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(NB: this product brief predates the release of SolidIMPACT graphics, the 90MHz R8000, the R10000, etc.)
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Indigo2 IMPACT Product Guide

Indigo2 IMPACT Product

Indigo2: Redefining the Desktop

Indigo2: Making An Impact

Indigo2 delivers breakthrough capabilities that are changing the world's view of desktop computing. Combined with powerful new applications, Indigo2 lets you conceptualize, innovate, and create in new and powerful ways.

The Indigo2 IMPACT workstation, the newest member of the Indigo2 family, manipulates 3D models and pixel-based data at unprecedented performance levels, supporting tasks ranging from digital mock-up to volume rendering on the desktop. These capabilities deliver exponential productivity gains in key industries including manufacturing, entertainment, visual simulation, chemistry, oil and gas, geographic information systems (GIS), medical imaging, and prepress.

                              [1] High-Bandwidth Bus           [2] Upgradable High-
                              Architecture: High-speed         Performance CPU: The
                              64-bit memory bus                processor module,
                              between the CPU and main         which attaches to the
                              memory runs at 400MB/sec         baseboard, can be
                              while the 64-bit system          easily upgraded for
                              bus runs at 267MB/sec            higher performance
                                [3] Large Cache for            [4] Huge Memory
                                Maximum Application            Expansion: 12 SIMM
                                Performance: Increased         sockets allow for a
                                memory system                  maximum of 384MB
                                performance through            RAM (640MB RAM for
                                32KB on-chip L2 cache          POWER Indigo2)
                                (1MB for R4400/175MHz)

                 [5] EISA Expandability:      [6] Two Fast SCSI-2          [7] Built-In Networking:
                 Three EISA slots for a       Channels: SCSI channels      Ethernet, including both
                 multitude of expansion       support a total of 10        AUI and 10-BaseT,
                 possibilities with up to     SCSI devices for storage     supplied with every
                 33MB/sec transfer rate       and I/O expansion            system

                      [8] Integrated Digital Media:         [9] Power MIPS RISC Processor:
                      Up to four simultaneous input         R4400 for balanced integer and
                      and output audio channels,            floating-point computations R8000
                      plus an integrated video bus          for supercomputer-class floating-
                                                            point performance
Indigo2 provides the fastest system throughput on the desktop, balancing the leading CPU and graphics architectures for your intensive computing needs. Choose from four graphics offerings to fit your application and budget: Indigo2 Maximum IMPACT, Indigo2 High IMPACT, Indigo2 XZ or Indigo2 XL. For floating-point intensive applications, choose between POWER Indigo2 Maximum IMPACT and POWER Indigo2 XZ. All Indigo2 workstations are multimedia-ready, with high-quality integrated audio and a complete range of video and compression capabilities. Your team can efficiently work together using the Mindshare collaborative environment, a set of tools that gives you easy and intuitive ways to express and share ideas. You can even create compelling 3D worlds for the World Wide Web using WebFORCE Indigo2 IMPACT.

R8000 Chip Set R8000 CPU:

R4400 CPU

R4400 CPU:

Powerful Processors

Indigo2 leverages the leading MIPS RISC processors: R4400 for balanced floating-point and integer computations, and R8000 for very large floating-point-intensive computational tasks. POWER Indigo2 featuring the R8000 processor, with dual floating-point execution units and 2MB of global cache, delivers performance comparable to a Cray YMP for a fraction of the cost. Designed to provide a strong growth path, Indigo2 and POWER Indigo2 will also take full advantage of the next-generation microprocessor MIPS RISC R10000 when it becomes available.

Flexible Configurations

With its assortment of industry-standard networking and I/O capabilities, Indigo2 is a flexible, expandable member of your computing environment. Its built-in functionality includes AUI and 10-BaseT Ethernet, two serial ports, a parallel port, and five audio connections. Peripheral configuration is facilitated by two independent FAST SCSI-2 controllers and three internal FAST SCSI-2 bays for hard-disk, DAT, floppy and CD-ROM drives. To meet your expandability requirements, Indigo2 includes three industry-standard EISA slots, or 2 EISA slots and one GIO slot, to support additional cards for networking, video, compression, and more. Compliance with industry standards means that Indigo2 integrates into multivendor environments. And Indigo2 can read and write Macintosh and PC files.

