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Future Technology Research

Other Sites of Interest

Last Change: 20/Jul/2004

Below is a list of sites relevant to the focus of FutureTech. I'll add sites as and when I find them. Feel free to contact me if you know of a site that you think I should add to the list.


Scientific American [Current Features]

Info World

The Visible Human Project

Advanced Visualization Laboratory, University of Maryland

Kansai Advanced Research Center, Kobe, Japan.

Center for Advanced Computing Research, California Institute of Technology, CA, USA.

National Institute of Standards and Technology's Advanced Technology Program

Visualization and Presentation Laboratory, University of Maryland.

Kansai Advanced Research Center Communications Research Laboratory, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Kobe Japan

Center for Advanced Computing Research, California Institute of Technology.

Brotech Links to High-Tech Web Sites

IBM's Almaden Science and Technology Research Center

Future Tech Today, by Steve Julien

S01 & S02: Computer/Processor Evolution, Design, History, Performance, etc.:

Publications on DNA based Computers

CPU Information Centre (CIC) at Berkeley:

Chip Shots at Florida State University (CPU die images) (part of FSU's "Molecular Expressions" page)

Solid-State Circuits Society

International Solid-State Circuits Conference
(ISSCC98 Advance Program Table of Contents)

(ISSCC 97 Preview | Advance Program Contents)

HotChips IX

EE Times' Smart Technologies News

Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation:

Computer Hardware Performance Page

STREAM Sustainable Memory Bandwidth in High Performance Computers

Performance Database Server

IDEAS International Benchmark Gateway

comp.benchmarks FAQ in HTML format

MIPS Technologies Inc.:

Microprocessor Report discusses the Alpha 21264

HP's PA8500 Home Page

S03: Displays and Screens:

Microvision Virtual Retinal Displays

The IMAX Theatre Standard, by Mark R. Baldock

Henry Crown Space Center Omnimax Theater, at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago [Facts and Figures]

S04: Memory, Storage and Data Compression:

Storage Research at IBM.

Rambus Inc.

S05: Transmission and Communication:

(none yet)

S06: VR, Computer Graphics, Cyberware, Games, Video/Image Manipulation and Fakery:

Onyx2 Graphics Supercomputer

Spitz Inc.

Panoram Technologies, Inc.

The Art of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Online

Virtual Reality Monitoring: How Real is Virtual Reality?

Atlantis Virtual Reality Entertainment (good list of worldwide VR centres and VR systems)

Computer Effects in Movies and Television

F/X Suite

Infobyte Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Systems (CAVE, Immersa Desk and Infinity Wall)

EE Times article on HP's PixelFlow system

Comoputer Graphics World

S07: Lasers, Optical Devices, etc.:

Macintosh Nano Optics

The Optoelectronics Technology Center, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, USA.

S08: Artificial Intelligence:

New Scientist AI Site

American Association for Artificial Intelligence

S09: The Internet:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Communication and Internet Law Page

Department of Justice, Antitrust Division

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Atomic Web Clock

S10: Chaos Theory, Cosmology, Ethics, Military, Privacy, Extreme Technologies:

The Institute for Nonlinear Science, University of California, San Diego, CA, USA.

Cryptography, the Clipper Chip, and the Constitution


TRINITY: 50 YEARS LATER. The Nuclear Age's Blinding Dawn

Global surveillance by the NSA, and 'Domestic Repression' by the FBI

S11: Quantum Theory and Quantum Physics Research:

Quantum Computation and Crypography at Clarendon Labs, University of Oxford

Quantum Information and Quantum Computation at IBM

Quantum Teleportation research at IBM

Laboratory for Theoretical and Quantum Computing at Universite de Montreal:

Technique demonstrated on solid matter for first time -
Quantum squeeze locks atoms with laser pulses (EE Times)

S12: Nanotechnology and Research:

Nanotechnology Magazine

Nano Research Today

Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop 1997, Kyoto, Japan (part of the 1997 VLSI Symposium)

NanoThinc (Nanotechnology News)

Nanocomputer Dream Team Project

eNTiTy - Nanotechnology Think Tank

U.S./Russian collaborate on new 'nanopowders' (Los Alamos PR)

