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SGI Indigo

Indigo was SGI's main desktop workstation prior to the introduction of Indy, Indigo2 and the R4400 CPU series, although Indigo can utilise the 150MHz R4400SC CPU. See the main SGI index or the Indigo index for other relevant information pages.

[Indigo Picture] IRIS Indigo - A New Class Of Computer

Silicon Graphics' IRIS Indigo workstation represents the original blending of workstation performance with PC simplicity. IRIS Indigo has created a new class of computer called the RISC PC. Plus it offers all of the advanced 3D graphics capabilities that you expect from Silicon Graphics. But it doesn't stop there, Indigo is a lot more than just a computer. It's the concept that drives our design philosophy; one dedicated to people with extreme design, visualization, and compute needs.

Indigo Technology

In order to meet the needs of our customers, IRIS Indigo workstations implement the highest performance technologies available. At the heart of these systems is a workstation engine based upon the MIPS RISC architecture - either the 32-bit R3000A or the 64-bit R4000 processor. IRIS Indigo takes these fast CPU's and surrounds them with a system architecture that is unrivaled in the industry.

The R4000 CPU-based IRIS Indigo's system bus supports a 266MB/sec sustained transfer rate. These same IRIS Indigo workstations utilize 1MB of secondary cache to support the R4000's 16KB of on-chip data and instruction cache. These system elements combine to produce industry leading application performance.

A Level of Graphics for Everyone

Silicon Graphics has established itself as the leader in visual computing, and IRIS Indigo delivers this capability to the desktop. IRIS Indigo offers users a broad range of graphics options. On the low-end, Entry graphics provides a low-cost 8 bit color solution for those looking for a strong general purpose workstation that supports 3D. The XS family utilizes a single Geometry Engine processor to provide a higher level of 3D performance. For solid modeling applications, XZ and Elan offer multiple Geometry Engine processors and 24-bit color. All of these options work inside the same IRIS Indigo chassis, allowing users to invest in a level of technology they need while providing all the flexibility of upgrading in the future as requirements change.

Indigo Magic - Compelling New Ways to Communicate

Silicon Graphics continues to be the leader in changing the way scientists and engineers communicate and present their work. In addition to continuing to define what can be done on the desktop, Indigo provides a user environment and tools that are easy and enjoyable to work with. Indigo Magic gives users immediate access to revolutionary digital media technology through the IRIS Showcase presentation application, IRIS InSight on-line tools, and Media Mosaic end user tools (audio R video control panel, CD/DAT manager, and MovieMaker and MoviePlayer to name a few). All this combined with 16-bit, 4 channel audio and live video capabilities make working with Indigo fun.


CPU/FPU                  R3000      R4000
MHz                      33MHz      100MHz
Primary Cache            32I/32D    8I/8D
Secondary Cache                     1MB

Memory Storage           8MB to 384MB of SIMM memory

I/O                      3 3 1/2" Bays
                         2 Serial RS422 (38.4 k baud)
                         1 Bidirectional Parallel
                         5 Audio I/0 Connectors
                         1 Ethernet
                         2 GIO-32 Slots
                         SCSI channel


Advanced Features        Texture mapping
                         Alpha blending
                         Accumulation buffer
                         Anti-aliased RGB lines and points
                         Full-scene anti-aliasing
                         Lighting features
                           Spot lighting
                           Eight light sources
                           Two-sided lighting
                           Ambient, diffused, and specular
                         Arbitrary clipping planes
                         Depth cueing
                         Soft shadow and depth of field
                         Sub-pixel positioning
                         Stenciling (XS, XS24,, Elan)
                         Stereo graphics (XS, XS24, Elan)
                         Pan and zoom
                         Sphere rendering
                         X11 pixel operations
Color Maps               4 (256 colors each) - IRIS Indigo
                         2 (4096 colors each)
                           (XS, XS24, XZ, Elan)

IRIS GL Display Modes    RGB double buffer
                         RGB single buffer
                         Color index double buffer
                         Color index single buffer
                         Stereo viewer connector
                           (XS, XS24, XZ, Elan)


