = Jonathan Knight
  JMC = John McCrone
  JOE = Joe Short
  JON = Jonathan Matthews
  JTM = Jim Thomas
  JUS = Justin Mullins
  KAR = Karen Reeson
  KRN = Karen Schmidt
  KTR = Kate Ravilious
  KRT = Kurt Kleiner
  KYD = Keay Davidson
  LAM = Prof. Lamertus Hesselink
  LES = Lesley Welbourne
  LEW = Geoff Lewis
  LGW = Linley Gwennap
  LIZ = Liz Else
  LND = Leonard David
  LOR = Lori Valigra & Rob Causey
  LSY = Lisa Sykes
  MAD = Madeleine Acey
  MBBD = Mark Buchanan and Bennet Daviss
  MBR = Michael Brooks
  MEG = Meg Gordon
  MES = Rosie Mestel
  MGA = M. G. Ancona
  MIG = Michael Gillan
  MIL = Lionel Milgrom
  MKB = Mike Button
  MKK = Michio Kaku
  MMY = Mike May
  MON = Monica Horten
  MPH = Manuella Phillips
  MRC = Marcus Chown
  MRK = Mark Ward
  MTE = Michael Teschner
  NBB = Nicholas Braithwaite and Bill Graham
  NEL = Nell Boyce
  NGL = Nigel Henbest
  NIC = Nicola Jones
  NMRM = Neil Mathur and Rhian-Mari Thomas
  NLN = Nolan Fell
  OLR = Otto Lehner
  PAL = Richard Palmer
  PGN = Paul Guinnessay
  PHB = Philip Ball
  PHL = Philip Cohen
  PMK = Paul Marks
  PRV = Praveen Asthana
  PTR = Peter Main
  PWN = Peter Wayner
  RCCS = Roger Cashmore and Christine Sutton
  RFC = R. F. Cava
  RIW = Richard Wilson
  RLH = Robert L. Hummel
  RMT = Robert Matthews
  ROB = Robert Pool
  ROL = Roland Pease
  ROS = Robert Rossney
  RUH = Robert Uhlig
  SAG = Steven A. Geissen
  SHL = Sheldon Glashow
  STV = Steven Watkins
  SUN = Sunny Bains
  SVJ = Svetlana Josifovska
  SYS = Satya Simha
  THM = Peter Thomas
  TPT = Tara Patel
  TRH = Tom R. Halfhill
  VIN = Vincent Kiernan
  VOS = David Voss
  WAD = Philip Wadler
  WAT = Andrew Watson
  WBR = William Brown
  WGR = Wendy Grossman
  WHO = Unknown (ie. anonymous)
  WHT = Robin Whitty
  WIL = Peter Willis
  WRN = Warren Perkins
  WWD = William Wood

* New Scientist Issue No. 1875 (29th May 1993) has
  an incorrect year of 1992 on its cover.

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