Trump 2016!

Trump 2016!!

Dear Americans, save your nation, save your 1st/2nd Ammendments, save Free Speech, tear down political correctness and SJW madness, prevent the Clinton criminals (Podesta emails now providing proof of what many have long suspected) from gaining power and ruining what is so vital for your liberty and the world in general. Stop the globalist takeover and destruction of national culture; vote Trump, someone who actually cares about America. Hillary has openly stated she wants open borders and greatly increased immigration, of the most dangerous kind. Without controlled borders, there is no such thing as a nation. And do I even have to mention Hillary's determination to engage in war, with at least Russia, probably Iran aswell? Or her actions that helped ISIS while Secretary of State? Or the Clinton Foundation? Her links to and funding from S. Arabia? Her abuse of a non-secure email system which, if it had been done by any other person (so said the FBI) would have resulted in conviction and jail time? The list of awfulness goes on and on and on.

Would Trump be a good president? Who knows. He is a "maybe", but I'd recommend a maybe over a definite hell-no any day. Those who say they won't vote for Trump because of something ridiculous about his visual appearance or general style ("Not an argument!") are succumbing to precisely the organised mainstream media nonsense that's been designed to push people away from voting against establishment power. 96% of US reporters contribute to the Dem campaign or party, and the Podesta emails show outrageous collusion between mainstream media organisations and the DNC, etc., deliberate twisting of stories, leaking of debate questions to the Dem campaign, unbelievably biased debate presentation, tailoring news to suit Dem campaign goals, etc. As bad as one might ever have imaged it all could have been, the Podesta emails show it's far worse, with organised violence at Trump rallies paid for by Dem affiliates, false stories and anti-Trump web sites, media collusion, deliberate non-reporting of bad things done by Dem supporters, etc. It's the same outside the US, the BBC is totally anti-Trump, quite openly so (though Milo took them on brilliantly in a recent interview).

The US election is a battle for America's soul. Don't give in to the dark side (do I need mention this bizarre Spirit Cooking stuff??); save your nation, save yourselves, prevent war, preserve free speech, vote Trump and tell the media, establishment and globalist destroyers of reason and culture to get stuffed. And then demand Milo be made White House Press Secretary. 8) References (youtube): Stefan Molyneux, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Kraut and Tea, Sargon of Akkad, Computing Forever, Rebel Media, Vee, and of course senior people at the NYPD who its said bravely stood up for justice against the corruption above them.

I'm just a Brit who voted Leave for Brexit for similar reasons, but I hope enough Americans have seen through the media scam and will not vote for someone who will tear their nation apart, something Hillary will do for sure. There are even those who say they will vote for Hillary just because she's a woman ("Not an argument!"), which is of course ridiculous and no justification at all for voting for anyone, but to that all I need say are the words of one woman on a youtube comments section who said that yes, one day America will have a woman president, but it needs to be the right woman, and that ain't Hillary.

The World is watching. The red pill or the blue pill... free speech, rationality, logic and reason, vs. safe spaces, SJW madness, corruption and war.

Trump 2016! 8)