Indigo2 Rear Connectors

Providing New Possibilities: Breakthrough Graphics

Indigo2 Graphics

Indigo2 indudes a family of graphics offerings - Indigo2 Maximum IMPACT, Indigo2 High IMPACT, Indigo2 XZ, and Indigo2 XL - to suit a broad range of visual computing requirements. The new Indigo2 IMPACT workstation delivers breakthrough capabilities by combining 3D graphics and imaging. Upgradable from all existing graphics configurations, Indigo2 IMPACT is redefining desktop visualization. From extremely fast X and 2D graphics to a high-performance fully textured environment, the possibilities with Indigo2 are astounding.

Indigo2 Maximum IMPACT: The World's Most Powerful Desktop

With this flagship graphics subsystem, all modeling applications can take advantage of the unrivaled 3D performance in a fully textured environment. In addition, the parallel graphics architecture and the imaging subsystem allow you to combine compelling 3D surface models with interactive 3D volumes and 2D images. Ideal applications include visual simulation, high-end design, and post-production.

MaxIMPACT Applications

Maximum IMPACT Graphics

HQ3 Command Processor:

Two GE11 Geometry/Image Engines:

Two RE4 Raster Engines:

Two TE Texture Engines:

One or Four MB Texture Memory:

Four PP1 Pixel Pipe Processors:

Live Video:

Indigo2 High IMPACT: Integrated 3D and Imaging

Indigo2 High IMPACT is the first desktop workstation to combine high-speed 3D graphics with fully integrated imaging capabilities. Ideal applications include game authoring, seismic interpretation, satellite image processing, and Web authoring.

HighIMPACT Applications

HQ3 Command Processor:

High IMPACT Graphics GE11 Geometry/Image Engine:

RE4 Raster Engine:

TE Texture Engine:

One or Four MB Texture Memory:

Two PP1 Pixel Pipe Processors:

Live Video:

Indigo2 XZ: Fast Solids Modeling

Indigo2 XZ, our leading CAD workstation, provides affordable high-performance solids modeling capability. Ideal applications include CAD, AEC, and entry-level animation.

XZ Applications

XZ Graphics

HQ2 Command Processor:

Four GE7 Geometry Engines:

Integrated Raster Engine:

Live Video:

Indigo2 XL: Powerful Imaging

Indigo2 XL graphics gives you extremely fast X and 2D graphics, while providing full-fledged 3D capability. Ideal applications include MCAD, publishing, and image processing.

Delivering New Capabilities - Inspiring Next-Generation Solutions

Indigo2 IMPACT Application Areas

Digital Media for Everyone

Whether you need video conferencing or broadcast solutions, Indigo2 can meet the needs of a wide range of digital media applications because it was built with these capabilities in mind.

Built-in Audio I/O

From audio I/O to professional CD- or DAT-quality audio, the standard features of Indigo2 can meet your requirements. Every Indigo2 system includes I/O capabilities for a microphone (one is supplied), headphones, line in and line out, and stereo digital I/O, all with sample rates configurable to 48KHz.

Indigo2 Video Mindshare Bundle

Combining video I/O capability with IndyCam and Mindshare software, Indigo2 Video is the best solution for your team's collaborative efforts. In addition to sharing your ideas over the network, you can share your ideas on video tape, utilizing the print-to-video capability of Indigo2 Video to send live graphics to any consumer VCR or camcorder.

[Indigo2 IMPACT Digital Media]

Indigo2 IMPACT Digital Media

Real-Time Digital Video I/O (Indigo2 IMPACT)

Now the video professional has the ultimate video I/O solution, the Indigo2 IMPACT Video serial digital video I/O option. Everything can be done in real time (see diagram) - get video into the system for immediate processing in paint, compositing, or editing applications, or utilize Indigo2 IMPACT graphics for on-air applications to create real-time rendered graphics with key out. Couple this with the Indigo2 IMPACT Compression motion JPEG option card and its low compression ratios (down to 2:1), and the possibilities become endless.

Two Streams of JPEG Compression (Indigo2 IMPACT)

Used in stand-alone mode or coupled with Indigo2 IMPACT Video, the Indigo2 IMPACT Compression option meets many varied requirements. Indigo2 IMPACT Compression allows animators, scientists, and engineers to preview animations and simulations or perform low-cost non-linear editing, while utilizing the full power of Indigo2 Maximum IMPACT. For the broadcast and post-production professional, combining Indigo2 IMPACT Compression with Indigo2 IMPACT Video results in powerful solutions for high-quality non-linear editing, spot playback, compositing, and more.

Indigo2 XL/XZ Video Solutions

The Galileo Video option board provides high-quality video input and output. You can connect to any source ranging from composite, S-Video, and component analog to CCIR-601 digital video. Galileo also supports special effects such as fades and wipes. Cosmo Compress, designed to partner with Galileo and Indigo2 Video, gives you real-time video compression and decompression for intense video manipulation with compression ratios from 4:1 to 100:1.

