Feedback Comments (2000 to 2002)

I've archived comments prior to 2010 in order to prevent the main feedback page from becoming too large.

NB: by definition I can't include feedback comments from people who collected in person, or those cases where I delivered in person, and most commercial companies don't tend to reply in any personal way when buying something. Suffice to say there are many other happy buyers out there besides those mentioned on these feedback pages. :)


R4K/250 CPU and Indigo2 front-panel assembly sent to Sweden:

  Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 12:56:44 +0200
  From: "Mikael Widersten" <>

  Hi Ian,

  Got the package today! Directly fixed the unwanted grin on the
  Indigo2 front by putting in the new front. Looks good.


  Anyways, thanks for your cooperation and, by the way. If I ever find
  myself in the middle of a nuclear ballistic missile war - I would really 
  like to be wrapped up like the package you sent. It arrived safely.



128MB RAM kit sent to Scotland:

  Subject: Re: RAM...
  From: "Peter Ilieve" <>
  Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 11:15:26 +0100



  Have you thought of taking up origami? Your packaging skills
  suggest you would be a natural for it. It's a good job I wasn't
  buying a complete machine as it would have taken me a couple of
  days to unpack it. :-)

Two Indys sent to Italy:

  Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 03:46:47
  From: "Alfredo Ricciotti" <>
  Subject: Indy

  Hi Ian !
  Unbeliveable ! You have a bright future in the package industry.
  My respect. 
  My three cats thanks you especially for the big white plastic snow inside;
  they have passed the evening storming everything, and me (GROWL !!) cleaning
  my room.
  So, I have not the time to try anything.
  I let you know next Monday.

64MB RAM kit sent to Greece:

  From: "Elias Mandouvalos" <>
  Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 16:46:49 +0200

  I received the parcel yesterday evening :)

  Wow !!! - Talk about packaging  - It took me 10 minutes to open it
  up - good work !




3Com 3c597 card sent to London:

  From: "Mark Curtis" <>
  Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 10:19:21 -0000

  Hello Ian!

  Got a parcel from you today and it's taken me ages to unwrap it,
  that's some packing service!

  [the next day he said...]

  Of course you can include my comment on your feedback page along
  with this one:

  "Ian's packaging, a new debugging task for programmers"

Indigo2 sent to The Netherlands:

  From: "Heini Withagen" <>
  Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 09:52:07 +0100


  Got everything out of the box. It took me some time to unpack
  all the stuff. You really live up to your word on packing stuff 
  to resist a nuclear blast !! Luckily you labelled all the different
  packages so I could unpack the most important stuff first.
  My daugther of two played in the box for about an hour,
  pretending that it snowed all around here ! I have it on video,
  I'll send you some shots. You might wanna use it on your site
  to let people know that your packaging can be put to good use
  in a second life as well.... :-)


  Thanks again for the wonderful service. We should stay in contact !!


  Heini Withagen

Indigo2 sent to London:

  Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 15:19:02 +0000
  From: "Oliver Theis" <>


  By the by, I was **so** impressed with the quality of the
  packaging! Wow! From the sleek exterior look, benefiting from the
  "Fragile" stickers and the black masking tape, to the quantities of
  high-quality foam inside with multiple layers of protective
  bubblewrap ... I'm beginning to sound like a wrapping sales-person.
  Yikes :-) Seriously, nice job. If anything breaks after its been
  wrapped like that, the boxes must've been through hell!

  Ciao, Oli

Indigo2 sent to The Netherlands:

  Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 11:44:31 +0100
  From: "Paul Chapman" <>
  Subject: Re: Sent your system!


  Got it yesterday.  That was fast!

  It certainly took a while to get everything unpacked, but once out of
  the huge box, it was fine.  How many rolls of tape did you use up? :)

  I'm very tired today because I was fiddling with it late into the

  Thanks a lot, I will be enjoying myself for quite some time to come!


Indy sent to UK:

  Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 21:02:26 +0100
  From: J Rumble <>
  Subject: Re: 2nd Hand SGI Indy

  Hi Ian,

  Indy Finally arrived today ! Packing was outstanding, and took me a
  good ten minutes to unpack it all and set it all up.

  The machine itself is almost immaculate. You mentioned before that
  the casing had some scratches, but I had to really look hard for
  them. The lid is in much better condition than I was expecting (all
  logo and text clear with no fading) Keyboard and mouse also in very
  good consition.

