Nicoya's SGI Video Mode Page

Video Modes

The following are some video modes I cooked up.


I created this 1408x1024 mode to give me a nice balance between refresh rate, desktop area, and square pixels on my Indigo2 MaxIMPACT. This mode should work on any monitor which can run 1280x1024 (except flatpanels, of course).

Download the MGRAS-1RSS file for use on Indigo2 SolidIMPACT, HighIMPACT or Octane SI, SE, and copy the format.vfo-1RSS to /usr/gfx/ucode/MGRAS/vof/format.sdb. Download the MGRAS-2RSS file for use on Indigo2 MaxIMPACT, or Octane SSI, SSE, MXI or MXE, and copy the format.vfo-2RSS to /usr/gfx/ucode/MGRAS/vof/2RSS/format.sdb.

I have included the vfs source file which you can use to compile the mode for other gfx boards such as VPro, InfiniteReality, or O2. It does not appear to be possible to compile modes for Indy, Indigo, or non-IMPACT Indigo2 systems.


This mode was created by request. It makes a nice intermediate mode above 1024x768.

As above, download the MGRAS-1RSS file for single-RE boardsets, or the MGRAS-2RSS file for dual-RE boardsets. No vfs file is provided with this mode, as it was created using (see below).


Compiling video modes for MGRAS graphics (IMPACTPC and IMPACTSR) can be a bit tricky and annoying. To simplify things, I've cooked up a small shell script which calls vfc with the appropriate options needed to generate a working video format file.

The default of this script is to compile a mode file for 2RSS systems (Indigo2 MaxIMPACT, Octane SSI, SSE, MXI, MXE). If you want to generate a 1RSS mode file (Indigo2 SolidIMPACT, HighIMPACT, Octane SI, SE), open the file in your favorite editor and change the RSSCOUNT parameter as instructed.

Run the script as ./ myformat.vfs, and copy the resulting myformat.vfo to /usr/gfx/ucode/MGRAS/vof/myformat.sdb for 1RSS formats or /usr/gfx/ucode/MGRAS/vof/2RSS/myformat.sdb for 2RSS formats.

Please examine this script in your favorite editor to check which other options are available for modification to suit the needs of your format.


This script is similar to the above, except that it uses the standard BlockSync.vfs source file instead of a user-supplied source file.

Run the script as ./ XXXxYYY_ZZ, where XXX is the horizontal resolution, YYY is the vertical resolution, and ZZ is the refresh rate. For example: ./ 1280x1024_76

Again, the default of this script is to generate a mode file for 2RSS systems. Edit the file to change it for use with 1RSS systems, or to change any of the other default settings.