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Indigo2 IMPACT : Manufacturing

Better Products Sooner

[Bringing Design Power to the Desktop] Manufacturing Excellence

More than ever, the pressure is on for manufacturers to deliver better products sooner. At Silicon graphics, we deliver powerful visual computing systems that give our manufacturing customers a competitive advantage.

Indigo2 IMPACT, the world's most powerful desktop workstation, provides that advantage by enabling engineers and designers to maximize their creativity by testing different designs through multiple iterations and sharing their ideas with realistic visual mock-ups.

[IMPACT supports all design phases, from sketches and
models to finished design] Unmatched Styling Performance

Indigo2 IMPACT is the first fully capable desktop styling platform in the industry. Models with realistic textures, full colors, and accurate lighting can now be designed on your desktop and used to communicate with clients, management, and suppliers. With high-speed texturing and pixel processing capabilities builtinto hardware, 2D and 3D paint capabilities are accelerated to allow real-time air brush peformance. Interactive visualization shortens the design review cycle, allows for integration of customer feedback early in the design process, and enables the design of more appealing products.

[Enhanced visuals simplify model design] Interactive Modeling

High-quality products begin with superior designs. Indigo2 IMPACT delivers unparalleled 3D solids modeling performance. Large assemblies can be built, viewed, and manipulated in real time. Using key features such as visual scaling, material property displays, and model simplification, engineers can work in a more informative, interactive environment.

[Virtual prototyping on the desktop]

Digital Mock-Up and Simulation on the Desktop

Digital mock-up has proven to be a powerful, cost-effective and time-saving technology in the development of manufactured goods. Complex assemblies of today's designs require powerful visualization features to adequately prototype the operating conditions of the product.

Indigo2 IMPACT allows dynamic motion simulation to test and verify product and process functionality. Digital models representing large assemblies decrease the need to create multiple physical prototypes. The new economics of digital mock-up enable more individuals to visually integrate their work with that of the team, providing higher levels of ownership, quality, and creativity.

[POWER Indigo2 IMPACT allows for complex stress
visualization] Unparalleled Visualization of Analysis Results

Combining the supercomputing power of the MIPS R8000 CPU with advanced visualization capabilities, POWER Indigo2 IMPACT delivers the industry's best solution as an integrated design and engineering analysis workstation. By using textures to apply quantitive visual filters, engineers can rapidly focus on design hot spots. Additionally, POWER Indigo2 IMPACT enables interactive viewing and manipulation of large models and complex analysis results. This allows designers and engineers to work together more efficiently.

[Silicon Works] Collaborate with Impact

Throughout product development cycles, the most important asset to maximise is your people. By allowing them to share ideas quickly, easily, and in compelling ways, any organization will run more efficiently, and produce better products sooner. Silicon Graphics 3D-based collaborative tools - such as InPerson, IRIS Annotator, and WebFORCE - streamline your design review process by allowing your original 3D interactive models to be shared across the organization. Or share your designs by utilizing our tightly integrated video I/O option, Indigo2 Video, to output your digital designs to video tape.

Join the Leaders in Manufacturing

Silicon Graphics is driving manufacturing to new levels. With the Indigo2 IMPACT workstation, you can raise end user productivity and contributions beyond expectations, easily manage data, and seamlessly integrate improvements into your product cycle. The result will be increased profitability and better products sooner.

Typed up by Ian Mapleson (mapleson@gamers.org)
Original Document Code: I2-Imp-Manf-IB (6/95)
Last Change: 11/Jan/2017 (fixed some typos)

Ian's SGI Depot: FOR SALE! SGI Systems, Parts, Spares and Upgrades

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