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Indy Video and Indigo2 Video

[A picture of the Indy Video board] Communicate with Video

Indy Video and Indigo2 Video bring the power of high-quality video communcation to your desktop workstation. Indy Video and Indigo2 Video are video option cards which combine with the Indy or Indigo2 workstations to open up exciting new video-based communications in several forms.

Graphics workstations are used to create impressive visual insights, but these visuals are traditionally only available to a limited audience - those people that can get in front of the workstation. Indy Video and Indigo2 Video change all that. They let you record your workstation's visuals to video so they can be seen more widely. The thousands of Indigo workstation users already using video have proven its value. Video is the most convenient and most consistently accessible platform for the display of moving images.

These option cards provide simple, low-cost, high-quality recording of graphics to video. They also enable new workgroup communications applications such as media mail, desktop conferencing, and digital media presentations. With complementary software tools, Indy Video and Indigo2 Video are easy to use even for those who are not video experts.

Print-to -Tape

The Indy Video and Indigo2 Video option cards let you print-to-tape to share your high-resolution graphics.


Use the video input of Indigo2 Video (Indy comes with video input standard) with the Indigo2 to:

Indigo Magic Software

Get the most out of the advanced capabilities of Indy Video and Indigo2 Video with Indigo Magic Software tools. Indigo Magic end-user tools are bundled with every system, and deliver a truly incredible out-of-box experi- ence. The Video Control Panel software lets you manipulate the video I/O option's full functionality and perform rapid print-to-video of computer graphics. Pre-production is easy with Media Mosaic and ImageWorks tools. You can quickly create and edit digital image, audio and movie objects and control removable media devices such as CD-ROM and DAT.

Combine these elements and create interactive digital media presentations with IRIS Showcase for maximum impact. IRIS InSight brings you up to speed with accessible on-line documentation. Altogether, this host of end-user software gives you enormous power on your very first day with Indy Video and Indigo2 Video.

Artifact-Free Output

Indy Video and Indigo2 Video combine computer graphics and video without temporal artifacts or interfield flicker. System software drives Indigo graphics at your choice of NTSC or PAL frame rates, film rates or graphics-refresh rates. This eliminates motion artifacts caused by dropped or duplicated frames when inputting or outputting video.

The deinterlace input filter allows interpolated frame grabs. Indy Video and Indigo2 Video also offer selectable filters that greatly enhance output quality. The anti-flicker output filter eliminates distracting inter-field flicker when recording thin horizontal lines to video.

Real-Time Video Input/Output

Real-time, low-cost video input and output for the Indigo family:

Scan Conversion, Zoom and Pan

Shape your video to sizes that suit your application.

Real-Time Keys and Mixes

The fully linear keyer/mixer (alpha blender) and key generator provide a variety of fundamental real-time video effects.

System compatibility

Indigo2 Video is available for all graphics versions of the Indigo2 workstation. Indy Video is available for all graphics versions of the Indy workstation.

Inputs             Outputs             Connectors
2 Composite        1 Composite         RCA
1Y/C (S-video)     1 Y/C (S-video)     4-pin mini-DIN
1 SGI Digital (*)  1 SGI Digital       60-pin LFH

Only one input selectable at a time.
(*) Optional for Indy Video

Standards Supported

525/60 (NTSC) and 625/50 (PAL), software selectable


Scan converted output           1280 x 960 graphics to NTSC
                                and PAL sized video output
Zoom display                    2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x
Filtered decimated display	1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7
Filtered decimated capture	1/2, 1/4

Resolutions and Sampling

NTSC-sized video input/output windows
PAL-sized video input/output windows
4:2:2 YUV color space
8 bits per component
Square pixel


Genlock to luminance or composite inputs
Genlock Jitter <15 nSec

Interlace Filters

Input                           Deinterlace filter
Output                          Anti-flicker filter

Blanking and Encoding

Horizontal blanking             11.4 usec NTSC, 11.9 usec PAL
Horizontal phase                3 usec advance to 1 usec delay
SC-H phase                      Adjustable +/- 180 degrees

Access is provided to data in vertical blanking (VITC, closed caption, teletext, etc.)


Chrominance trap color separation (composite only)
Selectable coring
Adjustable hue control (+/- 180 degrees)
Automatic chrominance and luminance gain
Selectable aperture filters
Automatic notch filter

Output Levels

NTSC composite, Y/C             714mV
PAL composite, Y/C              700mv
Output Video Gamma Table        8 bit
DC on Video Output              +/- 250 mV

Regulatory Requirements

FCC Class A


The Indy Video and Indigo2 Video option includes a video circuit board with back-panel I/O spigots and system software. The circuit board includes four on-board frame buffers.

Optional Products from Silicon Graphics

Cosmo Compress JPtG video compression board
Digital Media Development Option

Typed up by Ian Mapleson (mapleson@gamers.org), 12/Jun/98
Original Document Code: IND-VIDFAM-DS (06/93)

Ian's SGI Depot: FOR SALE! SGI Systems, Parts, Spares and Upgrades

(check my current auctions!)
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