[Indigo2 IMPACT Channel Option]

Indigo2 IMPACT Channel Option

The Indigo2 IMPACT Channel Option (ICO) with Indigo2 IMPACT gives you multiple video output channels and head-mounted display (HMD) formats for applications involving visual simulation, entertainment, and virtual reality. ICO converts digital information stored in the graphics frame buffer into multiple analog video signals, or channels, which can then be displayed on additional monitors and projection devices or head-mounted displays. The ICO option card also supports full-scene anti-aliasing at Super VGA, VGA or NTSC resolution for highest-quality visuals.

Dual-Head Option

For applications that require additional screen space, the Indigo2 workstation supports a dual-head option. For programming flexibility, dual-head configurations support independent windows on each head for advanced data modeling and analysis applications. For example, one head can display a high-level view of the application data while the other head remains available for interactive analysis of the data.

ICO Output Formats:

                                                            Maximum No.
       Resolution                    Timing               of Independent

  400 x 486 Interlaced       RS170-Field Sequential             2

640 x 480 Non-Interlaced              VGA                       4
                                Field Sequential                2

  640 x 486 Interlaced                NTSC                    4 (*)
                          Full-Scene Anti-aliased NTSC          1

  800 x 486 Interlaced        RS170-Field Parallel              2
                             RS170-Field Sequential             2

800 x 600 Non-Interlaced              SVGA                      4

       875 x 808
      1025 x 946                Field Sequential                2
      1280 x 1024

(*) 2 channels flicker reduced, 4 channels non-flicker reduced

End User Environment

WebFORCE Indigo2 IMPACT: Extraordinary 3D Authoring on the Web

WebSpace The WebFORCE Indigo2 IMPACT authoring station brings the powerful combination of Indigo2 IMPACT graphics and R4400 CPU technology to the World Wide Web.

Use WebFORCE Indigo2 IMPACT with the intuitive WebMagic authoring tools to create dazzling multimedia content. WebFORCE Indigo2 IMPACT also provides an incredible combination of graphics horsepower and advanced features for use with Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) and WebSpace, the world's first commercially available 3D viewer. VRML allows you to describe 3D data and create 3D worlds on the Web, and WebSpace provides an easy-to-use 3D navigation interface.

Silicon Graphics Mindshare: A Collaborative Computing Environment

Mindshare lets your team share ideas effectively using the most suitable media: a human voice, engineering drawings, 3D models, video, a hand-drawn sketch, or written text. The Mindshare collaborative environment includes on-line tools for capturing, creating, and communicating your ideas. Support for high-end graphics, imaging, and high-quality audio and video means that Mindshare works the way you do.


A Complete Advanced Graphics Solution

Developers take advantage of the power of Indigo2 graphics using an array of graphics libraries and development environments.

IRIS Performer and ImageVision OpenGL

OpenGL is an industry-standard environment embraced by more than 30 companies. 2D, 3D, and imaging applications can be developed for a variety of hardware platforms with different operating and window systems. OpenGL includes operators for geometric and raster primitives, viewing and modeling transformations, as well as lighting, shading, blending, fog, hidden surface removal, texture mapping, and other graphics functions. These graphics functions are provided for every conforming OpenGL implementation, whether on a Silicon Graphics system, another vendor's workstation, or a PC. This makes applications written with OpenGL easily portable between platforms.

IRIS Performer

The IRIS Performer toolkit gives developers the means to achieve a fast, consistent frame rate for applications such as visual simulation, interactive entertainment, and simulation-based design. The IRIS Performer libraries are highly tuned for Indigo2 IMPACT, and build on the functionality of OpenGL and the IRIX operating system. With the intelligence to evaluate underlying hardware, IRIS Performer simplifies the management of the visual database, and renders scenes at maximum speeds on all Silicon Graphics workstations.

ImageVision Library

The ImageVision Library (IL) toolkit is an object-oriented extensible library for creating, processing, and displaying images. Its robust core set of image processing functions includes color conversion, arithmetic functions, radiometric and geometric transforms, statistics, spatial and non-spatial domain transforms, and edge, line, and spot detection. These functions simplify the extension of standard function sets to suit specific image processing needs.

Indigo2: Ready For Tomorrow

Silicon Graphics anticipates the needs of tomorrow by delivering the most advanced and affordable workstations today. By starting with a flexible, standards-compliant UNIX operating system and an open-system RISC architecture, Silicon Graphics protects your investment with upgradable microprocessors and power-to-grow scalability.

