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Indigo2 IMPACT: Desktop Solutions for Visual Simulation

[Bringing out-of-the-window visuals to low-cost
simulators] Breakthrough Price/Performance for Image Generation

In the past, image generation has been prohibitively expensive for incorporation into part-task trainers and engineering simulators. The Indigo2 IMPACT workstation from Silicon Graphics breaks through this barrier, providing cost-effective, real-time, 3D texture-mapped graphics at unprecedented price points. This contributes significantly to the utility of engineering simulators and increases the value of part-task trainers. Its small size and suitability for ruggedization also make Indigo2 IMPACT portable and ideal for embedded training.

[Support for complex simulation] Revolutionary System for Simulation Authoring

The increased use of simulation in a variety of prototyping, training, and planning applications is leading to a large and growing demand for visual databases. Historically, building simulation databases has been expensive due to a lack of the affordable computer resources and productive tools required for authoring content.

Indigo2 IMPACT reduces these barriers by providing the power to author even the most complex scenes, and accelerates all aspects of the database creation process. Intuitive next-generation design tools combined with Indigo2 IMPACT have been shown to increase authoring productivity by an order of magnitude, while simultaneously achieving breakthrough prices that put a system on every modeler's desktop.

[MultiGen's SMARTMODEL uses pinch-gloves for object
placement] As a result, databases can be constructed significantly faster, less expensively, and with higher quality. These innovations will dramatically increase the range of applications that can be addressed by simulation technology.

Indigo2 IMPACT also provides an ideal platform for developing high- performance image generation applications and special effects. As an authoring tool, Indigo2 IMPACT supports development of software for dynamic terrain, morphing, smoke, character animation, and large area database management. IRIS Performer real-time rendering software provides a seamless portability layer, ensuring peak performance on all Silicon Graphics systems. As result, real-time applications can be developed on an affordable Indigo2 IMPACT platform and then immediately deployed to a high-performance image generator such as Onyx.

[Ideal for DIS] Indigo2 IMPACT for DIS

Indigo2 IMPACT extends the utility of Indigo22 for DIS by adding the capability for low-cost stealth viewers priced for every desktop. Indigo2 IMPACT will become the essential tool for DIS because of its innovative combination of compute performance for the generation of semi-automated forces, real-time 3D graphics and texture mapping for plan and stealth views, and built-in networking for communication.

[Mission rehearsal via the fusion of satellite and
terrain elevation data] Unprecedented Performance for C3I and Mission Planning

For many years, defense analysis and battlefield commanders have had access to high-resolution image and terrain elevation data. Now, Indigo2 IMPACT allows this data to be fused into 3D geospecific databases which can then be visualized in real time.

Indigo2 IMPACT delivers this three-dimensional visualization to the desktop in a portable, deployable form factor at an unprecedented price, providing the ideal solution for C3I, mission planning, soft copy exploitation, and other defense imaging applications.

[Multiple video outputs and HMD support] Silicon Graphics: The Leader in Visual Simulation

For more than 10 years, expertise in visual computing has kept Silicon Graphics at the forefront of the simulation industry.

As a business partner, Silicon Graphics enables highly innovative and scalable solutions. Subsidiaries and distributors in more than two dozen major countries ensure worldwide service and support, and benefit the entire simulation and training industry.

Typed up by Ian Mapleson (mapleson@gamers.org)
Original Document Code: I2-Imp-DSVS-IB (6/95)
Last Change: 10/Jun/98

Ian's SGI Depot: FOR SALE! SGI Systems, Parts, Spares and Upgrades

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