Controller/Processor     Motorola 56001 DSP 0 20 MHz
Input/Output             Stereo line-level analog
                         Mono microphone
                         Serial digital (stereo), lEC958
                         Stereo headphone
                         Internal mono speaker
Sampling Rates           48, 44.1, 32 KHz, and many lower rates
Converters               Analog to digital conversion
                           (16 bit stereo, 64 I/C oversampling)
                         Digital to analog conversion
                           (stereo 16/18 bit stereo, 8x oversampling
                            with digital filter)
Connectors               5 stereo mini-phone jacks, 1/8 inch (3.5 mm)
Video                    Video slot on graphics board
                         Independent video bus
                         Genlock (XS, XS24, XZ, Elan)

R4000 Performance
                                  Entry       XS         XZ         Elan

2D Vectors                        600K       260K        520K       1M
3D Vectors, Depth Cued            380K       140K        280K       555K
3D Tmesh (F, Nz)                  100K       98K         196K       370K
3D Tmesh (GS, Z, L)               26K        50K         100K       180K
3D Quad (GS, Z, L)                13K        24K         45K        88K
Screen Clear                      19msec     9msec       9msec      9msec
Fill Rate Rectangle (500x500)     40M        40M         40M        40M

                 R4000          R3000

MHz               100            33
MIPS              85             30
MFLOPS            16             4.2
SPEC 89           70             26
SPEC 92 INT       59             22.4
SPEC 92 FP        61             24.2

Physical Environment

System                  15 inches H x 9.5 inches W x 10.9 inches D 24 lbs.
16-Inch Monitor         16.1 inches H x 16.0 inches W x 18.8 inches D 52.9 lbs
19-Inch Monitor         18.7 inches H x 18.9 inches W x 19.9 inches D 71.6 lbs
Power Requirements      Voltage and Frequency
                        100-240 VAC
                        2.7 - 1.8A 47-63 Hz
                        120 V 2.5A (without monitor)
                        120 V 2.5A (with monitor)
Heat Dissipation        1200 BTU/hour
Ambient Temperature     +13 to +35 degrees C operating
                        -40 to +65 degrees C non-operating
Noise                   36 dB (A) in typical operating position
Relative Humidity       10% to 80% operating no condensation
                        10% to 95% non-operating no condensation
Altitude                10,000 feet operating
                        40,000 feet non-operating
Vibration               0.02 inches, 5-19 Hz
                        0.35 G, 19-500 Hz

Regulatory Agency Approvals

                    R3000/R4000 XS, XZ, XS24,                 R3000
                   Elan and R4000 Indigo Entry             Indigo entry

Electromagnetic            FCC Class A                     FCC Class B
Emissions               Canada DOC Class A              Canada DOC Class B
                         CISPR 22 Class A                CISPR 22 Class B
                        EC EN55022 Class A              EC EN55022 Class B
                   Germany VFg 251/1991 Class A    Germany VFg 243/1991 Class B
                           VCCI Class 1                    VCCI Class 2
Product Safety      UL 1950, CSA 22.2 No. 950       UL 1950, CSA 22.2 No. 950
                   IEC 950 EN 60950 Class 1 SELV   IEC 950 EN 60950 Class 1 SELV
Ergonomic/Health     Germany ZH618 ISO 9241           Germany ZH618 ISO 9241

For more information please call:

U.S. 1(800) 800-7441              South Pacific (61) 2-879.95.00
Europe (41) 22-798.75.25          Latin America 1(415) 390.58.28
North Pacific (81) 3-$420.71.10   Canada 1(416) 625-4747

Corporate Office

2011 N. Shoreline Boulevard,
Mountain View, CA 94043
(415) 960-1980

Copyright 1993 Silicon Graphics, Inc All rights reserved.

Silicon Graphics, the Silicon Graphics logo, Geometry Engine, and IRIS are registered trademarks, and IRIS Indigo, Indigo2, Indigo Magic, IRIS Showcase, Media Mosaic, IRIS GL, and IRIS InSight are trademarks of Silicon Graphics, Inc. MIPS and R4000 are registered trademarks, and R3000A is a trademark of MIP5 Technologies, Inc.

IND2-FAM-DS-D (07/93) BW

Ian's SGI Depot: FOR SALE! SGI Systems, Parts, Spares and Upgrades

(check my current auctions!)
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