The Silicon Graphics family of graphics workstations is backed by superior service and technical support. At Silicon Graphics, we've always understood that no amount of technological leadership can meet customer needs without a responsive, well-trained, worldwide service and support infrastructure. As the established leader in visual supercomputing, we give our global customer base experienced technical support.

With breakthrough visualization and performance, Indigo2 provides astounding productivity gains, allowing you to ascend to new levels. For more information on how Indigo2 can help you make an impact, call Silicon Graphics today.

Technical Specifications


CPU/FPU:              R4400     R4400     R4400     R8000
MHz:                  175MHz    200MHz    250MHz    75MHz
Primary Cache (I/D):  16K/16K   16K/16K   16K/16K   16K/16K
Secondary Cache:      1MB       2MB       2MB       2MB
Memory Storage:       32MB to 384MB (R4400)
                      32MB to 640MB (R8000)
I/O:                  2 3.5" bays
                      1 5.25" half-height bay
                      Serial RS422 (38.4 Kbaud)
                      Bidirectional parallel
                      Audio I/O connectors
                      Ethernet (AUI or 10BaseT)
                      GIO-64 slots
                      EISA slots (total of 4 slots)
                      FAST SCSI - 2 channels


Advanced Features:    Alpha blending
                      Accumulation buffer
                      Anti-aliased RGB lines and points
                      Texture mapping
                      Lighting features
                         Spot lighting
                         Eight light sources
                         Two-sided lighting
                         Ambient, diffused, and specular
                      Arbitrary clipping planes
                      Depth cueing
                      Soft shadow and depth of field
                      Sub-pixel positioning
                      Stereo graphics
                      Pan and zoom
                      X11 pixel operations
Color Maps:           2 (4096 colors each)
                      XL 1 (4096 colors each)
IRIS GL/OpenGL:       RGBA quad buffer (stereo)
Display Modes:        RGBA double buffer
                      RGBA single buffer
                      Color index double buffer
                      Color index single buffer
                      (*) Color index double buffer overlay/underlay
                      Color index single buffer overlay/underlay

(*) Available only on Indigo2 IMPACT


Input:                Mono/Stereo microphone
                      (mono electret condenser microphone ships standard)
                      Line-level stereo analog
                      Serial digital stereo (IEC958)
Output:               Stereo headphone output
                      Mono (combined stereo) internal speaker
                      Line-level stereo analog
                      Serial digital stereo (IEC958)
Sampling Rates:       48, 44.1, 32 KHz, and many lower rates
                      Input and output rates are independent
Converters:           Combined DAC and ADC
                      16-bit, delta-sigma, 64X Oversampling
                      Two stereo audio codecs
Connectors:           All 1/8-inch (3.5mm) stereo jack
Video/Compression:    Options available on all Indigo2 systems
Genlock:              Available through video options


Viewport Performance Results (frames/sec.)

                                              Indigo2  Indigo2
                                               High    Maximum
                                  XL    XZ    IMPACT*  IMPACT*

CDRS Viewset Composite:           N/A   N/A    19.83    38.90
Data Explorer Viewset Composite:  N/A   1.64    6.45    12.71
Design Review Viewset Composite:  N/A   N/A     3.52     6.95


Graphics Primitives

                                                        Indigo2  Indigo2
                                                        High     Maximum
                                       XL**     XZ      IMPACT*  IMPACT*

X Lines:                              1.59M     441K     3.2M     3.2M
AA Depth cued (Fogged) Lines:          25K      203K     1.2M     2.0M
Gouraud Tri Strips:                    68K      315K     1.1M     2.2M
Lit Gouraud Z Tri Strips:              50K      176K     730K     1.46M
Lit Textured Gouraud Z Tri Strips:     N/A      N/A      560K     1.1M
Lit Gouraud Z Independent Quads:       18K      65K      300K     600K
Gouraud Fill (pixels/s):               89M      37M      117M     234M
Textured Gouraud Z Fill (pixels/s):    N/A      N/A       65M     130M
Convolutions 3x3 separable (comps/s):  N/A      N/A       30M      60M
Convolutions 3x3 general (comps/s):    N/A      N/A       20M      40M
Convolutions 5x5 separable (comps/s):  N/A      N/A       20M      40M
Color lookups (comps/s):               N/A      N/A       50M     100M

**XL performance measured with 200 MHz R4400 processor

Processor Benchmarks

                         R4400/175*    R4400/200    R4400/250*    R8000/75

AIM:                        118           140          N/A           N/A
SPECint92:                  123           140          176           113
SPECfp92:                   116           131          165           269
LINPACK 1000x1000 DP:       N/A           N/A          N/A           231


