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NOTE: This application brief does not mention the later 90MHz R8000 [360MFLOPS] or IR graphics
It also doesn't state very clearly that this system can have up to 2 R8000 CPUs

SGI Corporate Logo

Single CPU POWER Onyx

Deskside Supercomputer

[Single CPU POWER Onyx] Deskside Visual Supercomputer

The single-processor POWER Onyx workstation gives researchers and scientists an affordable, integrated visual supercomputer. POWER Onyx combines supercomputer processing capability with the world's leading graphics. Utilizing the 64-bit RISC MIPS R8000 75MHz CPU and delivering up to 300 peak MFLOPS, the single-processor POWER Onyx is the world's fastest uniprocessor graphics workstation, bar none. Tightly coupled with either Extreme Graphics or RealityEngine2 graphics subsystems, POWER Onyx creates an entirely new paradigm for affordable supercomputing and visualization.

Innovative CPU Technology

At the core of POWER Onyx is the 64-bit RISC MIPS R8000 microprocessor - the fastest microprocessor in production. Specifically optimized for floating-point performance, the R8000 delivers peak performance roughly equivalent to a Cray YMP processor unit.

Integrated Visualization

The key difference between POWER Onyx and any other supercomputer is its integrated visualization capabilities. POWER Onyx meets the wide-ranging needs of users in such diverse fields as computational chemistry, oil/gas, molecular modeling, weather analysis and modeling, structural and fluid dynamics, image processing, animation rendering, and more.

Extreme Graphics - Interactive Visualization

As the low-cost entry into the POWER Onyx family, Extreme Graphics provides fast interactive 3D graphics and is based on a single graphics board design delivering 600K triangle-meshes per second, 180K Gouraud shaded quads per second, and I million 3D lines per second.

RealityEngine2 - The World's Fastest Graphics

RealityEngine2 graphics subsystems offer the highest performance and most advanced features of any computer graphics system available. RealityEngine2 is based on a scalable and expandable graphics architecture containing 1.2 gigaflops of floating-point processing power dedicated solely to the task of accelerating geometric and image processing functions. Its advanced texturing and antialiasing capabilities deliver unprecedented performance and realism for complex 3D visualization tasks.

Unrivaled Expandability and Performance

Of paramount importance to any computer is a well-balanced system architecture capable of providing sufficient bandwidth for all key aspects of the systemCPU, memory, I/O, graphics, and networking. POWER Onyx is based on a 1.2GB per second system bus that allows for optimum application throughput and maximum expandability. The single-processor POWER Onyx, available in a compact deskside chassis, supports up to 2GB of main memory, 14GB of internal disk storage, and can be easily upgraded to a dual R8000 processor configuration.

Platform Specifications:

Single-Processor POWER Onyx

Processor Data

Type                            MIPS R8000
Quantity                        1, upgradable to 2
Primary Cache                   16KB instructions, 16KB data
Additional Cache                4MB per processor
SPECint92                       108
SPECfp92                        310
Peak MFLOPS                     300
DP MFLOPS (Linpack 1000x1000)	260


64MB to 2GB
1 or 2-way interleaving
ECC protected


Extreme Graphics or

Operating System

IRIX 6.0

Graphics Specifications:

                             Extreme Graphics    RealityEngine2
Triangle Meshes/sec                600K               1.6M
T-Mesh Gouraud Z, lit              370K               1.0M
T-Mesh Textured	                    2K                930K
Quad Strips, Gouraud, Z            180K               530K
Pixel Fill, smooth, Z              100M             90-360M
Pixel Fill, textured                n/a             80-320M
Pixel Fill, textured, aa            n/a             55-220M
24-bit Z                            yes                yes
32-bit Z                       software only           yes
Color                           24-bit RGB        48-bit RGBA
Color Planes                         24                192
Overlay/Underlay planes               4                 8
Max bits/pixel                       56             256-1024
Texture Memory                      n/a            4 or 16MB
Frame Buffer Size                   8MB           40 to 160MB
Display                      VGA to 1280x1024     VGA to HDTV

* Extreme performance numbers are preliminary

System Bus

Bandwidth                 1.2GB/.sec, parity protected
Size                      256-bit wide data path
                          40-bit wide physical
                          Address path

High-Speed I/O Subsystem

Bus Type                  SGI HIO bus
Bandwidth                 320MB/sec per HIO bus
No. of Buses              1

Industry Standard I/O Subsystem

Bus Type                  VME64 bus
Bandwidth                 50MB/sec per VME64 bus
No. of Buses              1
No. of Slots              3

Mass Storage

Interfaces                Up to 8 SCSI-2 channels
Protocols                 SCSI-2, FAST/WIDE, single-ended or differential
Max. Bandwidth            20MB/sec per channel
Device Capacity           2GB, formatted

Removable Media

SCSI Devices              CD-ROM, DAT, 8mm tape drive, 1/4" cartridge tape


Integrated Serial I/O     3 serial ports
                          Ethernet, SCSI-2
Integrated Parallel I/O   1 parallel port
VME Controllers           Ethernet, FDDI
SGI HIO Controllers       FDDI, HiPPI, SCSI-2

Chassis Dimensions and Weights

Dimensions                Height: 25.2"
                          Width: 20.5"
                          Depth: 32"
Net Weight                160 lbs (72.6 kg)

Environmental (Non-operating)

Temperature               -20 to +60 C
Humidity                  10% to 95% non-condensing
Altitude                  40,000 MSL

Environmental (Operating)

Temperature               +5 to +35 C
Humidity                  10% to 80% non-condensing
Altitude                  10,000 MSL
Noise                     65dBA

Electrical and Power

Voltage - Standard        110-230 VAC 1 Phase
Voltage - Optional        208 VAC 3 Phase US
Voltage - Optional        400 VAC 3 Phase Europe
Frequency                 50/60 Hz
Heat Dissipation          16,000 BTU/hr, max (1 Phase)
Electrical Service        110 VAC @ 20A (1 Phase)
                          208 VAC @ 30A (1 Phase)
Service Type              IEC-309

For more information please call:

U.S. 1(800) 800-7441              Intercontinental 1(415) 933.46.14
Europe (41) 22-798.75.25          Latin America 1(415) 933.46.37
Asia Pacific (81) 3-   Canada 1 (905) 625-4747

Silicon Graphics World Wide Web Server
URL: http://www.sgi.com/

Corporate Office

2011 N. Shoreline Boulevard,
Mountain View, CA 94043
(415) 960-1980

Copyright 1994 Silicon Graphics, Inc. All rights reserved. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Silicon Graphics, IRIS and the Silicon Graphics logo are registered trademarks, and POWER Channel-2, RealityEngine, RealityEngine2, Onyx, Extreme Graphics, VTX, and IRIX are trademarks, of Silicon Graphics, Inc. Extreme is a trademark used by Silicon Graphics, Inc. under license. MIPS and R4000 are registered trademarks, and R4400 and R8000 are trademarks, of MIPS Technologies, Inc. UNIX is a registered trademark of UNIX System Laboratories, Inc. Ethernet is a trademark of Xerox Corp. Cray and Y-MP are trademarks of Cray Research.

Typed up by Ian Mapleson (mapesdhs@yahoo.com) on 30/Jul/2002
Original document code: ONYX-SP-DS (07/94)

Ian's SGI Depot: FOR SALE! SGI Systems, Parts, Spares and Upgrades

(check my current auctions!)
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