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Sirius Video

Broadcast-Quality Digital Video

[Sirius Video]

The World's Most Powerful Combination of Workstation and Digital Video Technology

The Sirius Video digital video option board provides premier broadcast-quality video for the Silicon Graphics family of high-end workstations and compute servers. Sirius Video, coupled with the world's fastest graphics, is the first system to blend real-time digital video processing, computer-generated graphics, 3D geometry, image processing, and supercomputing processing. Video professionals as well as novices can use this powerful, fully interactive, general-purpose environment to produce dazzling broadcast-quality video. Its flexibility and power make it ideal for scientific or research applications, which require full-performance video capture and manipulation.

Pre/Postproduction, Broadcast, and Corporate Communications

Now you can use a single cost-effective general-purpose system instead of expensive, special-purpose dedicated hardware for production, postproduction, broadcast, interactive television, and corporate communications. Perform off/on-line edits, composites, image alterations, CGI, digital video effects, animation, character generation, and more, all on a general-purpose system.

Image Acquisition, Processing, and Analysis

Sirius Video offers application developers, scientists, researchers, and medical and technical professionals unprecedented performance for digital image manipulation, data capture and record, sequence playback, colorspace conversion, and live video texture at 30fps with high video resolution.

Open, Flexible, Expandable Platform

Sirius Video is available for POWER Onyx, Onyx, and Reality Station graphics workstations.

Additionally, it can be used in POWER CHALLENGE and CHALLENGE server configurations to provide video server capabilities. The most powerful systems in the Silicon Graphics binary-compatible product line are the Onyx and CHALLENGE family workstations and servers. These systems are based on a highly balanced architecture combining multiple CPUs with high-speed I/O and large memory capacities. Integrated with Sirius Video, they provide the most powerful, flexible, and expandable platform available for serious video requirements:

Selectable Input and Output Capabilities

[Sirius Video Data Flow]

Powerful Performance with Broadcast-Quality Results

Unrivaled Image Manipulation and Enhancement

Comprehensive Built-In Functionality

Technical Specifications

Video Formats
Digital component              4:2:2,4:2:2:4,    CCIR 601 (8/10-bits)
525 and 625 timings            4:4:4:4           SMPTE dual link (8/10 Bits)

Analog component               RGBA, YUVA        Betacam, MII, SMPTE
525 and 625 timings            PrYPbA            10-bit ADC/DAC 2x oversampling output

Analog composite                                 NTSC, PAL, S-Video
525 and 625 timings

Video Inputs

2 serial/parallel digital      CCIR 601, SMPTE dual link (serial I/O available as separate option)
1 analog component             RCBA, YUVA, PrYPbA
1 analog composite             NTSC, PAL, S-Video

Video Outputs

1 serial/parallel digital      CCIR 601, SMPTE dual link (serial I/O available as separate option)
1 analog component             RGBA, YUVA, PrYPbA
1 analog composite             NTSC, PAL, S-Video

Additional Features

Genlocked output sync P-P jitter <10nsec
2 GPI input lines
2 GPI output lines
V-LAN interface
Loopthrus for all analog inputs

System Requirements

Requires VME Slot
Full functionality with integrated graphics supportrequires RealityEngine, RealityEngine or VTX graphics Reduced server functionality without integrated graphicsrequires Crimson, POWER Series and CHALLENGE systems (includes server models, XS, XS24, Elan Graphics, Extreme and VGXT graphics systems)

Component Analog I/O

Input impedance                        50KOhm and 5pF capacitance
Input return loss                      >40dB to 55MHz
Component analog frequency response    Input:  +-0.25dB to 1MHz
                                               +-0.5dB to 5.4MHz
                                       Output: +-0.25dB to 1MHz
                                               +-0.5dB to 5.2MHz
                                               with sin x/x compensation
Group delay                            +-20nsec to 5.5MHz
Output signal to noise ratio           >63dB typical, unweighted to
                                       5.0MHz (GBR or YUV)
Input signal to noise ratio            >55dB unweighted to 5.0MHz
                                       (GBR or YUV)

For more information please call:

U.S. 1(800) 800-7441
Europe (41) 22-798.75.25
North Pacific (81) 3-5420.71.10

South Pacific (61) 2-879.95.00
Latin America 1(415) 390.46.37
Canada 1(416) 625-4747

Silicon Surf - World Wide Web Server

URL: http://www.sgi.com/

SGI Corporate Logo

Corporate Office

2011 N. Shoreline Boulevard
Mountain View, CA 94043
(415) 960-1980

1995 Silicon Graphics, Inc. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice. Silicon Graphics, the Silicon Graphics logo, ImageVision Library, and IRIS are registered trademarks, and Sirius Video, Onyx, Crimson, POWER Series, RealityEngine2, RealityEngine, VTX, CHALLENGE, IRIS Graphics Library, Elan Graphics, and VGXT are trademarks of Silicon Graphics, Inc. MIPS is a registered trademark and R4400 is a trademark of MIPS Technologies, Inc. Extreme is a trademark used by Silicon Graphics, Inc., under license. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

Typed up by Ian Mapleson (mapesdhs@yahoo.com) on 27/Feb/99
Original Document Code: Sirius-VD-DS (05/95)

Ian's SGI Depot: FOR SALE! SGI Systems, Parts, Spares and Upgrades

(check my current auctions!)
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