Garage / Yard Sale (Sannox)

Fri 5th to Sat 13th August

10am to 6pm

Last Change: 07/Aug/2022, 2316hrs.

For queries, please email: (or call Sannox 810228)

Location Map for Sonaburn
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Yard Sale

I am holding a garage/yard sale at Sonaburn in Sannox from 05/Aug until 13/Aug, 10am to 6pm. It was originally going to be just four days, but inclement weather delayed my being able to put a great deal of what there is to display out on the driveway. Now though the weather is improving, and since plenty of people were visiting even on Sunday I decided it made sense to just keep going for a while. If you've already been I recommend coming again, because there's more to see now than there was on Friday when I started. :D

Aswell as the items shown below, there are also many clothes, shoes, linens, garden/workshop items, etc. which I never had time to list on this page, especially clothes and workshop items.


If coming from south of Sannox then go right through the village, past the quarry and then likewise the house is on the left, on the corner bend, before going over the river bridge.

If coming from north of Sannox, the house is immediately after the golf club & cafe, just after crossing the river bridge, right on the corner bend. If you reach the main Sannox village sign then you've gone too far.

Here's a mapping site which lets one zoom in and even shows the house names & numbers.

Yard Sale Notes

Parking: since I need the main driveway to display everything, there will not be any parking at the property. If you're coming by car, parking is available either side of the nearby bus stop in Sannox village, sometimes at the quarry entrance, or there's the cafe & golf club across the river bridge, but if parking there then please visit the cafe aswell. 8)

Weather: I have a constructed a rudimentary rain cover, biased towards the areas for womens' clothing and shoes. Chaps can shelter under the tree. :)

Payments: cash only (bring change! I'll have some, but hard to know in advance how fast it may get used up)

Clear/Cloudy Lemonade available (chilled), 10p a cup, free ice if desired. Fingers crossed for hot days, hehe. 8)

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Pets are not permitted on site. Apologies for this but alas the risk of damage, etc. is too great.

For your safety and security, CCTV recording will be active on site.

Note I will not sell kitchen knives or relevant workshop/garden tools to those who appear to be under 21, so please bring photo ID if you can.

Toilet available on request.

Bring carrier bags if you can. Again I will have some, but they may run out.

Items marked as free: charitable donations are welcome, all going to Alzheimer's Society (there will be a donations box present), though of course visitors are welcome to donate regardless (my step-Dad had dementia, while my Mum had Alzheimer's).

Clothing: the relevance of clothing and shoes is of course size and style dependent, personal preference, etc. For ladies, the typical size is 20 (plus or minus 2), while shoes are size 6 to 8 (but mostly 7). For mensware, the typical waist size is 40" or 42" (102 or 107cm) with some of 38" or 44" (97 or 112cm), chest size 44" to 46" (112 to 117cm), size XL for jumpers/jerseys/shirts/etc. where so labelled, trouser inside leg 33" (84cm), while shoes are mostly size 12 (plus or minus 1). There are also about a dozen suit jackets and coats. Clothing brands include among others:

And shoe brands include among others:

Check back here for updates! 8)

My sincere thanks to everyone who has bought or collected things during 2021/2, I know my late Mum (Brenda) and step-Dad (Bob) would have been pleased that so many things have found new homes and people to cherish them, they were both, as I am, very much of the make-do-and-mend mindset. There are though still a great many items that remain, hence the yard sale.

The rest of this page is the old contents, frozen as of 14/Jul/2022...

SYATYS = See You At The Yard Sale

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Car Maintenance/Repair




Please see also Item 1903 in the Electrical section, a large folded horn speaker which given its aesthetic appeal is as much an item of furniture as it is an impressive sound source.

Electronic and Media Devices, Parts and Accessories

DVD Movies, TV Series, Documentaries, etc.

Each item will state how many discs are included and the total run time.

Prerecorded VHS Movies and TV Series (mostly free!)


Ornamental Trinket Boxes, Chests, Tubs and Pots

Music CDs

I have lots more CDs to add here, coming soon! If you're interested, let me know and I'll send you an email/PM when the items have been included.


Kitchen Appliances, Pots, Pans, Dishes, etc.

Kitchen Storage Jars, Tins and Tubs

Kitchen Utensils and Cutlery

For all kitchen knives listed, I can sharpen them if desired before collection, though some are already just fine, vintage knives often being of better quality anyway, and they certainly look better than modern products which are visually sterile. Please note that I will not sell or give knives to anyone who is or appears to be under 21; thus, apologies in advance if you happen to look kinda young and I ask to see ID.

Tea/Dinner Service Sets, Main & Side Plates, Cup & Saucer Sets

Teacups without matching saucers are listed in the Mugs, Tea Cups and Glasses section below.

Mugs, Tea Cups and Glasses

Outdoors and Camping

Women's Clothing

All clothes and linen items have been freshly washed (despite already being stored clean in proper airing cupboards) and where relevant also ironed.

Men's Clothing

All clothes and linen items have been freshly washed (despite already being stored clean in proper airing cupboards) and where relevant also ironed.

Belts for Trousers, Skirts, Jackets, etc.

Hats, Scarves and Ties

Clothing Accessories and Hair Care

Shoes and Shoe Care

Home Wares

Linens (towels, sheets, blankets, etc.)

Note that sometimes I don't have the floor space to fully unfold certain items, in which case they will overlap themselves on the left side, or possibly shown folded in half.

Bathroom and Personal Care

Office and Stationary

Knitting/Sewing/Cross Stitch and other Related Items & Materials


Paintings and Pictures

Unless stated otherwise, all picture sizes are of the overall frame, so bare this in mind. Primarily given in inches (often rounded to the nearest quarter inch), with cm in brackets. Original high resolution versions of every image are available, please ask if required and I can email them. You are welcome to inspect the works in person before making any decision and no obligation is inferred by coming to have a look. Note that any work for which the artist created a proper title will have said title within single quotes, hence any other title not within single quotes is my own invention based on the depicted scene.

Many of the paintings, oils, cross stitch & crochet works, etc. listed here were made by my late Mother, Mrs. Brenda England. I've set the prices lower than she did though when originally exhibiting them at the Burnside and elsewhere, as alas they all have to go (I've already kept quite a few).

Note that while taking pictures recently, some dust got into my camera mechanism, so images for item numbers above approx. 1200 will have a blurry spec in the middle right (please take this into account), or the lower third if the image has been rotated to portrait.



Clocks and Watches