  Finally I'd just like to say a very big thank you for supplying me
  with the system in such a helpful and professional way.


  Thanks Again



Collection of parts for Indigo sent to UK:

  From: Tom Waters <>
  Subject: RE: Indigo Parts
  Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 12:58:38 +0100 

  Just wanted to let you know that the Indigo parts and cd set
  arrived today. Maybe you should include instructions for getting
  into the box :O)

[what he means is, I pack things so carefully that it can take someone quite a bit of time to unpack everything! :D - Ian]

  When i order from you again i think i'll take a day off work to
  unpack it all :)

  thanks again, the parts are great.


USENET post re an Indy sent to The Netherlands:

  Subject: Looking for a cheap and yet extremely good quality SGI? (no advert)
  Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 20:00:14 GMT
  From: Alexander Melchers <>
  Newsgroups: comp.sys.sgi.marketplace

  Check out Ian Mapleson's site:

  I just received my Indy from him a couple of days ago. I was amazed
  at the condition of the machine!

  Ian is very kind and helpful, which I found especialy comforting
  since this was my first SGI, and buying from him went extremely
  well. Had some good email conversations as well and if you're
  looking for a part he doesn't have, he might know some people who
  do :-)

  He's also a master at shipping and is very carefull in packing. It
  actualy took me quite some time to properly unpack :) You can rest
  assured that your SGI will reach it's destination without damage.

  The prices are extremely good, as is the quality. I can only call
  him the best reseller this side of the continent!

  Just so you know, I'm writing this message just because I am so
  pleased about doing business with Ian and with no further
  intentions.  I just think it might be a good tip for a first time
  SGI player to check him out!

  Cheers :)

...and the related email to me:

  Subject: Iris says hello!
  Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 20:28:45 +0200

  Iris arrived yesterday around 10:00, earlier than expected
  ( said it would arrive at 22:41)! ...

  ... Anyhow, Iris arrived in top condition! I would
  be quite surprised if she didn't:  you sure know how to pack...
  Till now I thought everybody was exagerating, but you sure know how
  to pack... Even with my Swiss Army knife, it took me quite a lot of
  time to unpack her. And then I still had to place her...


  I'm glad I've bought my Indy from you! She is in top mint condition 8D


  Cheers :))

Indy send to The Netherlands:

  From: "Leo Kraan" <>
  Subject: Re: Tracking parcel
  Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 21:42:52 +0200

  Hello Ian!


  Need I say more!!! 8D

  I was tracking the package all day on the internet and it kept
  saying that it as on the road for delivery.  So I rushed home and
  it wasn't there. Image the dissapointment of me having to wait
  another night :) Well, 5 minutes after I rushed in the house the
  doorbell rang and thank God it was the parcel man.

  Whan I rushed down the stairs I was eyeing the box and when I got
  close I saw that it is an original SGI Indy box!!!!!!!!  Very
  cool indeed!!! I was expecting something completely else since
  you kind of build up the tension. I was thinking about it today
  and though that it might be a Mac or PC box for total sarcasm :)

  Man, you sure know how to wrap!!!

  If it would have arrived damaged they would have needed to drop
  it from an airplane at 10000 feet on my balkony ;)

  I unwrapped the Indy with utmost care but incredible speed with
  my wife helping me getting the foam chunks in a garbage bag. I
  feel bad that we putting it by the trash since it costed you
  hours to produce them ;( It still took us a while to get
  everything unwrapped and even my wife was very eager to see what
  it looked like. Her first reaction was..........but it is blue!

  The system is in such good condition too! And the keyboard,

  I am not very patient so I hooked it up right away and booted it
  up and was just stunned by the look the Indy just booting up. I
  think I can compare that moment with seeing the star destroyer
  fly into the movie screen in the opening sequence of Star Wars
  for the first time as a young boy ;) Silicon Graphics machines
  have always interested me very much and now I am finally a proud
  owner of one! 8D


  Well, I am going to send you this message because I want to shut
  down this computer and get back to the Indy!

  Anway...Last but definetely not least I want to say that I am
  really pleased with the way this internet purchase went. I just
  think that you provide the best service and handle purchases with
  the greatest of care. That sounds way more formal that I mean it
  though :) Thank you very very very much!!!

  Well, if you want a referal from me on your site let me know! In
  my enthusiasm I have posted a short message in the
  sgi-marketplace newsgroup explaining my joy ordering an Indy from
  you. I hope that was OK. Coming to think of it I should have ran
  that by your first.

