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IRIS Impressario 1.1

Printing and Scanning

[Impressario Panels] IRIS Impressario is a revolutionary open architecture breakthrough in printing and scanning that defines performance which is unsurpassed by any other vendor's printing and scanning solution. With Impressario, every user across your network can submit print jobs, customize printing and scanning options, and monitor the status of their devices in real time.

A full suite of interactive graphical toots makes Impressario easy to use. What's more, power users and developers can get C and C++ APIs to quickly harness all this functionality with the Impressario Developer's Kit! Impressario truly delivers unsurpassed power and ease-of-use to end users, system administrators and developers.

Unsurpassed Speed

One of the Impressario design goals was to "always run at the device's full rated speed." This design goal has been achieved for printing by implementing a true Adobe PostScript interpreter and a suite of high-performance printer drivers. The open scanning architecture of Impressario is optimized for throughput and easily keeps up with the fastest color flatbed scanners.

The Impressario PostScript interpreter has been benchmarked at over 250 pages-per-minute on a 16MB R4000 IRIS Crimson - up to 100 times faster than PostScript interpreters built into printers. Printer drivers run in parallel to this powerhouse RIP, thereby allowing the interpreter to always stay a page ahead of the output device. No other system vendor has a faster printing and scanning solution.

In addition, since Impressario software is binary-compatible across the entire Silicon Graphics product line, you can increase your performance anytime, through a simple hardware upgrade. No more wasting money on commodity, printer-based, PostScript interpreters that are sure to be obsolete within a year.

Fully Customizable

Other printing and scanning solutions give users almost no control over the features of their devices. Now you can take advantage of your specific device's capabilities. Impressario showcases them, and makes your customizations available to all applications.

Impressario provides intuitive, easy-to-use graphical options panels, with each printer and scanner. Users can point-and-click to set such device specific options as resolution, page size, color adjustment and more. Additional controls for text fonts and scaling come standard on every printer options panel. Users can then click to save those options, and thereafter every application on the system will print with those settings.

Real-Time Status

Impressario solves one of the biggest problems with shared, networked printers: the inability to see printer status. The Impressario "PrintStatus" tool, pictured above, gives up-to-the-second detailed status of any printer, anywhere on the network. Not only do you know when any printer on your network is broken or out of paper, but you get advanced warning of impending problems. Some devices will warn you of low toner or ink, allowing you to predict and avoid any printing glitches. No other system solution provides such easy-to-use, real-time status monitoring!

No More Expensive Add-Ons

Why pay extra for low-performance, printer-dedicated network hardware when every Silicon Graphics system already has high-efficiency networking built in? Impressario takes full advantage of the power of your existing Silicon Graphics workstation, with every printer automatically networked, at no additional cost to you.

Every Impressario resource is automatically network sharable, from the Adobe Type I Fonts on your workstation to memory and disk resources. With the Impressario networked solution, you don't need to waste money on printer upgrades. You can upgrade your workstation and get higher printing, and scanning performance, and workstation productivity, simultaneously.

Drag-and-Drop Printing

With Impressario you can send virtually any file to any printer, anywhere on the network, simply by dragging the file's icon onto the printer's icon. Powerful file recognition and conversion software automatically recognizes the most popular file formats and converts them at ultra-high speed to the format required for your particular printer.

Impressario learns as you install new software. Each Workspace compatible software package includes conversion rules which allow Impressario to recognize and print each new filetype as it is added. There are no more manual file conversions or ugly command line interfaces. Impressario delivers the printing interface that makes sense.

What to Buy

Impressario has three parts: the Client, the Server, and the Developer's Kit. All three parts run on any Silicon Graphics workstation running IRIX 4.0.5 or later, including IRIX 5 [or later].

Impressario Server (SC4-IMPS-1.1)

The Server package is required for each workstation that will be directly connected to a printer. The Server includes a true Adobe PostScript interpreter, 22 Type I Adobe Fonts, a powerful set of file conversion tools, and a set of printer drivers for the most popular printers (see specification list). Impressario Server also includes one copy of the Impressario Client, allowing the server to use both Client and Server capabilities, simultaneously.

Impressario Client (SC4-IMPC-1.1)

The Client package is required on each Silicon Graphics workstation that will be directly connected to a scanner, or access the Impressario Server for printing. The Client contains the graphical tools for submitting, customizing, and monitoring print jobs, as well as the extended 22 Type I Adobe Fonts, the scanner tools, and a set of scanner drivers for the most popular desktop scanners (see specification list). Additional Client packages are available in a reduced-price, right-to-use package.

Developer's Kit (SC4-IMPD-1.1)

In order to provide these benefits to developers, the IRIS Impressario Developer's Kit provides full source access to a powerhouse of portable, robust C-language API's and Motif widgets. The Developer's Kit meets the needs of both application developers looking for a robust interface to industry-standard spoolers, and device driver developers wishing to showcase their printers and scanners in the IRIS Impressario environment.


Never before has such a complete printing environment been available for UNIX workstations. With Adobe Display PostScript and IRIS Impressario, true screen-to-paper fidelity is finally a reality. Step up to IRIS Impressario and watch your printing problems disappear. To order IRIS Impressario or request more information, contact your nearest Silicon Graphics Sales representative.


Product Requirements:

IRIS Impressario Server Includes Printer Support for [newer releases of Impressario add support for more printers and scanners, eg. Laserjet 5, etc.]:

Vendor-Supported Printers:

SCSI Scanner Support Included with Impressario:

Vendor-supported scanners:

(*) Products available through ExpressWare

For more information please call:

U.S. 1(800) 800-7441              South Pacific (61) 2-879.95.00
Europe (41) 22-798.75.25          Latin America 1(415) 390.58.28
North Pacific (81) 3-$420.71.10   Canada 1(416) 625-4747

Corporate Office

2011 N. Shoreline Boulevard,
Mountain View, CA 94043
(415) 960-1980

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Silicon Graphics, the Silicon Graphics logo and IRIS are registered trademarks and Personal IRIS is a trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc.; MIPS is a registered trademark of MIPS Computer Systems. Cpyright 1989, Silicon Graphics Inc. All rights reserved.


Ian's SGI Depot: FOR SALE! SGI Systems, Parts, Spares and Upgrades

(check my current auctions!)
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