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Indigo2 IMPACT : Boosting Productivity
of Asset Management Teams

[Landmark's VoxCube] Asset Management: The Key to Breakthrough Productivity

In an effort to find and produce more hydrocarbons at lower cost, oil companies around the globe have already done the hard work of downsizing and streamlining operations. They've consolidated core strengths by assembling interdisciplinary groups of geoscientists and engineers into asset management teams. They're now looking to these teams for breakthrough productivity gains that will lead to more effective, efficient exploration and production.

Technology to Boost Asset Management Team Payback

The Indigo2 IMPACT workstation from Silicon Graphics lets asset management teams achieve their full potential. It provides a desktop workstation with fast processing power and revolutionary graphics capabilities tailored to the needs of the petroleum industry.

The Indigo2 IMPACT graphics system marries volume rendering and hardware texture mapping with traditional surface-based 3D graphics. This unqiue capability allows graphics images to become the common language uniting the asset management team.

[Landmark's SurfCube] The Shared Earth Model: Enhancing Asset Management Effectiveness

Effective collaboration will require the ability to view, share, and manipulate extremely large 3D earth models comprised of integrated geologic, geometric, engineering, and site datasets. This digitally integrated earth model, and the ability for multiple, geographically dispersed team members to instantly view and interact with all component parts, are the keys to achieving non-linear productivity gains. Archival, rapid retrieval and dissemination, and easy updating all contribute to the power of the electronic shared earth model. It not only provides a common language, but also raises the potential for collaboration to a new level by incorporating sound, video, and textual data in addition to all core seismic information.

Indigo2 IMPACT: Maximizing the Potential of Your Asset Management Teams

With its innovative combination of fast, interactive graphics, digital media, high-end visualization, and supercomputing, Indigo2 IMPACT delivers the power geoscientists need to implement shared earth models. They can view extremely large seismic datasets, integrate them with geology and engineering data, and generate accurate, easy-to-understand 3D earth models in context and in real time.

[Landmark's VoxCube and volume rendering] Unique Volumetric Data Visualization Capabilities for Seeing Data in Context

Indigo2 IMPACT is the first desktop computer system capable of true 3D volume visualization. With Indigo2 IMPACT, explorationists can see changes almost instantly as they interact with data. Indigo2 IMPACT makes it easy to perform quick reconnaissance, pick geological structures, refine interpretations, check structural geometry and amplitudes, and even set voxel (volume element) attributes to make unneeded data transparent. By visualizing complex datasets this way, geoscientists gain rapid insight into the model, because they can ask any question in 3D - and get 3D answers in seconds.

High-Performance 2D and 3D Graphics Acceleration

With full data fusion capabilities built into the underlying technology of Indigo2 IMPACT, traditional geometric data - including 2D and 3D displays - can easily be incorporated into a volume visualization framework. The resulting unified earth model makes it possible for all asset team members to work with the same information, and communicate more effectively with colleagues and management.

Deployable and Cost-Effective

Indigo2 IMPACT is compact and can be operated virtually anywhere, giving exploration and exploitation teams around the world immediate access to processing, interpretation, modeling, and simulation. These capabilities, combined with wordwide service and support, make Silicon Graphics the strategic business partner for our petroleum customers.

The Net Result: More Effective Decision Making

From data acquisition to interpretation and final management presentations, Indigo2 IMPACT dramatically boosts team effectiveness. Through 3D visualization technology, geologists and geophysicists can compress weeks of interpretation into hours. And everyone has the same clear, threedimensional unified earth model to promote more complete understanding of the reservoir - and support more effective decision making.

Silicon Graphics: For the Competitive Edge

The fastest-growing computer company in the world, Silicon Graphics pioneered the development of color three-dimensional computing and provides the worlds most powerful visual computing systems, ranging from supercomputers to affordable desktop workstations.

Silicon Graphics is rapidly becoming the strategic computing partner of choice for the petroleum industry.

Typed up by Ian Mapleson (mapesdhs@yahoo.com)
Original Document Code: I2-Imp-AMT-IB (6/95)
Last Change: 27/Sep/2004

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