  OK, now I am really going to get back to my blue baby :)



Indigo and Indy sent to France:

  From: "Alexandre Charbey" <>
  Subject: Re: It's there !
  Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 10:14:52 +0100

  Hi Ian !

  I've (finally) got it ! 8D 8D

  Well, I will not congratulate you about the packaging... I spent
  hours to open it and it almost cost me my Swiss knife !

  Just kidding ! 8D

  In fact, it reminded me of Christmas when I was young when I spent
  hours unbundling all the gifts ! Was great !

  So everything has arrived in a good condition. Very good
  condition, actually: The Indy is like brand new, and the Indigo
  is pretty nice as well. I thought my I2 was in excellent
  condition, but this Indy is even better! I expected them to have
  much more scratches and to be noisy (you know, like used ones
  are) but once again they are very fine. The rusty parts are not
  that rusty, and I wouldn't have noticed the missing catch on the
  front door if you hadn't told me about it !  One thing is sure,
  these machines are actually worth more than I paid for it! You
  definitely have to tell me how you cleaned the boxes : I bet they
  weren't that clean when you got them !

  Oh! and the most marvelous thing was the french power cords! I
  wouldn't have been disappointed not to receive any, but I had
  come to think you may not have thought of the difference, and
  that you might have shipped english ones. It was a very nice
  surprise! I haven't powered the machines yet (I make the pleasure
  last ;) ) and so haven't yet gone through the CD's, but they will
  not wait very long.

  Well, it's been a pleasure to deal with you! I will certainly
  recommend you to people around me and will watch carefully your
  web site for new ads! My gf found the machines very nice - I
  think she will not shout if I find other machines...

  Cheers !

Indigos and CDs sent to Denmark:

  Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 22:52:29 +0100 (CET)
  From: "Tom G. Christensen" <>
  Subject: Re: Indigo has arrived!

  On Mon, 26 Feb 2001, Ian Mapleson wrote:
  > Hooorray!!!! 8)

  Indeed! Feels almost like christmas as I got 5 packages today, 4
  from you and 1 from blackstar :)


  > What condition did the Indigo arrive in? Everything ok?
  > Packaging, etc.?

  My compliments on the packaging, it was very well done and the box
  was in good condition as is the contents. This goes for the 3 boxes
  with CDs as well.

  -tgc (off to look over his shiny new XWP season 3 box set :))

  Tom G. Christensen, Denmark <>
  Linux 2.4.2 on an i586

Indy PSU sent to USA:

  Subject: Re: IT'S HERE!
  Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 08:14:04 -0500

  Well to start with yes it was a first rate pack job. I used to do
  export shipping to Japan and I have seen crystal not packed as well
  as your box. ...

R10K SolidIMPACT Indigo2 sent to Oxfordshire:

  From: Matthew Wilby <>
  Subject: RE: Posted!!...
  Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 08:53:29 -0000

  Hi Ian,

  Just to let you know that I received the I2 + Accessories ok.
  Very well packaged, thanks :-)

  She runs like a dream.....

  What other goodies do you have, you mentioned soething about an Url?

  Once again thanks for the great service.

  Matthew Wilby
  Technical Consultant
  Hypothesis Ltd
  12B South Bar - Banbury - Oxfordshire - OX16 9AA

Indy sent to London:

  From: Sam Cadby <>
  Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 23:46:36 +0000
  Subject: indy arrived

  HI Ian,

  The Indy arrived today. If it were any better packed I might
  never have got it open :). Suffice to say that even Parcel Farce
  couldn't have damaged it (to be honest I don't think an H-bomb
  would have done much more than slightly char the box). It also
  seemed to boot fine (with possibly the most janglely startup
  jungle I've ever heard).



6.2 CD set sent to USA:

  From: Carl Collins <CCollins@SEA-PHA.ORG>
  Subject: Indy Processor upgrade
  Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 15:11:46 -0800

  Hi Ian,

  I like your style... I received the Irix CD set and I was
  impressed with the "professional" job that you did.

6.2 CD set sent to Germany:

  Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 17:33:54 +0100
  From: Nicolas Holst <>
  Subject: Re: mediaset

  Hi Ian,

  Thanks, i've received the cd's today.

  Due to the 'nuclear proof' packaging, reception wasn't even
  tempted to have a look what it was :) It worked great: no
  scratches, dents, broken of bits (some of the music cd mailorder
  companies should take an example...)