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Last Change: 20/May/2014

Hi there! :)

They say intent is the first victim of time. Humble apologies for not having this site up & running yet! Alas, it's been impossible so far to find sufficient opportunity to sort out the rather large amount of vintage hardware I've obtained since late 2009. If anything, I acquired too many things too quickly; I started an inventory, but it was difficult to keep up, partly because of some large job-lot collections I bought. So far the index is past item no. 1500 and I'm about half way through the collection, and that doesn't include all the games. Storage became a problem, something I wasn't finally able to sort out until June/July (more shelves, etc.)

Suffice to say I have dozens of systems of every type - Acorn, Amiga, Atari, BBC Micro/Master/Arc, CGL M5, Commodore, Dragon, Electron, Oric, Toshiba, etc. You name it, I pretty much have it. Plus of course a vast array of peripherals, addons, a couple of hundred books, dozens of magazines, etc.

I'd hoped to have the site ready by the end of September or start of October last year, but alas stuff just kept cropping up to soak up my time. Current estimate is late 2014 when I'll have something sorted out.

My focus will be more on the social impact of vintage 1980s systems, how they affected peoples' lives, personal stories, etc., but of course I will have plenty of pictures and other info. I will not though cover areas such as PC emulators, or delve too much in the hardware specs and other matters of each system - other sites already do this much better than I could manage, given my limited time resources.

1980s micro hardware is nevertheless fascinating in its own right, and as such I will naturally delve into this to some degree, but most of all I want to know what people did with these systems, what it meant to be a part of the vintage 80s micro scene, whether at school, home or work. For me, it very much determined my career path, but even in that sense it could have gone any number of ways, as I suspect was the case for so many who used these systems. More on this later though once the site is sorted out.

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Cheers! :)