Physical Environment

System:               5" H x 18.5" W x 18.5" D; 40 lbs.
19-inch Monitor:      18.7" Hxl 8.9" Wxl 9.9" D; 71.6 lbs.
Power Requirements:   Voltage and Frequency; 100-120/200-240 VAC
Heat Dissipation:     1320 BTU/hour (Indigo2 IMPACT)
                      1000 BTU/hour (Indigo2 XZ/XL)
Ambient Temperature:  +13 to +35 degrees C operating
                      -10 to +65 degrees C non-operating
Relative Humidity:    10% to 80% operating no condensation
                      10% to 95% non-operating no condensation
Altitude:             10,000' operating; 40,000' non-operating
Vibration:            0.02", 5-19Hz; 0.35 G, 19-500Hz

Regulatory Agency Approvals

Electromagnetic:      FCC Class A
Emission:             Canada DOC. Class A
                      CISPR 22 Class B
                      Germany VDE Class B
                      VCCI Class 2
Product Safety:       EN55022 Class B
                      CSA 22.2, No. 950
                      IEC 950
                      EN 60950 Class 1 SELV

For more information please call
U.S. 1(800) 800-7441               Intercontinental 1(415)390.46.14
Europe (41) 22-798.75.25           Latin America 1(415) 390.46.37
Asia Pacific (81) 3-    Canada 1(905) 625-4747

Silicon Graphics World Wide Web Server

Indigo2 IMPACT Home Page

Corporate Office

2011 N. Shoreline Boulevard
Mountain View, CA 94043
(415) 960-1980

1995 Silicon Graphics. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice. Silicon Graphics, the Silicon Graphics logo. Geometry Engine, Indigo, Open GL, ImageVision Library, and IRIS are registered trademarks, and Indigo2, Indigo2 IMPACT, POWER Indigo2 IMPACT, Mindshare, Indigo2 Video, Indigo2 IMPACT Video, Indigo2 IMPACT Compression, IRIS Annotator, IRIS Performer, IRIX, Open Inventor, Inperson, Galileo Video, Showcase, POWER Indigo2, WebMagic, Cosmo Compress, WebFORCE, WebSpace, IRIS GL, and IndyCam are trademarks of Silicon Graphics, Inc. MIPS is a registered trademark, and R8000, R10000 and R4400 are trademarks, of MIPS Technologies, Inc. R4600 is a trademark of Integrated Devices Technology, Inc. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. MediaMail is a trademark of Z-Code Software, Inc. Cray YMP is a trademark of Cray Research. UNIX is a registered trademark in the U.S. and the other countries, licensed exclusively through X/Open Company Limited. All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Image credits, cover: Courtesy of Alias/Wavefront: Truck sketch and truck created by R. Paul, I.D. truck created by G. Mundell, R. Paul, Valve courtesy of Engineering Animation, Inc. Page 3: Tank courtesy of MAK Technolgies, Inc., I.D. truck created by G. Mundell and R. Paul, courtesy of Alias/Wavefront, "Mask" Copyright 1994 New Line Cinema. All rights reserved. Photo courtesy of Industrial Light & Magic. Modeled in Alias PowerAnimator. Page 4, starting at the top: Cyborg created by G. Mundell, E. Notebloom, courtesy of Alias/Wavefront, VoxCube courtesy of Landmark Graphics Corp., Ozone over L.A. data supplied by Erik Riedel, Ted Russell, Carnegie Mellon University, CAD image for XZ graphics courtesy of Cisigraph Corporation, Airbag courtesy of MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation, Coif club courtesy of ICM. Page 5-6, clockwise from the top: Tank courtesy of MAK Technolgies, Inc., I.D. truck created by G. Mundell, R. Paul, courtesy of Alias/Wavefront, Ozone over L.A. data supplied by Erik Riedel, Ted Russell, Carnegie Mellon University, Molecule courtesy of Silicon Graphics, Chemical plant image courtesy of E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., Inc., Heart created by Virginia McArthur, courtesy of Engineering Animation, Inc., Cyborg created by G. Mundell, E. Notebloom, courtesy of Alias/Wavefront, Ballet created using BARCO Graphics CREATOR, VoxCube courtesy of Landmark Graphics Corp., "Mask" Copyright 1994 New Line Cinema. All rights reserved. Photo courtesy of Industrial Light & Magic. Modeled in Alias PowerAnimator. Page 8: Screenshots courtesy of Paradigm Simulation. Page 9: Model courtesy of A.J. Diamond, Donald Schmitt and Company, created with the Lightscape Visualization System.

Indigo2-TM-GD (6/95)

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