Sean Morgan's Nanotechnology Pages

3G's NanoLinks page (just a few links)

S13: Superconducter Technology & Research:

ORNL and Industry Seek Commercially Acceptable Wire (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

S14: Buckyball Technology & Research:

Main Information Sources:

USB Buckyball Home Page [LINKS]

CMU Buckyball Project [LINKS]

The Buckyball Database (telnet-based system) (help guide)

Background Material (C60 Explanations, Descriptions, etc.):

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awards the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry jointly to the three key people responsible for the discovery of fullerenes (Robert F. Curl Jr., Sir Harold W. Kroto and Richard E. Smalley)

Buckyballs Nab Nobel (University of Maine)

Kim Allen's Buckyball Web Page [LINKS]

A New Chemistry For Carbon (a report at the Whitehouse)

Buckyball, Diamond, and Graphite (extensive info)

What is a Buckyball? (by Shaun Ellis)

Why the Buckyball? (very nice C60 art)

Buckminsterfullerene (a page from the State University of New York's "Introductory Organic Chemistry II" course)

The Buckyball: An Excruciatingly Researched Report and The birth of the Geodesic Dome - how Bucky did it

The Geometry of the Buckyball, by Kim Allen

Fullerene Science Module, Department of Chemistry, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, USA.

Chemistry Links

What you need to know from freshman chemistry.

Research and Papers:

Science and Technology Research at IBM.

University of Sussex, Fullerene Group Homepage.

Abstracts of recent papers on Fullerene Research, Department of Physics, University of Oldenburg, Germany.

Transport and Dielectric Properties of Thin Fullerene (C60) Films, by Boris Pevzner (MIT)

Dimerized Buckminster-fullerene, at ASU's Department of Physics and Astronomy (C60 research by Robert Marzke)

On the vibrational assignment of fullerene C60 (DVI format), by Dr.Gianni Cardini [LINKS]

Production and Characterization of Carbon-like Clusters, by Takamuki Kimura [LINKS]

Coordination Chemistry of Buckminsterfullerene, by Serge Schreiner at Randolph-Macon College

Cluster Science Collaboration, Michigan State University, MI, USA.

C60 research at UniChem, Oxford Molecular Group.

Molecular Heat Transfer & Fullerene Research, Shoji & Maruyama Laboratories, Tokyo, Japan.

Condensed Matter Physics Group, Ames Laboratory, U. S. Department of Energy, USA.

Unearthing Buckyballs, Oak Ridge Nationl Laboratory, USA.

Fullerenes in Solid State Physics

A Genetic Algorithm for structural optimization, Ames Lab.

Making Buckyballs:

A Six Week Foray Into the World of Fullerenes (Elizabeth Thomas and Monica Bradfield) [LINKS]

Fullerenes At Widener University Science Division (how to make Buckyballs).

Images, Movies, Virtual Models:

Close-up of Nanotechnology Simple Piston, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA.

Buckyball: a C60 molecule

A Fullerene Structure Library, Department of Chemistry, State University of New York, USA.

The Buckyball Collection at Florida State University (part of FSU's "Molecular Expressions" page)

Ball and stick animations

Tesselation with Buckyballs

Direct Volume Rendering of Tetrahedra Mesh Images (Projection methods on the Buckyball dataset), Parallel Processing Dept. of the CNUCE Institute, Pisa, Italy.

An equatorial slice through the total electron density map for Buckyball (Molecular Modeling in the Undergraduate Curriculum, Fairfield University, USA.

Simulation of C60 melting

Newspaper and Magazine Articles:

'Buckyball' Molecule May Block AIDS Step (New York Times, 3/Aug/1993, Malcom W. Browne

Supercomputer Sites (Manufacturers and Users):

World's Top 500 Supercomputer Sites

Cray Research

US Govt's CrayOrigin2000 Announcement

HPCWire article on the SGI/Cray Origin2000 at Blue Mountain

ASCI Blue Mountain at Los Alamos National Laboratory [System Status and News] [press release]

IBM's ASCI White

National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

San Diego Supercomputer Center


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