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Indigo2 IMPACT : Molecular Modeling

Faster Time-to-Insight

[IMPACT helps Scientific Visualisation] Power Visualization on the Desktop

A new dimension of molecular visualization capabilities on the desktop has arrived for today's molecular modeler. The Indigo2 IMPACT workstation from Silicon Graphics delivers a revolutionary desktop solution with new releases from top software developers, including BIOSYM, Molecular Simulations, Tripos, and others. For computational analysis, the Power Indigo2 IMPACT, based on the MIP R8000 processor, offers an unprecedented combination of supercomputing power and advanced graphics.

Fundamental capbilities for molecular modelers include interactive high-quality graphics viewed in stereo, and quick access to and interaction with molecular properties and attributes. Indigo2 IMPACT delivers these capabilities in a robust and powerful desktop solution.

Interactive, high-qualty graphics come from the world's leader in 3D graphics, with additional support for high-quality lines, all delivered in quad-buffered stereo windows that give the modeler maximum control of screen space. Indigo2 IMPACT delivers new benefits for real-time analysis of molecular properties to help research efforts and focus.

[Gouraud vs. Textured] Analyze Molecular Properties in Real Time

For more than two decades, texture mapping has been used in visual simulation and animation to produce realistic imagery. High-performance texture mapping, combined with interactive 3D modeling capabilities, allows the analysis of molecular properties in real time, including property mapping, information filtering, and property clipping. This allows the researcher to access the data of interest by removing irrelevant information, focusing research efforts and insight.

In 1992, Silicon Graphics introduced this technology in hardware on general-purpose workstations. In 1994, the meaning of textures was redefined to extend the applications of texture mapping to the domain of scientific, technical, and engineering visualization. Texture mapping as a new tool for molecular graphics is "the most significant contribution to scientific visualization in the last five years," according to Fred Brooks, Kenan Professor of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina. Now, high-end texture mapping capabilities are available for the first time on the desktop.

[Property Mapping for Precision] Property Mapping for Precision

Color coding is the most popular means of screening molecular properties on solid surfaces. With texture mapping supported on Power Indigo2 IMPACT, this can be done faster and more accurately. The combination of floating-point power and texture mapping enables the results of computational analysis to be rendered with unprecedented levels of precision on the desktop.

[Property Mapping for Precision] Information Filtering Gives Better Insight

This form of property mapping allows the user to filter and extract just the right amount of information of interest. The cumulative effects of more than one property at a time can be compared.

[Analysis with Property Clipping] Investigation through Property Clipping

To investigate the structural origin of a molecular function, transparency may be employed to remove portions of a surface. The interactive performance of texture mapping on Indigo2 IMPACT allows modification of threshold parameters in real time and the exchange of the properties under study. This narrows down various functional aspects of the structure and the modeler gains new insight while conducting the visual inspection.

Work with Stereo in a Window

Indigo2 IMPACT also provides a new way of looking at the third dimension. Choose which window will appear in stereo mode, avoiding blurred menu buttons and text editors. The rest of the screen remains non-stereo for easier use of other applications.

The Leader in Molecular Modeling

Work with the leader in molecular modeling applications for workstations and servers and see what a difference Silicon Graphics can make.

SGI's WWW site has more information on Indigo2 IMPACT

Typed up by Ian Mapleson (mapleson@gamers.org)
Original Document Code: I2-Imp-Chem-IB (6/95)
Last Change: 04/Jun/98

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