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Indigo2 IMPACT Video

[Indigo2 Image] Dazzling Digital Video

To satisfy the demanding requirements of post-production and broadcast professionals, Silicon Graphics delivers the 10-bit all-digital Indigo2 IMPACT Video I/O option board.

With multiple channels of input and output, industry-standard video formats, and real-time video processing, Indigo2 IMPACT Video transforms the high-performance Silicon Graphics Indigo2 IMPACT workstation into a new category of desktop tool for the video professional: the first truly capable desktop digital video workstation.

Flexible Video Formats

Send and receive live component video from any serial CCIR-601/SMPTE-259M-compliant device, at the highest quality possible in contemporary video production. Compatible with 525 line (NTSC) and 625 line (PAL) standards, Indigo2 IMPACT Video accommodates all major formats of serial digital video I/O.

For conversion requirements to and from component or composite analog video, high-quality D/A and A/D solutions from third parties are readily available and affordable. Additional connections provide genlock input, genlock loopthrough, and GPI trigger signals. Utilizing the high-quality genlock, output can be locked to analog house sync or either digital input.

Meeting Fundamental Needs

Building on its broadcast-quality, 10-bit digital video architecture, the distinctive array of features of Indigo2 IMPACT Video provides a solid foundation for unlimited applications. Harness the power of Indigo2 IMPACT graphics with real-time video and key/alpha output of the 32-bit, double-buffered graphics for broadcast applications. For post-production professionals, Indigo2 IMPACT Video can capture and play back uncompressed 10-bit video to and from main system memory.

Expanding Horizons

Combine Indigo2 IMPACT Video with the Indigo2 IMPACT Compression option card to capture digital video signals to disk in real time. Serial digital video I/O coupled with low compression ratios creates an unbeatable combination, dramatically reducing storage and network bandwidth requirements, and enabling demanding applications such as spot playback and non-linear video editing.

Enhance Live Video with Graphics

For the first time, advanced graphics processing and real-time digital video I/O coexist in a desktop environment. The advanced design of this option provides real-time video processing for any combination of sources - computer graphics, rendered animation, and live or stored video. The real-time, 8-bit alpha blender and key generator enable live creation of many fundamental video effects, including:

Optional Color Space Conversion and Video Texture Mapping

An optional high-quality, 10-bit color space conversion daughterboard gives Indigo2 IMPACT Video the ability to translate between YUVA and RGBA with high accuracy in real-time. When no alpha channel is supplied, this option also allows you to create alpha channels from superblack YUV. This option also supplies a sophisticated technique for video texture mapping - the ability to use a video signal as a texture map on any 3D object, enabling true 3D digital video effects at refreshingly low costs.

Digital Media Libraries

Providing a reliable foundation for synchronizing audio and video data streams, digital media development libraries (video library, compression library, movie library, and audio library) provide software developers complete control of the video option capabilities. Programmers can access all functions, including:

ImageVision Library, Inventor, and the Developer Magic visual development environment complete the software programming toolkit. These interfaces enable programmers to develop the unique applications which help Indigo2 IMPACT and Indigo2 IMPACT Video provide the foundation for the digital studio of the twenty-first century.

Indigo2 IMPACT Video Technical Specifications

[Indigo2 IMPACT Video Structural Diagram]

System compatibility

Input Data Format

Input Signal characteristics

Video/Key            Scramble NRZI 270Mb/sec
Reference            Composite Video (High-impedance loop through)
GPI                  0-5 volts, TTL pull-down
Connectors           Terminated 75 ohm BNC connectors
Input Equalization   Capable of equalizing up to 300 meters of
                     Belden 8281 cable at 270Mb/sec

Output Data Format

Output Signal Characteristics

Video/Key       Scramble NRZI 270Mb/sec (800MY 10%)
connectors      Terminated 75 ohm BNC connectors
Rise Time	less than 1ns 20-80%
clock Jitter	720ps peak-to-peak 10Hz to 10KHz

Other Formats Supported

Two channels 8-bit arbitrary data at 270Mb/sec
One channel RP-1 75 (RGBA 8- or 10-bit)

For more information please call:

U.S. 1(800) 800-7441
Europe (41) 22-798.75.25
Asia Pacific (81) 3-

Intercontinental 1(415) 933.46.14
Latin America 1(415) 933.46.37
Canada 1(905) 625-4747

Copyright 1995 5ilicon Graphics, Inc. All rights reserved. Specilications subject to change without notice. Silicon Graphics, Indigo, ImageVision Library, and the Silicon Graphics logo are registered trademarks and Indigo2 IMPACT video, Indigo2, Indigo2 IMPACT, Indigo2 IMPACT Compression, Inventor, and Developer Magic are trademarks of tilicon Graphics, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

Typed up by Ian Mapleson (mapleson@gamers.org)
Original Document Code: I2-Imp-Video-DS (10/95)
Last Change: 21/Jun/98

Ian's SGI Depot: FOR SALE! SGI Systems, Parts, Spares and Upgrades

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