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Origin300 Datasheet

Origin300 Rack Image

SGI Origin 300


Compact, High-Performance Modularity

The SGI Origin 300 server Is the latest advancement in the revolutionary SGI NUMAflex approach to modular computing, designed to deliver maximum sustained performance in a compact, affordable design. Independent scaling of computational power, I/O bandwidth, and in-rack storage lets you configure a system tuned to your unique definition of real performance for demanding technical server applications. With its small footprint and highly modular design, the SGI Origin 300 server is ideal for computational throughput, media streaming, or complex data management.

As the newest member of the SGI Origin family of servers, SGI Origin 300 provides dramatic price/performance advantages. This lowers your total cost of ownership while still delivering world-class performance.

Origin300 Image Scalable, Customized Configurations

As a stand-alone computational system, an SGI Origin 300 server module packs the power of two or four MIPS processors, the high-performance SGI IRIX operating system, and up to 4GB of memory into an ultradense, 3.5-inch, rack-mountable chassis. For more computationally intensive applications, you can add a second SGI Origin 300 server and double your capacity to up to eight MIPS processors and 8GB of memory in a single, shared-memory system. For applications requiring maximum I/O bandwidth, add a PCI module with 12 hot-swap PCI slots [2]. When you need affordable, high-performance storage, connect the SGI Total Performance 900 [TP900] storage module to the SCSI port in any SGI Origin 300 server. For ultimate scalability, an SGI Origin 300 server with a NUMAlink module [1] combines up to eight base server or PCI expansion modules - up to 32 processors with 32GB of memory, or up to 16 processors with as many as 56 PCI slots.

Affordable, High-Performance Storage Options

The SGI TP900 storage system provides easy, modular, high-performance disk expansion for the SGI Origin 300 server. The TP900 emphasizes maximum throughput in a compact form factor, with up to eight SCSI disks - over half of a terabyte of data capacity - in only 3.5 inches of rack space. TP900 disk modules easily connect to the integrated SCSI port in SGI Origin 300 servers. And with your choice of one or two Ultral60 SCSI channels and the latest, state-of-the-art SCSI disks, the TP900 can be optimized for either fast-retrieval or deep-archive configurations.

SGI Origin 300

Technical Specifications

Processor Data

Base SGI Origin 300 Single-Module Configuration

Note: Dual chassis system also available.

NUMALink Configuration

Note: Other configurations available.

External PCI Expansion Chassis [2]

PCI Options

External Storage


Support and Warranty

Dimensions and Weights

Environmental [Nonoperatlng]

Environmental [Operating]

Electrical and Power


[1] Scalabilily beyond 8 proceasore reqwrea a NUMALink module, available first quarter of 2002
[2] PCI expansion modules will be available starting in the first quarter of 2002.

Corporate Office                North America  1[800] 800-7441
1600, Amphitheatre Pkwy.        Latin America  [52] 5267-1387
Mountain View, CA 94043         Europe  [44] 118.925.75.00
[650] 960-1980                  Japan  [81] 3.5488.1811
www.sgi.com                     Asia Pacific  [65] 771.0290

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