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The IRIS-4D GT Series

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A New Perspective on Visual Computing
The IRIS-4D GT Series

The IRIS-4D GT Series of Superworkstations puts 3D in motion with three solutions: the 4D/80GT, the 4D/70 Series, and the 4D/50 Series, offering a respective performance rating of 13 MIPS, 10 MIPS, and 7 MIPS.

The Silicon Graphics Approach to Visualizing Data

Artistic Image At Silicon Graphics, we pay as much attention to graphics as to computing power in the systems we build. As a result, we help you capture and display information in ways you've never seen before. In fact, our technology offers such startling innovations like performance comparable to minis and mainframes at a fraction of their cost that we describe the achievement with a new term: superworkstations.

Silicon Graphics superworkstations distinguish themselves as the premier computer systems for the industry's most demanding tasks. Customers appreciate our commitment to regular improvements through compatibility and upgrades. They see a difference in our superworkstations' ability to handle CAD/CAE, animation, simulation, and various complex scientific applications with unparalleled excellence. As a result, we've earned a reputation for superiority in the hallmark characteristics we define as 4D: sophisticated 3D solid color graphics, backed by the number-crunching computer muscle necessary to put those graphics in smooth, instantaneous motion.

Now, were proud to advance our own performance standards again, with the IRIS-4D GT Series of Superworkstations.

Sharing the GT Vision

The IRIS-4D GT Series of Superworkstations offers a family of systems in three versatile platforms - the IRIS 4D/80 GT, the IRIS 4D/70 GT, and the IRIS 4D/50 GT. Although the GT machines differ in their range of capabilities, they all embody the best in visual computing through a carefully balanced hardware design.

How do you "balance" a superworkstation?

Many conventional workstations, for instance, are initially conceived for numerical computing, but then add graphics as a secondary function which often slows down the CPU and erodes performance. Others concentrate primarily on graphical tasks, but at the expense of adequate computational power.

In contrast, Silicon Graphics integrates both capabilities with separate hardware optimized for each kind of performance. By specifically dedicating numerical calculations and graphics to different hardware, our approach lets the computing and graphics work in tandem for the fastest possible results.

The benefit to you is a family of superworkstations that incorporate the best available compute power. Whats more, our graphics lead the industry by two years.

Plus the Power of RISC

Besides freeing graphics processing from the CPU, Silicon Graphics provides a superior overall superworkstation through our recent transition to RISC architecture - a strategy for computing more quickly.

Simply put, RISC architecture benefits users with more performance now, and more growth opportunities in the future with the next generation of innovative products. No matter what your applications require - from 3D wire frame, shaded solids modeling, advanced architectural engineering, or geophysical analysis - the IRIS-4D GT Superworkstations ensure technological leadership and future competitiveness.

Example Applications

Consider the Possibilities

To ensure the IRIS-4D GT Series meets your varying needs, we offer a choice of computing and graphics performance levels. Start with the IRIS 4D/50 GT with respective computing and graphics capabilities of 7 million instructions per second (MIPS) and 100,000 triangles per second, the IRIS 4D/70 GT at 10 MIPS and 120,000 triangles per second, or the IRIS 4D/80 GT with 13 MIPS and 135,000 triangles per second. As always, our superworkstations upgrade easily, both within the GT Series and with future enhanced performance products.

Nonetheless, like any tool, the best test of a superworkstation's value is what you can do with it. And thanks to a wealth of productivity support, you can count on doing a lot.

For instance, is networking a concern? The Silicon Graphics IRIS-4D GT Series supports UNIX Network File System and 4Sight, our own windowing system, with links to IBM, DEC, and Hewlett-Packard minis and mainframes. We'll even put you in touch with a Cray through Hyperchannel

We also speak your language in programming - including Fortran, C, Pascal, and LISP. And whether you develop applications in-house, or rely on the more than 300 packages from over 150 independent vendors, software development is no problem with a full kit of development tools like our graphical debugger.

Take a Closer Look

At Silicon Graphics, our mission remains constant: to translate real-world data into instant real-time graphics. For design, for analysis, for insight, and for results.

However, when it comes to the IRIS-4D GT Series of Superworkstations, seeing really is believing. For a demonstration, or for more information on the IRIS-4D Series and other Silicon Graphics superworkstations, call or write the sales office closest to you.

UNIX is a registered trademark of AT&T. Network File System is a trademark of Sun Microsystems. Hyperchannel is a trademark of Network Systems Corp. Silicon Graphics, Silicon Graphics logo and IRIS-4D are trademarks of Silicon Graphics, Inc. Photo of molecule courtesy of Molcad.

Typed up by Ian Mapleson (mapesdhs@yahoo.com) on 01/Aug/2002
Original document code: ASD 100001 35M (1/89)

Ian's SGI Depot: FOR SALE! SGI Systems, Parts, Spares and Upgrades

(check my current auctions!)
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