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Indigo2 IMPACT Compression

[Indigo2 Image] Full-Resolution, Full-Motion Video Capture

The Indigo2 IMPACT Compression motion JPEG option card from Silicon Graphics provides two independent channels of full-resolution, full-motion, real-time video compression and decompression for the Indigo2 IMPACT family of desktop workstations. Combined with sophisticated third-party software applications, this option works alone or with the Indigo2 IMPACT Video serial digital video I/O option card to form a powerful tool for video production, digital video distribution, motion video analysis, and video-based training.

Indigo2 IMPACT Compression overcomes the obstacle presented by the colossal data streams of video sources. It is a vital component of the digital studio of the twenty-first century, combining leading computer graphics, image processing, digital video, and high-quality video in an efficient, desktop environment. With this option, you can tap the power of the digital studio without sacrificing image size, frame rate, or storage capacity.

Real-Time Performance

Utilizing the expansive bandwidth of your Indigo2 IMPACT workstation, this option provides the horsepower for processing two channels of JPEG data simultaneously. Encode or decode two channels in any combination. The advanced design of Indigo2 IMPACT enables capture and playback of full-resolution full-motion video, compressed as low as 2:1.

Indigo2 IMPACT Compression provides real-time color space conversion and image scaling when decompressing to main memory - crucial for flexible viewing of video clips and processing sophisticated transitions and effects.

Freedom of Choice

The excessive data rates produced by video sources force difficult decisions. Sometimes image quality rates highest priority. At other times, considerations for storage size and transmission bandwidth are more important. Flexible software controls support settings for constant image quality or constant bit rate. When image quality is your primary concern, you can capture video uncompressed, eliminating the possibility of artifacts.

Stand-Alone or with Indigo2 IMPACT Video

Highly integrated Indigo2 IMPACT Compression provides everything required for most video applications: video I/O (composite or S-video) with genlock, capture, compression/decompression, and playback.

It is compatible with all Indigo2 IMPACT graphics solutions, and is ideal for collaboration, previewing animations, and non-linear editing.

For applications that demand broadcast quality, Indigo2 IMPACT Compression combines with Indigo2 IMPACT Video. The two cards are then linked by a dedicated data path, ensuring the real-time passage of digital video data and allowing compressed digital video streams to be used as elements in sophisticated effects such as real-time keying, blending, and video texture mapping. This complete digital video solution provides ideal environment for broadcast-quality nonlinear editing, spot playback, and still storage.

Digital Media Libraries

Providing a reliable foundation for syn- chronizing audio and video data streams, digital media development libraries (video library, compression library, movie library, and audio library) provide software devel- opers complete control of the this options capabilities. Programmers can access all functions, including:

ImageVision Library, Inventor, and the Developer Magic visual development environment complete the software programming toolkit. These interfaces enable programmers to develop the unique applications which help Indigo2 IMPACT, Indigo2 IMPACT Compression, and Indigo2 IMPACT Video provide the foundation for the digital studio of the twenty-first century.

Indigo2 IMPACT Compression Technical Specifications

[Indigo2 IMPACT Video/Compression Structural Diagram]

[Indigo2 IMPACT Compression Structural Diagram]

System compatibility

Indigo2 IMPACT
Single-slot GIO64 card
Internal digital video interface to Indigo2 IMPACT Video

Video Inputs      Outputs           Connectors

Composite Composite RCA Phono Jack Y/C (S-Video) Y/C (S-Video) S-Video (mini circular DIN)

Only one input selectable at a time

Standards Supported

                              Sampling     Pixel Resolution
NTSC square pixel (525/60)    12.27MHz     640 x 486
NTSC CCIR-601 (525/60)        13.5MHz      720 x 486
PAL square pixel (625/50)     14.38MHz     768 x 576
PAL CCIR-601 (625/50)         13.5MHz      720 x 576


2 independent JPEG compression/decompression channels
Zoran ZR36050 and ZR36016 per channel
2 uncompressed (raw) channels
Real-time color space conversion between RGB and YUV
Arbitrary scaling of all video formats to 8 x 8 pixels
Audio/video synchronization

Compression/Decompression Modes

Down to 2:1 software selectable
60 fields/30 frames per second or 30 fields per second NTSC video
50 fields/25 frames per second or 25 fields per second PAL video
Full or half resolution vertically and/or horizontally
Frame-by-frame mode
Up to 4096 x 4096 image size

For more information please call:

U.S. 1(800) 800-7441
Europe (41) 22-798.75.25
Asia Pacific (81) 3-

Intercontinental 1(415) 933.46.14
Latin America 1(415) 933.46.37
Canada 1(905) 625-4747

Copyright 1995 5ilicon Graphics, Inc. All rights reserved. Specilications subject to change without notice. Silicon Graphics, Indigo, ImageVision Library, and the Silicon Graphics logo are registered trademarks and Indigo2 IMPACT video, Indigo2, Indigo2 IMPACT, Indigo2 IMPACT Compression, Inventor, and Developer Magic are trademarks of tilicon Graphics, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

Typed up by Ian Mapleson (mapleson@gamers.org)
Original Document Code: I2-Imp-Comp-DS (10/95)
Last Change: 21/Jun/98

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